Perry, M. Eugene [sic]. “The Day We Missed Grouse Mountain.” British Columbia Magazine 26 (Dec. 1926) 16.

Given the weather these days, my response to this poems was that I, too, would be “glad we missed Grouse Mountain, and picnicked at Lynn Creek.” On a hot summer day, the Grouse Grind seems far less alluring than the cool waters flowing through Lynn Canyon.

Perry - Grouse Mtn

“Hikers were first recorded on Grouse Mountain in 1894 when a hunting party shot a blue grouse bird and named the mountain in the bird’s honour. It wasn’t until the 1920’s and early 30’s, however, that Grouse Mountain saw the first big wave of adventurous hikers. Several thousand people flocked to the face of the mountain each year looking to reach the cabins located in the Grouse Mountain village at the foot of what is now known as The Cut ski run.” (Grouse Mountain website)

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Much nicer, on a scorching day, to be at the swimming hole at Lynn Creek

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