Authors to be evaluated

Updated 5 November 2013

This list has been superseded by the Database of Canada’s Early Women Writers, a simpler database which includes the names and basic information for all of the Canadian women authors who published up to and including 1950, whether or not we have complete information. The new database is currently under construction; it should be populated with our existing data by the end of June 2017.

The following list contains those authors for whom we do not yet have sufficient biographical or bibliographical information (including gender for those listed only by initials). Many of these authors have published primarily in journals, newspapers, and periodicals in Canada, the United States, and England (as well as other countries, although rarely).  We are looking to build more comprehensive bibliographies and acquire biographical knowledge of these relatively obscure authors.

Aarsen, Carolyne

Abrams-Wycke, Marguerite

Acton, Jean Bonar

Adams, Aileen

Adams, Ann

Adams, Helen Alyce Maude

Adams, Isabel

Adams, Kathryn

Adams, Muriel

Adams, Myrtle Reynolds

Adams, Rita
Mrs. Alvin Thiessen

Adcock, Blanche

Adie, Elizabeth

Affleck, Mary Ann

Ahern, Hazel

Aiken, W.T.

Aikman, Audrey

Ainslie, Mary

Aitken, Margaret Anne

Aitkens, Grace Le Roy
née Chadderdon

Aked, Aleen

Albyn, G. N.
Genevieve N. Albyn

Alden, Margaret H.

Alexander, Bertha M.

Alexander, Edith

Alexander, Enid

Alexander, Hope

Alexander, Jessie
Mrs. Roberts

Alexander, Joan A.

Alexander, Mary H. T.
née Strachan; “The Scribe”

Alexander, Phyllis

Aleyne, Julia

Alger, Abby Langdon

Allan, Eva Valentine

Allan, Genevieve

Allan, Marguerite Buller

Allan, Mary Thomson
née Thomson

Allen, Martha
Allan in New Gen Cat

Allen, Mrs. E. C.
Mrs. Egbert Chesley Allen

Allin, Elizabeth J.

Allison, Mary Gertrude
“Mother Agatha”

Alstead, Madeleine

Amith, Mrs Edward Atherton
née Nan MacPherson Robinson

Anderson, Barbara Hunter

Anderson, Elbe

Anderson, Helen Blakely

Anderson, Marie Lapsley

Anderson, Violet Louise
b.1906 Nov 16

Andress, Clara E.

Andrews, W.H.

Anerson, Marian

Angus, Frances

Angus, Frances Ramsay

Anning, Edith A.

Anning, Marion
Mrs. Norman Anning

Anslow, Florence

Appleby, Gerry

Archer, Violet Balestri

Archibald, Mabel Evangeline

Archibald, Olive

Archibald, Rosamund Mansfield de Wolfe

Ardill, Minnie

Armitage, W. J.

Armstrong-Hopkins, Saleni

Armstrong, Barbara

Armstrong, Elizabeth Howard

Arnold, Gertrude

Arnold, Jean Davidson

Arnold, Mary Ellicott

Arnold, Virginia

Ashmore, Annie

Ashoona, Pitseolak

Asselin, Alice

Atherton, Alice

Atkins, Sara Crowe

Atkinson, Mabel S.

Attfield, Hilda Mary

Austen-Leigh, Joan

Austen, Lilian Edna

Auty, Lillian S.

Averill, Esther Holden

Ayer, Maurine

Aylwood, Annie E. Wolfe

Ayre, Agnes Marian Miller

Ayre, June

Baeyertz, Mrs.

Bagg, Catherine

Bagg, Kathrine

Bagnall, Lucy Ann (Lowe)

Baikie, Margaret
née Campbell

Bailey, Augusta Barbara

Baillie, Mary

Bainbridge, Edith

Bainbridge, Stella M.

Baird, Ethel M.

Baird, Evelyn

Baird, Lizzie A.

Baird, Mrs. C. A.

Baker, Charlotte Alice

Baker, Dora

Baker, Edna

Baker, Margaret

Baker, Maude E.

Baker, Winona

Baldwin, Augusta

Baldwin, Edna E.

Bale, Gratiot

Balio, Sylvia Chapin

Ball, Geraldine

Ball, Nellie
née Martin

Ballard, A. W.

Bamborough, Evelyn

Bannerman, Gertrude

Bannister, Dallas

Barber, Mary

Barclay, Isabel Marian
Mrs. Dobell, Ibby Dobell

Bario, Lena

Barker, Dorothy Bowman

Barker, Mary McGaw

Barkhouse, Joyce C.
Joyce Killam

Barnes, Ann

Barnes, C.

Barnes, F. H.

Barnett, Elizabeth S.

Barns, E. Clare

Barr, Ruth

Barrett, Clara
“Mother Redcap”

Barrington, Gwyneth
née Carr-Harris (see mother, Bertha)

Barrington, Josephine

Barrowman, Chalmers Melissa

Barry, Alice Miller

Barry, Lilly E.F.

Bartholomew, Cecilia

Bartholomew, Grace

Bartlett, Selma G.

Bartley, E. T.
Mrs. Edwards

Bartole, Genevieve C.

Barton, Florence
Anne Barton

Bartram, Phyllis C.

Barwick, E. Buller

Baskine, Gertrude F.

Bassam, Bertha

Batchelor, J.M.

Batchen, Frances E.

Bates, Mona

Bateson, Nora

Battersby, Hannah S.

Bauer, Ruth L.

Bayard, Mary Temple

Bayer, Mary Elizabeth

Bayfield, A. Carolyn

Bayley, Katherine Caldwell
“Ann Adam”; “Anna Lee Scott”

Bayley, Mrs. Henry

Bayne, Edith G.

Bayne, J. N.

Bealby, J. T.

Beals, Helen Dorothy

Bean, Myrtle
née Bechtel

Beaton, Mary A.

Beaton, Muriel Elva

Beatty, Eve

Beatty, Mrs. Sidney

Beaufort, Margaret

Beaufort, Sydney Aileen

Beaulieu, Germain

Beaumont, Enid

Beavan, Molly

Beaven, Elizabeth
née Frowd

Becker, Jane

Becker, Margaret
Mrs. Henry Wheeler

Bedford-Jones, H.

Beecher, Mrs. H. W.

Beer, Marjorie

Bell, Anne Doris

Bell, Caroline

Bell, Edith M. Dowson

Bell, Fannie Chandler

Bell, Florence E. Seymour
Mrs. Leslie Gordon Bell; née Seymour

Bell, Hazel

Bell, Jeanie

Bell, L.
Lallah Bell

Bell, Louise Price

Bell, Mabel Florence

Bell, Margaret

Bellamy, Lora

Belyea, Elizabeth

Bendall, Ruth

Bendell, Christobel Doreen

Benedict, Hester A.

Benedictsson, Margret

Benett, Melanie

Bengough, J. W.

Benn, Doris

Bennett, Dorothy R.

Bennett, Ethel Mary Granger

Bennett, Mary E.

Benoit, Mme E. P.

Bentley, E.

Bentley, Eliza

Benton, Margaret Peake

Benyon, Edith Marie (Williamson)

Bereford, Helen Elizabeth

Beresford, Mary Agnes
Miss Mollie A Beresford

Berg, Nina S.

Bergey, Susannah

Berlinguet, Amy M.
Mrs. Berlinguet

Bernard, Ann

Bernier, Alexis

Bernstein, Yetta

Berquist, Marion

Berry, Catherine E.

Berton, Laura Beatrice

Bertrand, Mary
Mary Bertrand Dwyer Hickman

Berwick, Marion May

Best, Dorothy

Best, Kathleen

Best, Margery

Bethune, Anne

Betzner, Era

Bew, Doris

Bibby, Marguerite
Mrs. Harold Bibby

Bice, Clare

Bickford, Jessie Playfair
Jessie Playfair Lees

Biddle, Mary Wayne

Biggar, E. P.

Biggar, J. H.

Billard, Dorothy

Bilsky, Eva
“Aunt Eva”

Bingham, Helen E.

Binns, Agnes S.

Birchall, Louise

Bird, Florence
“Anne Francis”

Bird, Hilda

Birt, Winifred Copus

Bishop, Lillian

Bishop, Mary C.

Biss, Irene M.

Bissett, Nancy

Black, Isabel

Black, Margaret Edgar Wright
née Wright; Mrs. William Black

Black, Sister Kathleen

Black, Vera

Blackburn, Susan

Blackstock, M.A.

Blackstone, Barbara

Blain, Ethel

Blair, Madeleine

Blake, Mary

Blakeley, Phyllis R.

Blakey, Dorothy

Blanchard, Kathleen Helen
née Barrett

Blanchet, Muriel Wylie
née Liffiton

Bliss, Amelia M.

Bliss, Isobel St. John

Blogg, Minnie Wright

Blomfield, Mary Diamond

Blondal, Patricia Jenkins

Blood, Adele

Boag, Isabel

Bogert, Suzette

Bohlayer, Fanny

Boissonneault, Lorette

Bolduc, Evelyn

Boll, Hilda

Bolton, Mada Gage

Bolton, Margaret

Booth, Maud Ballington

Boothe, Stella

Boreham, Margaret Bossance

Borland, Lois

Bosse, Sara
née Eaton; “Marion”; Mrs. Karl Bosse

Bossence, E. E.

Boswell, Hazel

Boswell, R.

Bothwell, Jessie Robson
née Robson

Bott, Helen McMurchie
Mrs. Edward Bott

Boucher, Charlotte

Boughner, Genevieve

Boultbee, Margaret

Boulton, Ellen M.

Boulton, Naomi D.

Bowen, Helen

Bowers, Maryan

Bowes Lyon, Lillian

Bowes, Margaret R.

Bowker, Kathleen K.

Bowker, Mrs. Claude

Bowman, Anne

Bowman, Ariel

Boyar, Josephine

Boyce, Eleanor

Boyd, Edna Alice

Boyd, Ethel Errol

Boyes, F. C.

Boyes, N.F.
Mrs. N. F. Boyes

Boyle, (Emily) Joyce
“Little Grey Bird”

Bradbury, F. G. R.

Bradfield, C.

Bradsaw, B. Maude

Bradshaw, Thecla

Branders, Heather

Brandow, Mabel

Brann, Esther

Brazelton, Ethel

Breach, Robin

Bream, Faith

Breary, Nancy
Anne Beverley

Breese, Alice Maud Wilson
Mrs. Stephen H. Breese

Breeze, Elizabeth G.

Bremner, Blanche Ibre
B.I. Kofoed; Blanche Irbe Kofoed

Bremner, Mary

Brewster, Elizabeth W.

Brewster, Florence Martha

Breyke, Nora A.

Brickenden, Catherine
née McCormick

Bricker, Emma J.

Bridges, Marjorie
née Lismer

Briffett, Frances B.

Briggs, Anna E.

Brighty, Isabel M.

Broadus, Eleanor Hammond

Broay, Mary C.

Brock, Anna Maude
née Cawthra

Brocker, HelenElaine

Brook, Helen

Brooks, Annie Elston
“A Montreal Lady” “A. E. B.”

Brooks, Mary

Brooks, Mary Wallace

Brower, Margaret Neilson

Brown, Aileen

Brown, Alice Cameron

Brown, Alicia

Brown, Barbara

Brown, Cassie Eileen

Brown, Cynthia

Brown, Dora

Brown, Doris

Brown, Dorothy

Brown, E.

Brown, Edith

Brown, Edna
Mrs. Perrin Baker

Brown, Evelyn Marjorie

Brown, Helen

Brown, Jean E.

Brown, Jessie Allan

Brown, Kathleen

Brown, Katie

Brown, Lillian

Brown, Margaret H.

Brown, Margaret Helen

Browne, Louise Norton

Brownlee, Louisa Alberta Griffin

Brownstone, Cecily

Bruce, Contance

Bruce, Eva

Bruce, Fanny Cromar

Bruce, Linda

Brunt, Stella

Bruyères, Anne
Mme. Toussaint Potier

Bryan, Mary E.

Bryce, Mrs. George

Buchanan, Eunice
Mrs. Eunice Buchanan

Buck, Annie L.

Buckaway, Catherine Margaret

Buckley, Arabella Burton

Buckley, Beatrice Barrons

Buckley, Elsie Mary

Buckley, Joan

Budd, Grace E.

Bugeia, Julia H. S.

Bulloch, Ellen Guthrie

Bullock, Harriett Hammond

Bulmer, F. M. R.

Bundock, Germaine

Bunner, Freda Newton

Burgess, Margaret Beatrice

Burgess, Mary Ellen

Burgess, Nellie V.

Burke, Eustella F.

Burke, May C.

Burlend, Rebecca

Burnet, Jean Robertson

Burnett, Emma L.

Burnham, Clara Louise

Burns, Elizabeth Rollit

Burr, E. H.

Burt, A. L.

Burt, Katherine Newton

Burton, Alice Elizabeth
“Susan Kerby”; “Susan Alice Kerby”

Burton, H. T. V.

Burton, Violet

Burwash, Dorothy

Bush, Sadie

Butala, Alice

Butcher, Annie Gray

Butcher, Margaret

Butler, Elizabeth F.

Butt, Grace

Byers, Florence

Cabana, Juliette

Cahn, Edna

Cain, S. C.

Caird, Mollie

Calder, Margaret Harkness

Calder, Sarah Isabell Lowry

Caldwell, Evelyn
“Penny Wise”

Caldwell, Kathleen M.

Caldwell, Lois

Callaghan, Stella

Calvert, E. W. H.

Calvert, Joy

Cameron-Smith, Jean

Cameron, Beatrix F.

Cameron, D. E.

Cameron, Dorothy

Cameron, Eileen

Cameron, Eleanor Frances
née Butler

Cameron, Elizabeth

Cameron, Ernestine
“Juliet”; Mrs. H.T. Cameron

Cameron, Jean

Cameron, K. N.

Cameron, Maisie

Cameron, Mary

Cameron, Nancy S.N.

Cameron, Susan Elizabeth

Cameron, Viola Mary

Camm, Irene

Campbell, Alicia Carveth
née Carveth

Campbell, Amy

Campbell, Anne

Campbell, Dorothy de Brissac

Campbell, Elizabeth
B. Campbell; Belle Campbell

Campbell, Elizabeth K.

Campbell, H.

Campbell, Helen

Campbell, Helen G.

Campbell, Jessie
née Buchanan

Campbell, K.

Campbell, Margaret Elizabeth
née Baird; “Fred Bayard”

Campbell, Mary Helen

Campbell, Mrs. A.

Campbell, Sara Leitch

Campbell, Sheila

Campbell, Zola Isabel

Cancellor, Gertrude

Cannon, Mona Kennay

Canton, Leona

Card, Patricia

Carl, Josephine Hart

Carless, Iris Mudge

Carlton, Elsie

Carman, Mary E.

Carr-Harris, Bertha Hannah
née Wright; “B. H. W.”

Carr, Grace Broad

Carr, Muriel

Carrington, Helen T.

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Mary Theresa Austin

Carroll, May
Mrs. Louis B. Macmillan

Carruthers, Lillian Alice

Carson, Margaret

Carter-Broun, Louise

Carter, Alixe Carson

Carter, Anna

Carter, Helene

Carter, Mary Duncan

Carter, Olive I.

Cartwright, Mabel (Dr.)

Case, Shirley Jackson

Casselman, Marian

Caton, Leona

Caton, Lorraine

Cattapani, Henrietta
née Gardner

Catto, Marion

Caudle, Nancy

Cawston, Verna B.

Cawthorpe, Margaret A.

Cawthra, Mabel
Mrs. Agar Adamson

Chadwick, Fanny Marion

Chaffey, Ella M.

Challis, Elizabeth

Chalmers, Monica Roberts

Champion, Helen Jean

Chandler, Mary Rena
Mrs. Chandler

Chant, Nellie Irene Cooper

Chaperon, J. J.

Chapin, Anne Alice

Chapin, Miriam

Chapman, Beatrice

Chapman, Doris

Chapman, Mary Margaret Wemyss

Charland, Dorothy Lovell

Charlton, Elizabeth

Charman, Dorothy M.

Charters, Cicely E.
Mrs. William Bell Charters

Chase, Helen

Chase, Lillian Alice

Chataway, Helen Drinkwater

Chataway, Helen Drinkwater
Dr. H. D. Chataway

Cheney, Elizabeth

Cherry, Myrtle Leeta

Chester S. P.

Chester, J.W. (Mrs)

Childers, Anna

Chipman, Mrs. Warwick

Chisholm, Addie
Mrs. Daniel Black Chisholm; Mrs. George Eulas Foster; Addie Davies

Chisholm, Laura

Chisholm, Nancy

Christie, Ethel Copeland

Christie, Rose Marie Claire
“Cynthia Brown”

Christopherson, Rigmore

Church, Elizabeth Jerrold

Church, Virginia Woodson Frame

Churchill, Helen Todd

Claire, Margery H.

Clare, Viola

Clark, Catherine A.
née Smith

Clark, Helen Milne

Clark, J.

Clark, M. Alice

Clark, Mabel

Clark, Mary Alice

Clark, Mattie M. I.

Clark, Mona E.

Clark, S.G.

Clark, Susie Lane

Clarke, Adele

Clarke, Flora

Clarke, G. F.

Clarke, Katherine Alice

Clarke, Phyllis Comyn

Clarke, Phyllis Mary

Clarke, Rose E.

Claus, Frieda

Claxton, Hazel K.

Cleaveland, Elizabeth Hannah Jocelyn

Clegg, Nancy Joan Ruth

Clemens, E. Jean

Clement, Margaret

Clendenan, Mae

Clergue, Gertrude

Clingan, F. W.

Clinton, Judith

Cloud, Anne Florence

Clough, Elsie

Clute, Doris

Clutton, Florence Lediard

Coade, Jessie

Coate, Phyllis
Phyllis Coate Stratford

Coates, Eleanor

Cobbett, Mrs. Ann Read

Cochrane, Elizabeth
“Anstance Rede”

Cocking, H. K.

Cockrell, Betty

Cocks, Barbara

Codere, Mme Louis Edward

Coe, Fanny Eliza

Coffman, Barbara Frances

Cohen, Ruth
later Collie; “Sheila Rand”; “Wilhelmina Stitch”

Coke, Gladys M.

Colby, Mrs. C. C.

Coldman, Marie Elizabeth

Coleman, Mary Elizabeth

Coleman, Mary Garland
née King

Coleman, Michael (Mrs)

Coleman, Patsy

Collenian, Mary Elizabeth

Colley, B. W.

Collier, Della

Collier, Della

Collins, Eileen

Collins, Ruth Mary

Collins, Ruth Philpott
née Philpott

Colquhoun, Ethel

Colquhoun, Evelyn E.
née Gourlay

Colter, Mrs. Alex [?]

Colvert, Barbara

Colyer, Elizabeth G.

Comerford, Mary

Conover, Dora Smith

Cook, Daisy

Cook, Georgia May

Cook, Margaret Stuart

Cook, Merrill

Cook, Myrtle

Cook, Virginia

Cooke, A. E.
Mrs. Charles Cooke

Cooke, B.

Cooke, Deborah A.
née Kennedy (?); “Claire Cross”; “Claire Delacroix”

Cooke, Nina Joy

Cooper, Georgiana

Cooper, M. M.

Cooper, W. B.

Copithorne, Margery

Cordington, Audrey

Corey, Alice Ann

Coristine, Lillian

Corneil, Genevieve

Cornell, Carolyn

Cornwall, Clemency

Corrigan, Beatrice

Costello, Elizabeth

Coughlin, Christine

Coulby, Margaret Evelyn
Mrs. Margaret Evelyn Whitridge

Courser, Miss E.

Cousins, Olive Evelyn Joy

Coutts, Wilma M.

Cowan, Helen I.

Cowan, Hilda I.

Cowan, Mary Edith

Cowie, Mrs. J. S.

Cowles, Nellie Campbell

Cox, Amy
“Veros Carleton”

Cox, Janet

Coxwell, Mona Hildegard

Coy, Nettie Helena

Coyne, Virginia

Craig-James, Janet

Craig, Alice
“Kenneth Haig” (“Kennethe Haig”?)

Craig, Maria

Craig, Thelma

Cramp, Mary
c. 1834-1913

Cramp, Mary

Cravath, Bell B.

Craw, Evelyn
“Fireside Dreamer”

Crawford, M. Myrtle

Creech, Edna Marie Hearne

Creed, G. L.

Creighton, Eleanor

Creighton, Sally

Crichton, Dorothy

Crighton, Helen

Crimmins, Agnes Louise

Cripps, Emma

Crockett, Mildred Firth

Crombie, Jean Breakell

Crompton, F. C. B.

Cronk, Allegra

Cropp, Margaret Elizabeth

Cropper, Margaret Beatrice

Crosland, Margaret

Crozier, Blanche

Cull, Anne

Culverhouse, Margaret

Cumming, Flora

Cummings, Virginia
née MacDonald

Cunningham, Kathleen

Cunningham, Margaret K.

Currie, Gladys C.
“Valley Breeze”

Currie, Mae

Curtis, Christine Turner

Cuthbertson, Ethel Imrie

Cutler, Ann

Dafoe, Bonnie

Dale, E. A.

Dale, Isabel

Dale, Mrs. R. J.
“V. V. Vinton”

Dallas, Dorothy P.

Daly, Peryl C.

Damer, Annie

Danard, Emma Elizabeth

Dare, Eleanor

Darling, Isabel

Dartnell, Caroline

Daugherty, Fanny F.

Davenport, Mrs. [N.]

Davenport, Winifred
Win Davenport

David, Joan E.

Davidson, Ida Marion

Davidson, Kathleen

Davidson, Laura Lee

Davie, Carolyn

Davies, Georgia

Davin, Elizabeth Jane
née Reid

Davis, Carroll Langstaff
Mrs. Bruce Pettit Davis

Davis, Ella M.

Davis, F. L.
Miss F. L. Davis

Davis, Fanny Maude

Davis, Flora

Davis, Lelia Ada

Davis, Mary E.

Davis, Sallie

Dawes, Angela K.

Dawson, Cristall (Margaret)

Dawson, Julia

Dawson, Margaret M.

Dawson, Mary Adelaide

Day, Barbara

Day, Catherine Matilda
née Townsend

Day, Effie Jameson

Day, Margaret

de Bruyn, Ida

de Garcia, A. E.

de Hueck, Baroness

de Kiviline, Louise

de Soyres, Madeleine

de Steiger, Hilda

De Steiner, Hilda

De Wolfe, Mabel

Deacon, C. F.

Dean, Mary Morgan

Dean, Ruth

Deane, Agnes

Deans, Dorothea

Deany, Alma

Deards, Minnie Alberta

Deegan, Kate

DeLang, O. Z.

Demers, Modeste

Dennis, June
Mrs. Byng Whitteker

Derby, Jessica A.

Derrett, Annie Helena

DesBrisay, Lucretia A.

Detlor, Mrs.

Devine, E. J.

Devitt, Maisie Nelson

DeWolf, Mrs.
“W. C. T. U.”

Dibney, Dora
“D.D.”; Mrs. Grant Wright

Dick-Lauder, Eleanor Alma Leith

Dick, Catherine Bond
Mrs. Catherine Dick

Dickie, Geraldine W.

Dickson, Mary E.

Dignam, Mary Ella

Dill, Margaret Clarkson

Dillon, Margaret

Dimock, Celia C.

Dingman, Isabel Turnbull

Dingwall, Marjorie McVittie
née Saunders

Dobrinot, G. H.

Doggerel, Dorothea

Don, H. G. C.

Donahue, Gladys Knox

Donald, Jean Middleton
“Jean Gow”

Donaldson, Elizabeth

Donnelly, Ann

Dorey, Alice Ann

Dorland, Ella Wilson
“E. Dee”

Dorne, Miriam

Dorsey, Beulah CIay

Doudney, V. M.

Dougher, Helen Fitzgerald

Douglas, Allie Vibert

Douglas, Betty

Douglas, Frances Mary

Douglas, Jean M.

Douglas, K.A.R.

Douglas, Lizzie

Douglas, Mary

Douglas, Mary

Douglas, Virginia Vorys

Douglass, Marjorie

Downey, Amy

Doyle, Lucy

Doyle, Sister St. Ignatius

Drayton, Anna H.

Drew, Mabel E.

Druce, Ellen E.

Druce, Kay

Drummond, Helen Frances Mitcheson
née Bagg; Mrs. H.C. Drummond; Mrs. Albert Edward Lewis (first marriage)

Drummond, Margaret Mary

Drummons, Pia
Sister St. Mary Pia

Du Val, Formentie Elizabeth
“Mente du Val”, “Mentie du Val”

Dubois-Phillips, Marguerite

Duchemin, Mrs.Warren

Duff, D.

Duff, Dorothy James
Annis Duff

Duffin, Mother Mary

Duggan, Grace L.

Duncan, Helen

Duncan, Jessie

Duncan, Kathleen Davidson

Duncan, Marie W.

Dunford, Winona Hauff

Dunham, Aileen

Dunham, Bertha Mabel
Mabel Dunham

Dunlop, Eleanor Susannah

Dunlop, Florence Sara

Dunn, Annie

Dunn, Naomi

Dunning, Elsa

Dupuis, Kathleen

Durham, Mabel

Durham, Nancy
“Agnes Delamoure”

Durrant, Beulah Maud
“Maud Allan”

Dworkin, Dorothy

Dyas de Lom, Elizabeth English

Dyck, Elfrieda Klassen

Dye, Eva Emery

Eagle, Dorothy Loansbury

Eakins, Beatrice

Earl, Marjorie

Earle, Evelyn Purvis

Earle, Kathleen

Eastman, Kate

Eaton, Grace

Eaton, Lady Flora
née McCrea

Eckel, Ella H.

Edgar, Helen Madeline Boulton

Edgar, Mary Susanne

Edgarton, E. Maud

Edmond, Reby

Edmondson, Lillian

Edward, W. G.

Edwards, Fannie
neé Fannie Laura Derby; Mrs. A. T. Edwards

Edwards, Mary

Edwards, Mary Frances

Edwards, Muriel Katherine Adamesley

Eedy, Alice

Effinger, Helen

Eggleston, Wilfrid

Eileraas, Borgny Mildred

Elliot, Gladys

Elliot, Norma K.

Elliott, Gertrude Jean

Elliott, Sophy L.

Ellis, Jean MacLauchlan

Ellis, Margaret

Ells, Viola M.

Elsam, T. W.

Elsom, Margaret

Elston, Laura

Elston, Miriam

Elwood, Muriel

Ely, Catherine Beach

Emerson, Nan

England, Amy Bissett

Ennis, Margaret

Erskine, Margaret

Esering, Marina

Estabrooks, Florence C.
Florence Cecilia Estabrooks

Estaver, Marguerite M.

Este, C. H. D.

Evans, Cicely Louise

Evans, Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elisabeth Evans

Evans, Mollie

Everson, Iva

Fader, Catherine

Faessler, Shirley

Faguette, Constance Estelle

Fahrni, Mildred

Fairbairn, Eliza
“Miss E. F.”

Fairbairn, Helen

Fairchild, Queenie

Faircloth, Minnie

Fairfax, Florence

Fairley, Mary

Fairweather, Alice Lucilla

Fairweather, Jean

Falk, Stella
Mrs. Henry Falk

Fallis, Mary

Farebrother, A. E.

Faris, Alvina

Farley, Hilary

Farley, Miriam S.

Farmer, Alice A

Farmer, T. D. J.

Farncomb, Dora

Farquharson, Mrs. James

Farrill, Caroline Grant

Faulds, Mary Jeffrey

Faulkner, Rhoda Ann
Mrs. R. A. Faulkner; née Page

Fearn, Edna Douglas

Fenn, Caroline K.
“Fenn McGrew”

Fennell, Irene

Fenton, Margaret

Ferguson, Bessie Gowan

Ferguson, Caroline, J.

Ferguson, Doris M.

Ferguson, Edith

Ferguson, Ida May
“Dylan Fergus”

Ferguson, L. J.

Ferguson, Maud

Ferrier, A. D.

Fewster, Grace

Fidler, Dorothy

Fidler, Nettie D.

Field, Bradda

Fielding, Edith

Fielding, Jean

Finch, Judy

Fink, Florence B.

Finley, Lorraine Noel

Finnie, Susan

Finnigan, Joan (Helen)
H. Joan Finnigan; Mrs. MacKenzie; “Michelle Bedard”

Fitzgerald, Geraldine

Fitzgerald, Mrs. G.D.

Flaconer, Joan

Flagg, Edith
“Rev. E. L. Flagg”

Fleming, Elizabeth Lukens

Fletcher, Alice Cunningham

Fletcher, Lydia Coyne

Fletcher, Margaret

Fletcher, Mary

Fletcher, Norah

Fletcher, Olive H.
Olive Hilda Fletcher

Flett, Mary

Foley, Agnes Mary
Mrs. Angus L. MacDonald

Foley, Jean S.

Fooshee, Clare Murray

Forbes, Antoinette

Forbes, Bessie

Forbes, Elsa

Ford, Edna

Ford, Mary

Ford, Sarah Elizabeth

Forin, Isabel D.

Forrest, Shirley

Forsey, Harriet Roberts

Forster, Agnes J.

Forth, Gertrude E.

Fortier, Caroline Taschereau
“Maxine”; in full, Marie-Caroline-Alexandra Traschereau-Fortier, née Bouchette; signed her letter “Caro B. Fortier”

Foster, Kate Adele Pattullo
Mrs. Percival; née Pattullo?

Foster, Lillian

Foster, Susie E.
née Holland

Found, Lillian
Lilian Redmond Found

Fowke, Edith Margaret
née Fulton; Professor

Fowke, H. S.

Fowler, D.

Fowler, T. O. W.

Fox, Annie Marion

Fox, Estelle
Estelle Irene Fox

Fox, Genevieve May
Mrs. Raymond Fuller

Frame, Ethel A.

Frame, Margaret Fulton

Francis, Carol

Francis, Margaret

Francis, Margaret Ecker

Frank, Mrs. M. L.
“A.L.O.M.” (A Lady of Manitoba)

Franklin, Ursula

Fraser, Alice

Fraser, Dawn

Fraser, Donalda

Fraser, Dorothy Johnson
nee Johnson

Fraser, Jennie

Fraser, Lydia

Fraser, Mary L.
Sister St. Thomas of the Angels

Fraser, Mrs. Alexander

Frederick, Pauline

Freeland, Jessie A.

Freeman, Kathleen

Frei, Ruth M.

Freidman, Malca

Freidman, Ruby

Freiman, Lily

French, Doris

French, Elsie

French, Jane E. L.

French, Sarah
“A Lady”

Frieman, Lillian Bilsky

Frost, Margery

Frost, Sarah
née Scofield

Fry, Alice

Fry, Beatrice E.

Frye, Helen Kemp

Fryer, Mary
née Beacock

Fuller, Ada Elizabeth

Fulton, S. O.
“Mary Gray”

Fulton, Sadie E.

Furse, Barbara Ross
née Ross

Futcher, Winnifred M.
née Hall

Fyfe, C. T.

Fyleman, Rose

Gagen, Helen

Gagnieur, Elizabeth

Galeron, Bertha

Gallagher, Clara Annie
“Clare Everest”

Gallant, Mavis
Mavis de Trafford Young

Galley, Lucie Vessot

Galt, Florence

Garatt, Mabella Roen

Garbutt, Elizabeth
Betty Garbutt; née Kirkpatrick

Gardiner, Bertha Meriton

Gardiner, Irene

Gardner-Smith, E.

Gardner, Elizabeth Cringan

Gardner, L. G.

Garison, Isabel

Garner, Grace

Garnett, Mae

Garrett, Blanche Pownall

Garrett, Clara Maude

Garrett, Florence Pearl

Gates, Mary I.

Geddes, Elda

Geddes, Helen

Geddes, Lizzie J.

Geddie, Charlotte Anne

Geldard, Sarah R.

Gellatly, Dorothy Hewlett

Genee, Edith Hope

Geortz, Gladys

Gianelli, Adele M.

Gibb, Margaret Murray

Gibb, W. K.

Gibbons, J. E.

Gibbs, Alexandrine

Gibson, Gretchen

Gibson, Jean

Gibson, Laura

Gibson, Mary

Gibson, Naomi

Gifco, Mary

Giffen, Amy Clare
A. Clare Giffin (UM)

Giffen, Dorothy

Gilbert, Beryl B.

Gilbert, Sophia Victoria
Sophie V. Gilbert Lee

Gillis, Annie

Gillis, Mrs. Elsie
née McCall

Gilmour, Hazel
Hazel Scott Gilmour; Hazel Victoria Gilmour

Gilroy, Marion

Gleason, Anne-Marie
“Madeleine”; Anne-Marie Gleason-Huguenin

Gleason, Madelaine A.
“Helen Dumont”

Gleave, T. B.

Glencross-Dennis, Nina

Glenn, Mollie

Glover, Ellye Howell

Gnaedinger, Ethel Lenore

Goad, Daryl (Mrs)

Goddard, Evelyn
Mrs. E.A. Goddard

Goddard, Helen Firth

Godfrey, Eleanor

Godfrey, L. M.
Miss L. M. Godfrey; “A Provincial”

Godoy Alcayaga, Lucila
“Gabriela Mistral”

Goertz, Gladys

Goforth, Rosalind Bellsmith
Bell-Smith; Mrs. Jonathan Goforth;

Going, Maud
“E. M. Hardinge”

Goldberg, Mildred

Goldman, Emma

Gomery, Bernadette

Good, Mabel Tinkiss

Gooderham, Mary W.

Goodfellow, Florence Askin
née Goodfellow

Goodley, Margaret

Goodman, Mary E.

Gordon, Cameo

Gordon, Doreen

Gordon, Helen Thompson

Gordon, Margaret Jean

Gormley, Evangeline
Emily Gormley

Gosse, Alberta

Gotlieb, Phyllis

Gould, Alice Katherine

Gould, C. R.

Gould, Emily M.

Gould, Margaret
Sarah Gold; Mrs. Jack Wechsler

Gould, Margaret R.

Gould, Margaret S.

Goulding, A.

Goulding, Dorothy Jane

Gourlay, Elizabeth

Gowing, Girsha

Graesser, Mary D.

Graham, Clara

Graham, Helen

Graham, Isabel Beaton

Graham, Margaret
Mrs. Albert Horton

Graham, Mrs. Emma
née Jeffers

Graham, Virginia

Grant, Jean

Grant, Lynn

Grant, Marion Elder

Grant, Marjorie

Grant, Mrs. Forsyth

Grant, Rena A.

Grant, Ruth Allison Fulton

Grantmyer, Barbara

Grassick, Mary Ellen

Gravek, Edith Aimee

Gravel, Edith Aimee

Gray, Alice Rowan

Gray, Leslie Robb

Gray, Lillian Collier
Mrs. Gordon H. Gray

Gray, Madeleine

Gray, Reta

Greaves, Ida Cecil

Green, Beatrice

Green, Grace Reid

Green, Jennifer

Green, Nancy K.

Greene, Katharine Beaton

Greene, Marion

Greening, Ruth

Greenwell, Dora

Greer, Allison

Greer, Irene

Greer, Judith

Greer, Roxy R.

Gregg, Audrey

Gregory, Myrtle Patterson

Grenfell, Anna E. C.

Grenholm, Jean

Grey, Margery Berridge

Gridjonson, Esther

Grierson, Anne Irene

Griesbach, Emma

Griffis, Enid

Griffith, Margaret R.

Griffiths, Isabel S.

Griffiths, Mary Gwladys
Mrs. Mary MacNab; “Gwladys-ap-Gryffydd”

Griffiths, Phyllis

Groom, Ida Sutherland

Grout, Ella Morrison
“Becky Sharpe”

Grubb, Maxine

Gruchy, Lydia

Gue, Julia

Guernsey, Isabel Russell

Guest, Flora Bigelow

Guillet, Mary Elizabeth Scott
née Scott; Mrs. Edwin Guillet

Guise, Mary Ellen

Guiton, Helen

Gunne, Alzina Evelyn

Gurd, Constance

Gurner, Grace

Guthrie, H. G.
“John Crichton”

Gutteridge, Helena

Haddon, Marjorie H. M

Hagerman, Jessie Sills

Hague, Hilda Lewis

Hahn, Josephine Elizabeth

Hainsworth, N. W.

Haire, Ethel M.

Hall, Agnes Bowes

Hall, Ethel May

Hall, M. Winnifred

Hallam, Lillian Gertrude Best

Halliday, Merle

Halman, L.

Halpin, Hilda

Halsey, Mildred P.

Hambleton, Josephine

Hamer-Jackson, Celesta
Celesta Hamer-Jackson, F.R.G.S.; née Grivot de Grancourt

Hamilton, Constance E.

Hamilton, Eloise

Hamilton, Margaret M.

Hamilton, Pearl Richmond

Hammond, Ruth

Haney, Mrs. P. L.

Hanson, Edna

Hanson, Frances

Hanson, Nell

Harker, Lizzie Allen

Harlow, Marion Winifred

Harmon, Catherine

Harper, Sadie

Harries, S.O.?
Mrs. S. O. Harries

Harrington, Dorothy

Harrington, Evelyn
née Davis; “Lyn Harrington”

Harrington, Marjorie Almon

Harris, Amy E.

Harris, Charlotte

Harris, Hilda M.

Harris, Kathleen James

Harris, Marcia

Harrison, Elizabeth

Harrison, Elsie Linn
E. L. Harrison

Harrison, Eveleen

Harrison, Stella

Hart, Fanny Wheeler
nee Frances Whittenbury Wheeler

Hart, Jean T.

Hart, Margaret Janet

Hart, Mrs. Gilbert

Hartcroft, Myrtle P.

Hartley, Kathryn

Harvey, Louise Smith

Harvey, Ruth

Hastings, Elizabeth

Hastings, Helen

Hastings, Margaret Lang

Hastings, Susanna Willard Johnson
Mrs. Johnson (née Willard, later Hastings)

Haswell, F. H. Eva

Hathaway, Maud Snarr
Annie Maud Snarr

Hatton, Mrs. G. R.

Havard, Pauline
Pauline Havard Wilkes

Havens, Dempster (Mrs.)

Hawkes, Mrs. John

Hay, Elizabeth

Hay, Margaret Hilda
née Wise

Hay, T. H.

Hayhurst, Mrs. Mary E. (Wilson)

Haymaker, Marion

Hayward, G.E. (Mrs)

Hayward, P. R.

Hazelton, Ruth Cleaves

Hazelwood, Hettie

Healey, Margaret

Hearn, F. Isabel

Hehir, Rachel

Helliwell, Mabel MacLean
Mrs. Richard William Cautley

Hellyer, Eve
 Mrs. Roy Grant Hellyer

Hemingway, Grace Elton

Hemmeon, Ethel

Hemming, Alice Weaver
nee Weaver

Hemsworth, E. Irene Palmer

Hendee, Elizabeth Russell

Henderson, Caroline D’Aguilar
Henderson, Caroline (8:01)

Henderson, Dorothy

Henderson, Elisabeth

Henderson, Mary Jane

Henderson, Nora Frances

Henderson, Rose
Mrs. Rose Henderson

Hendrickson, Magda

Hendry, Phoebe
Mrs. Hugh Hendry, née Locheed

Hendry, Violet

Heneker, Dorothy Alice

Henry, Marion Kathleen
nee Waddell

Henry, Mrs. P. A.
née Hayward

Henshaw, Julia W.
Mrs. Charles Grant Henshaw

Hepburn, Olive E.
Mrs. Gordon F. Hepburn, née Richardson

Herford, Beatrice

Herkes, Kathleen Mattie

Herrington, M. Eleanor

Hersenhoren, Leanie
née Gibbard

Hesson, Hilda

Hetherington, Lynn

Hewitt, Mrs. E. B.

Heylbot, Rose

Heyman, Marilyn

Hibbert, W.J.

Hickman, Mrs. Mary D.

Hidy, Muriel Wagenhauser
nee Wagenhauser, Emmie – nickname or middle name?

Higginbotham, Margaret

Higgins, Carmen

Hill, Annabelle Maud

Hill, Clara E.

Hill, Edith Marion

Hill, Jennie Stork

Hill, Lettie Ann

Hill, Sylvia

Hill, Vivian Wood

Hillier, Winnifred A.
Winnifred Amy Hillier

Hiltz, Eileen Elizabeth MacKay
nee MacKay

Hincks, Margaret M.

Hine, Sarah A.

Hines, Jessie

Hitchman, Babs (Richardson)

Hobbes, Ethelwyn

Hobson, Dorothy

Hobson, G.K. (Mrs)

Hodges, Nancy

Hodgson, Fern

Hoey, Willa

Hoffman, E. Jean

Hogg, A. B.

Holden, May Selby

Holden, Mrs. John Rose

Holden, Murial L.

Holder, Amelia

Holfer, Clara

Holiwell, Mrs. M. J. H.

Holland, Elizabeth

Holland, Fidele H.
Mrs. John Billings

Hollins, Dorothea
“Theophila North”

Holman, Carrie Ellen

Holmes, Vera Lee Brown

Holt, Louise Price

Home, Winnifred

Hooper, Dora M.

Hoover, Mrs. Dorothy
née Haines

Hope, Ethel Penman

Hope, Lilith

Hope, Mrs. M. L.

Hopkins, Elizabeth Nuttall
née Nuttall

Hopkins, Margaret

Hopkins, Marion

Hopper, Mrs. Jane
Mrs. R. C. Hopper (on text); née Agar

Hord, Mabel

Horne, Florence

Horner, Leslie

Horsefall, Zadie T.

Horton, Alice

Hoskin, Margaret

Hosmer, Mrs. George

Hotson, Zella M.

Houghton, May

Houston, Mary Isabel

Howard, Anna Kelsey
Anna Halleck Kelsey Howard

Howard, Audrey

Howard, Blanche Muirhead

Howard, Dorothy

Howe, Edna

Howes, Helen Claire

Hubbs, Helen

Hucks, Alice Winlow

Huddleston, Josephine

Hudson, Reba

Hudson, Vivienne G.

Hughes, Isabelle Grace

Hughes, Marg

Hughes, Mrs. James L.

Hume, Helen

Hundevad, Gladys Stewart

Hunt-Morgan, Elizabeth Mary

Hunt, Anna Rebecca

Hunter, Laura M.

Hurlbatt, Ethel

Hurlbert, Rena

Hurley, B. A.

Hurst, Fannie

Hurtley, Ida

Husband, S. Berthe

Hussey Phyllis

Huston, Ethelyn Leslie

Hutchinson, Annie

Hutchinson, J. I.

Hutchison, Margaret

Hutchison, Virginia

Iles, Alice Parker

Ilsted, Mary

Ingalls, Lorna W.

Ingram, Laura E.

Irving, Dorothy

Irving, Katherine

Irwin, Mrs. E.
née Watkins

Isard, Mrs. E. A.

Isles-Brown, Esme

Ivey, Helen

Jackson, Annie I.M.

Jackson, Dorothy

Jackson, Elva

Jackson, Mrs. G. N.

Jacobs, Eva Langley

Jacobs, Florence B.

Jacobson, Murial W.

James, Dorothy M.
Dorothy M. James, MD

James, Hester

James, Mary

Jameson. Sheilagh Somerville

Jamieson, Annie Straith

Jamieson, Laura E.

Jardine, Marjorie
Mrs. M. J. Thompson

Jarvis, Hope

Jarvis, Julia Isabel

Jarvis, Kathleen
K. Jarvis

Jarvis, Marian Mountain

Jarvis, Marjorie

Jay, Gladys
“Betty Jo”

Jeanneret, Ethel Mellan

Jenkin, Mabel Hernderson

Jenkins, Mariel L.

Jenness, Frances Eileen
née Bleakney; Mrs. Diamond Jenness

Johnsen, Julia E.

Johnson, A. E.

Johnson, Amelia B.

Johnson, Annie G.

Johnson, Dorothy

Johnson, Ella (Eleanor) Walker
“E. W. Johnson; “E.W.J.”

Johnson, Frances Benham

Johnson, Katharine Hardenbergh
Mrs. Herrick Johnson

Johnson, Katharine Leila

Johnson, Leslie

Johnson, Violet

Johnston, Frances

Johnston, Margaret Louisa

Johnston, Martha V.
née Gilmore

Johnston, Mona Trrop

Johnston, Ruth
Mrs. Alfred Johnston

Jones, Barbara

Jones, E. Frances

Jones, Ellen L.

Jones, Isabel

Jones, K. L.

Jones, Lily Edward

Jones, Nancy

Jones, T. D.

Jordan, F. Marjorie

Jordan, Mary V.

Jorgens, Norma

Joslyn, Linda

Joudry, Patricia

Joyce, Virginia

Jukes, Mary Ewart

Julian, Louise E.

Julsrud, Margery

Kaiser, T. E.

Katz, Dorothy

Kavanagh, Bridget

Kavanagh, Julia

Kearns, Rose

Keast, Irene

Keats, Kathleen Frances

Keeler, Alice Lemmon

Keeling, Elsie

Keen, A. G.

Keirstead, Marjorie Stella
Mrs. Burton Seeley Keristead; née Brewer

Keller, Harriet Louise

Kelley, Edith Summers

Kells, Edna

Kells, Olive

Kelly, E.

Kelly, Evelyn

Kelly, J. P.

Kelly, Marie A.

Kelly, Nora

Kendrick, Mary Fletcher

Kennedy, H. A.

Kennedy, Ida M. Mara
Mrs. Herbert Kennedy

Kennedy, Isabel E.

Kennedy, Muriel

Kennedy, Thelma

Kenny, Mona

Kenshaw, A. I.

Kent, Ada T.

Kent, Irene

Kent, Katherine

Kenton, Edna

Kerr, Amy

Kerr, E. Hope

Kerr, Elizabeth
“Constance Errol”; Mrs. J. B. Kerr

Kerr, Lois Reynolds

Kerr, Peral McKelvie Paterson

Kerr, Sophie

Kerry, Esther Wilson

Ketchum, T. L. C.

Keyworth, Vida Mann
née Mann

Kilvert, Barbara

King, D.R.

King, Lucille Mabel

King, Mary Perry
née Perry

King, Violet

Kingston, Betty

Kinley, Margaret

Kinsey, Ethel Rood

Kirby, Inez Barclay

Kirkpatrick, A. M.

Kirkwood, Hilda T.

Kirkwood, Mary Winnifred
Mrs. John Henderson McKeen, RN

Kirkwood, Mossie May Waddington
née Waddington

Kitagawa, Muriel

Kizchook, Olga

Klower, Ethel MacNish

Knapp, M. Emma

Kneeland, Isabel

Knight, Mary A.

Knight, Vera

Knight, Virginia Coyne

Knowles, Ava Beatrice

Knox, Ellen Mary

Koerber, Leila
“Marie Dressler”

Kophnson, G. B.

Kristofferson, Mrs. Kristine Benson

Kritzwiser, Kay

Kuchenmaster, Mrs. Elizabeth

Kyles, Eleanor

L’Angille, Mary

La Fetra, Sarah D.

Laberge, Cecile

Labore, Margaret F.

Lacey, G. M.

Ladner, Ella

Lagacé, Anita

Lamb, Bessie

Lambert, Elinor

Lambertson, Mabel V.

Lambkin, Amelia MacMillan

Lane, Abby

Lane, Myrtle E.

Lang, Betty

Lang, Mrs. Edith Hollington (B. A.)

Lang, Violet

Langlands, Katharine Louise

Lanyon, Carla Lanyon
Mrs. E. S. Hacker

Lapp, Margaret

Latta, Murla I. MacKinnon

Laughton, Lillian

Laurence, Jean Margaret (Wemyss)

Laurie, Effie

Lauriston, Gloria

Lavack, Anita Gabrielle

Laverock, Lily

Lawrence, Eweretta

Lawrence, Helen

Lawrence, Louise de Kiriline

Lawrence, Margaret E.
Mrs. M. E. Lawrence

Lawrence, Margaret Isabel
Mrs. Benedict (Baruch) Greene

Lawrence, Stella

Lawson, Fannie

Lawson, Jessie Isabel
“Jane Lane”

Lawson, Kate
later Appleby; “Katharine Leslie”

Lawson, Maria

Layhew, Mrs. Jane

Lea, Constance Nicholson

Leathes, Sonia

Leavens, Emily
New Can Anthology: Charlotte Emily Rossbottom

Leavitt, Jean T.

LeCocq, Thelma

Ledingham, Mary

Lee, Marjorie

Leeming, Dorothy

LeGrand, Edna I.

Leigh, Charlotte E.
Mrs. Edward Leigh

Leitch, Jessie
Mrs. Wilbur Bryan

Lennen, Elinor

Lennox, Francis

Lent, D. Geneva

Leonard, Carrie
Mrs. Carrie Leonard

Leonard, May

Leonard, Mrs.

Letson, Marguerite

LeVasseur, Irma

Levy, Vera

Lewis, Bertha

Lewis, Evangeline

Lewis, Nellie Margaret

Lewis, Susan Victoire
Susan Victoire Dudman Lewis

Liddle, Beatrice Boles

Lighthall, Alice M. S.

Lineaweaver, Marion

Lineham, Margaret

Linton, Dorothy

Lipsett-Skinner, Genevieve

Lipsett, Gertrude
Mrs. Jesse A. Lipsett, née Johnson

Little, Alice

Liverant, N.

Livingston, F. J.

Livingstone, C.

Lloyd-Jones, Gertrude

Lloyd, Helen M.

Locke, Dorothy
“Dorrie Gordon”

Loening, Sarah
née Larkin

Loftus, Elisabeth

Logan, Annie Robertson MacFarlane

Logan, Carrie

Logan, Evelyn

Lomer, Mary Lockhart

Long, Elizabeth

Loomer, Minnie A.

Loring, Lois
Mrs. Charles McLeod

Lormer, G. R.

Lorraine, Lilith

Lougheed, Gladys

Loukes, Lillie

Lounsberry, Alice

Love, Irene Currie
Mrs. Eldred Archibald; “Margaret Currie”; “Nan”

Love, Mary
“A Lady”

Lovell, Sarah Kurczyn

Lowe, Clara M. S.

Lowe, Martha Perry

Lowes, Betty

Lowman, J.

Lowry, Mary

Lozinsky, Anna Lozina

Lucas, Barbara

Lucas, E. A.

Lucas, Janette

Lunney, J. H.

Lynch-Staunton, Emma

Lynd, Sylvia

Lynden, Rita

Lyttleton, Edith J.
“G. B. Lancaster”

MacAffrey, Sally

MacArthur, Mary

Macaulay, Gertrude F.

MacBride, Constance

MacCabe, Zoa J.

MacCleave, Elsie

MacDonald, Dorothy

MacDonald, Edith
“The Scribe”

MacDonald, Elizabeth Mary

MacDonald, Elizabeth Ruggles

MacDonald, Helen Grace

MacDonald, Iona

MacDonald, Margaret C.

MacDonald, Margaret I.

MacDonald, Marjorie

MacDonald, Mary Lang

MacDonald, Mrs. Billy
née Button; “Billy Button”

Macdonald, Viola Burke

MacDonell, Anna Botham
née Lee; “Amice Lee”; “Amice MacDonnell”

MacDonell, Margaret S.

MacDonnell, Mrs. Logie

MacDougall, Ethel
Mrs. R. E. MacDougall

Macey, Mary A.

MacFarland, Eva

Macfie, M.

MacGillis, Mrs. A

MacGillis, Mrs. A.

MacGregor, D. A.

MacGregor, Janet

Machan, Elma R.

MacInnes, Edith
Mrs. James McCook

MacIntyre, Annie

MacIntyre, Mary

MacIver, Jessie

MacKay, Betty

MacKay, Eileen E.

MacKay, Ilian Norton
Mrs H. M. MacKay

Mackay, Jean C.

MacKay, Marjorie

MacKay, Sara Jean

MacKean, G. B.

MacKellar, Margaret

MacKendrick, Frances

MacKenzie, Elspeth

MacKenzie, Kathleen
Mrs. J. J. MacKenzie

MacKenzie, Margaret

Mackenzie, Marjorie

MacKenzie, Ruth I.

Mackie, Ellen E.

Mackie, Esther

Mackie, Evelyn

Mackie, V. J.

MacKinnon, Alice

MacKinnon, Catherine de Vaux

Macknight, Agnes

MacLean, B. C.

Maclean, Elizabeth

MacLean, Isabel A. R.

MacLean, J. Flora

Maclean, M.L.
Mrs. M.L. MacLean

MacLean, Margaret

MacLean, Mary H.

MacLellan, Ouida

MacLennan, Eleanor
Eleanor McLennan

MacLennan, Isabel K.

MacLennan, J. M.

MacLennan, Winnifred

MacLeod, Ada
Mrs. Neil MacLeod

MacLeod, Audrey

MacLeod, J. J. R.

MacLeod, Margaret Furness

MacMillan, Helen Alexander

MacMillan, Isabel

MacMillan, Marion Thayer

Macmillan, Zena
“Zena Cherry”

MacNab, Emily
Mrs. William MacNab

MacNaughton, Isabel Christie

MacNeill, Ellen F.

MacNeill, Mary

MacNiven, Hope

MacPherson, Katherine Livingstone

MacPherson, Mary-Etta

MacRae, D. B.

MacTaggart, Jessie

MacTavish, Mildred F.

MacVicar, A. J.

MacWhirter, Margaret Grant

Madden, Margaret

Magee, Hazel

Magill, Eileen

Mahood, H.H. (Mrs)

Maitland, Martha

Mallette, Gertrude Ethel
“Alan Gregg”

Maltby, Mary

Mandell, Nathalia

Mann, Vida

Mannette, Peggy

Manning, Sarah
Mrs. J. W. Manning

Manser, Christine

Manser, Tena

Manson, Margaret McNaughton

Mantle, Mary

Manville, Mary

March-Phillipps, Evelyn

Markham, Lucia Clark

Markstad, Blanche Elizabeth
née MacDonald

Marquis, Alice Selby
A.S. Marquis

Marsh, Vyvyan Northcote
V. Northcote-Marsh

Marshall, Mrs. J. R.

Marshall, Pat

Marston, Contance Callaway
Annie Hapgood Constantine Richardson

Marston, Katherine

Martell, Mrs. C. H.

Martin, Emily

Martin, W.M.H.

Marvin, Mrs.

Mason, Grace A.
née Gooderham; Mrs. Grace Mason

Mason, H. C.

Mason, Louise

Mason, Marjorie H.

Mason, Mrs. E. M.

Massiah, Kate

Masters, Noreen

Mathewson, Annie

Mathewson, Mary S.

Matthewson, Mildred E.

Maunsell, Clara Hill

Maw, Betty

Maw, Violet

May, Sydney

Maynard, Fredelle Bruser

Mayo, Margaret

Maze, Lillian D.
Lillian Della Maze

McAffrey, Sally

McArton, Freda

McAteer, Edna

McBeth, N.

McBride, Carmen D.

McBride, D.C.

McBride, W. D.

McCallum, Mary

McCallum, O. B.

McCamus, Mary L.

McCarroll, Annabel

McCarthy, Doris

McCarthy, Pearl

McCarton, Freda

McCaugherty, Irene Eleanor
née Wheeler

McClean, Jean

McColl, Carrie Wetmore

McCorquodale, Hughena

McCoy, Charlotte
Mrs. W. J. McCoy

McCoy, Doris

McCracken, Elizabeth


McCray, Doris W.

McCrimmon, Margaret

McCulloch, Evelyn

McCulloch, Margaret Michener
née Dickie

McCullouch, Nora

McCullough, Mary Eleanor

McDermott, Clare

McDiarmid, Rae

McDonald, Heather B.

McDougald, Annie
Mrs. Alexander Willam McDougald; née Bethune

McDougall, Emily

McDougall, Mrs. A.

McEwen, (Miss)

McEwen, Violet

McFadden, Elizabeth Apthorp

McFadden, Molly

McFetridge, Marion

McGaw, Grace

McGee, Mollie

McGirr, Isabelle Cranston

McGougan, Norma

McGregor, Agnes C.

McGregor, Margaret E.

McGrew, Julia
“Fenn McGrew”

McHenry, Annette Doris

McIlhargey, Mary

McIntosh, Jennie

McIntyre, Hazel

McIntyre, Marjorie

McIntyre, Mrs. Alexander

McIvor, Verenice

McKay, Evelyn C.

McKay, Sara Jean

McKenzie, Jessie

McKenzie, Ruth I.

McKerihen, Mrs. Mary Moore

McKim, Audrey

McKim, Vera Philbie

McKinley, Jean

McKinnell, A.Y.

McKinney, Lily Young

McLagan, Sara

McLatchy, Josephine

McLaughlin, Meg

McLaurin, Katherine Sarah

McLean, Ida
Mrs. R. J. Dilworth

McLean, J. R.

McLellan, Verna

McLennan, Mary Louise

McLeod, Carrol

McLeod, Eileen Kay

McLeod, Gwendolen

McLeod, Marion M.

McMackin, Annie

McMaster, Dorothy

McMaster, Joan

McMillan, Anne (Morton)

McMillan, Sophie Lewis

McMurry, Dorothy E.

McNab, Mary Ellen

McNaught, Betty

McNaughton, M. Muriel

McNaughton, Mrs. R. C.

McNeill, Kate

McNeilly, Leonora

McNevin, Kathleen

McOuat, Mary

McPhedran, Marie

McPhee, Janet Alenxandra

McPhillips, Marie L.

McTavish, Isabelle G.

Meagher, Florence
“Pine Needles”

Medd, Nellie

Mednikoff, Patricia Benton

Megowan, Agnes

Meirelles, Cecelia

Mellish, Annie Elizabeth

Meltzer, Sara

Meredith, Alden
Mrs. C. P. Meredith; née Griffin

Meredith, Wendy A. D. M.

Merkley, E. May

Merrin, A. Gwendolen
Merrin, Gwendolen M. (CPM 1:03)

Merritt, Emily Lena

Merritt, Glory

Meyer, Bertha

Meyer, Emma

Michaels, Aline

Michie, A. R.

Middleton, Elspeth

Middleton, Helen E.

Middleton, Katherine

Milburn, M.B.

Milecete, Helen

Millar, K.

Millar, Lillian Duncan

Millar, Maude

Millar, Mrs. G. Kennedy

Miller, Jean

Miller, Margaret Mary
Mary Miller

Miller, Marion Huestis

Miller, Mary Maud
née Henderson

Millichamp, Helen Dorothy A.

Milloy, Mary E.

Mills, Phebe A.

Milne, Minnie

Milne, W. S.

Milner, H.G. (Mrs)

Milner, Lillian D.

Minaker, Margaret

Minet, Marguerite

Mitchell, Eliza Lane Ross
“E.L.M.”; “A Montreal Lady”

Mitchell, Lillie Florence Josephine

Mitchell, Minnie M.

Mitchell, Ruth Comfort

Mitchell, Sylvia

Moffat, Christina

Moir, Nikki

Mollison, Ethel Knight

Molson, Evelyn

Monahan, Iona

Monckton, Ella

Money, Jessica E.

Monroe, Harriet

Monroe, Kathryn

Montgomery, Doris

Montgomery, Joan M.

Montgomery, M. Ruth

Montizambert, Elizabeth
Elsie Montizambert

Moodie, Margaret B.A.

Moore, Beatrice Glen

Moore, Cay

Moore, Frances J.
F. J. Moore

Moore, Helen

Moore, Irene

Moore, Mary Allen
née Clark, Mrs. Harry Forrester Moore

Moore, Mary Frances

Moore, Mary MacLeod

Moore, Mrs. A. S.

Moore, Mrs. P.

Moore, Noreen

Moore, Phyllis

Moore, S.

Morant, Mollie

Moray, Elspeh

Morel de la Durantaye, Mde.

Morgan, Angela

Morris, Llyn

Morrish, Pauline

Morrison, Dorothy

Morrison, Edith Lennox

Morrison, J. J.

Morrison, Mrs. J. A.

Morrissey, Sister Helen

Morrow, T. M.

Morse, F. Louise

Morse, Iris

Morse, Katherine

Mortimer, Jane Wallace
Miss Jane Wallace Mortimer

Morton, Katharine E.

Mosdell, Doris

Moses, Rebecca

Motley, Edith

Moulton, Nan

Mountcastle, Ellen

Mowbray, Velma

Moyer, Elizabeth M.

Mudge, Iris, L.

Muir, Amelia Kneeshaw

Muir, F. Beryl

Muir, Margaret

Muir, Margot

Muir, Mary
Mrs. Henry Muir

Muir, Norma Philips

Muir, Olive Evitt

Mullins, Helene

Mullins, Janet Elizabeth

Munro, Elizabeth Rosamund Burgess
E. Rosamund Burgess

Munro, Isobel

Munroe, Marjorie
née Dobie

Munshaw, Jessie Grant

Munson, Ida

Murison, Blanche E. Holt

Murphy, A. L.

Murphy, Helen

Murphy, Kathleen

Murphy, Louise

Murray, E. M.

Murray, Edith McConnell Denton

Murray, Jean Elizabeth

Murray, Kate

Murray, Margaret
“Ma Murray”

Murray, Margaret Polson
Margaret Smith Polson

Murray, Rachel
“Dolly Varden”

Mutter, Jean

Myers, Lillian A.
Bard of Byemoor

Myers, Mabel Black

Myers, Reta

Myles, Eugenie

Naish, Iris
Mrs. Jack Fleming

Naismith, Emma Scott Raff

Nannery, Miss M. A.

Nase, Edith Rowena

Nash, E. M.

Nasmith, M.M., Mrs.

Needler, Alfreda Berkeley

Negoro, T.
“Miss T. Negoro”

Nelles, Marion Dallas

Ness, Margaret

Ness, Margaret

Newbold, Anne

Newton-White, E.

Newton, Charlotte Ann

Newton, Mary Jane
Mrs. Pernette

Newton, N.

Niblett, Mollie Glenn
b. c1876
Mrs. Harry Niblett; E. Mary Glenn Niblett

Nichol, Edith

Nicholl, Mary

Nichols, Mrs. Ruby

Nicholson, Hannah, Th.D.

Nicol, Pegi

Nightingale, Winnifred M.

Nisbet, Minnie Jean

Nobel, M. D.

Norcross, Rene

Northcote-Marsh, Vyvyan

Norton, Miriam

Norton, Mrs. Mary

Norton, Sister Mary Aquinas

Norwell, G. N.

Nuck, Henriette
née Berdot

Nuttall, Elizabeth

O’Connor, Florence B. S.

O’Connor, Helen
Miss Helen O’Connor

O’Flynn, Edith Mulock
Mrs. Harry Hubert O’Flynn, Mrs. Robert McDowell Thomson

O’Neill, Velma Frances

O’Reilly, Anna
Mrs. J. J. McNulty

O’Reilly, Margaret

O’Regan, May
“Cousin Peggy”

Ogilvie, Mary Gould
M. G. Ogilvie

Oliver, Marjorie

Olmsted, J. M. D

Olshewski, Marion Beatrice

Onslow, S. B.

Orchard, Betty

Orpwood, Helen

Osborne, Ethel Lindsay

Osborne, W. P.

Overholt, A. M.

Owen, Glyn

Owen, Isabella A.

Owen, Martha
“Charlotte Mary Brame”; “Bertha Clay”

Owen, Martina Garnder

Owen, Mary Alicia

Owen, Mrs. A. M.

Owens, Catherine

Owens, Villda Sauvage

Page, Elizabeth Agnes

Paine, Eileen

Painter, Ann

Painter, Florence

Palmer, Agnes

Palmer, Bernice

Palmer, Helen Beattie

Palmer, M. E.

Palmer, Nellie

Panter, Winnifred Evans

Parker, Barbara

Parker, M.G.

Parker, Margaret I.

Parmentier, Catherine

Parr, Mona

Parr, Mona

Parsons, Alice Harriett

Parsons, Isabel

Parsons, Lydia K.

Paterson V. B.

Paterson, Jean I.
Mrs. H. Paterson

Paton, Irene Wilson

Patterson, M. E.

Patterson, Myrtle
Myrtle Réjane Patterson

Pattinson, Nellie Lyle

Payne, M. M.

Payne, Mabel L.
“Lucie Linden”; “Tinkerval”; Mrs. C.A.L. Payne; M.L. Payne

Payne, Millicent

Payzant, Lucilla

Peachall, E. C.
“E. C. P.”

Pearce, Joanna

Pearce, Nina

Pearce, Peggy

Pearson, H. A.

Pearson, J. J.

Pearson, Mage

Pease, Mary Agnes
Mrs. O. C. Pease

Peat, Louisa Watson

Pechey, Dorothy

Peel, Polly

Peet, Doreen

Pellerin, Maud Gage

Pelluet, Dixie

Pembrooke, Nora

Pennell, Margaret

Penner, Mary Blondina

Penney, Elizabeth

Pennington, Amy

Pepper, Freda

Pepper, Mary Sifton

Peppleton, Marjorie

Perkins, Charlotte Isabella

Perkins, E. Thelma

Perrigard, Pauline Bradley

Perry, Anne Anderson

Perry, Flora

Perry, Helen M.

Perry, J. B.
“Logan Weir”

Peters, J. R.

Peterson, Meta

Peterson, Phyllis Lee

Petitt, Maud

Petrie, Elizabeth
Mrs. J. J. Petrie

Pettit, Phyllis Adye

Pewart, Mary D.

Phelps, A. L.

Phelps, Vera

Philipps, Elise
“On Dit”

Phillips, Joan

Phillips, Kathleen

Phillips, Mrs. Edmund

Phillips, Roxyna

Phipps, Beatrice

Pickle, Enid M.
otherwise Pickel

Pickle, Vesta Althea
otherwise Pickel

Pierce, H. A.

Pierce, Harriet Singleton

Piers, Frances Handy

Pike, Annie Margaret

Pike, Margaret E.

Pirie, Nora

Plamondon, Aime

Platt, Harriet Louisa
née Williams

Plaunt, Dorothy Pound

Plouffe, Amintha
“A. Plouffe”

Pocklington, Kathryn

Pocock, H. R. A.

Pogue, Alice

Polley, Magdalena

Polson, Philippa

Poole, Evelyn Lavina

Poppleton, Marjorie

Porter, Ethel M.

Porter, Leta Richardson

Porter, T. G.

Portugal, Jean Stenton

Pothier, Claire

Potter, Ann

Potter, Ida Elizabeth

Potter, Jessie

Potter, Sally A.

Powell, A.

Powell, M. Viola

Powell, Monica

Power, Miss

Powley, Jean (Makins)
“Ann Cardwell”

Pownall, Blanche I.

Poynter, Mary Augusta (Dickinson)
Lady Mary Augusta Mason Dickinson Poynter

Pratt, Jean M.

Pratt, Mildred Claire

Pratt, Mrs. M.J.

Preston, Anna

Preston, Margaret Mary

Pribble, F. J.

Price, Elizabeth Bailey
Mrs. Joseph F. Price

Price, Enid Margaret

Price, Jo Ann

Price, Marjorie

Pringle, Gertrude
Gertrude Edwina Seton Thompson Pringle

Printwater, F.W.

Pritchard, Prisilla
née Hazen

Proudfoot, Lucy South

Prowd, Pat

Pryn, Jennifer

Pugsley, Josephine H.

Pursey, G. G.

Putnam, Ada MacLeod

Putnam, Bessie L.

Quintasket, Christine Joseph
“Mourning Dove”

Radforth, Isobel

Radley, Lorna Kerr

Rae, Margaret

Ramsay, Eliza D.

Ramsay, R. A.
“X. Y.”

Rand, Emeline A.

Randleson, Sara A.

Ranesford, E.

Rankin, Nancy
Mrs. Norman S. Rankin

Ransom, M.

Raskevich, Magdalena

Rathom, Mary H.

Ratz, Betty

Raver, Irma Clow

Raymond, Agnes Pauline
née Clark; Mrs. W. E. Raymond

Raymond, Ethel Theresa

Read, F. W.

Read, Jane B.

Read, Jessie

Read, Mary Morgan

Reaveley, Hazel Vera

Rebbeck, Elizabeth
“Anna Catherina”

Redditt, J. M.

Redon, M. E.

Reed, Helen Leah

Reesor, Annie

Reeve, G. J.

Reid, Adah

Reid, Eva

Reid, Helen Evans

Reid, L.

Remely, C. A.

Renyi, Elizabeth

Rethwich, Louise

Rex, Allie

Rex, Kay

Reynolds, A. J.

Reynolds, Mary

Rhein, Florence

Rhind, Sybil Gayford

Rhynas, Margaret
née Ferguson

Rhys, Ellen

Rice, Christine Elizabeth

Richards, Amy G.

Richardson, Christina

Richardson, Harriett

Richardson, Sarah J.
“Sara J. Richardons? Pseudonym? Suspicious authorship…

Rickerson, Nena C.

Riddell, Reba

Ridley, Amy E.

Ridley, Hilda M.

Ridley, Laura Adelaide

Riley, Maude
née Keen

Ringland, Mabel Crews

Ripley, Helene

Ritchie, J. A.

Ritchie, Margaret Wright
Margot Wells

Ritchie, Mary Houston

Rivers, F. S.

Robb, Isabel Adams Hampton

Robbins, Blanche

Robbins, Sara

Roberts, Jessie Alexander

Roberts, Marguerite

Robertson, Elizabeth Chant

Robertson, Gladys

Robertson, Jessie Ewart

Robertson, Jessie M.

Robertson, Mary

Robertson, Milly

Robertson, Vera V.

Robinson, Annie E.

Robinson, Dorothy Mae
D. M. Robinson

Robinson, Gladys

Robinson, Hattie

Robinson, Hazel A.

Robinson, Helen Caister

Robinson, Helen Douglas
Helen T. D. Robinson

Robinson, Judith

Robinson, Margaret A.

Robinson, May Howell
Mrs. J.N. Robinson, née Howell

Robson, Elizabeth

Roche, Loretta

Rockwell, Adele Davies

Rodd, Mrs. W. W.

Rodden, Georgina

Roe, Amy

Roe, F.G.

Rogers, Edith

Rogers, Marion

Rolls, H. R.

Rorke, Helen

Rorke, Louise Richardson

Roscoe, Muriel Victoria

Rose, Alice C.

Rose, F. A.

Rose, Hilda

Rosenfeld, Fanny (Bobbie)

Rosman, Alice Grant

Ross, A. M.

Ross, Aileen

Ross, Anna

Ross, Dorothea Lucille

Ross, Frances Aileen

Ross, Helen Elizabeth

Ross, Ishbel

Ross, Lesley D.
Lesley Drummond Ross

Ross, M.

Ross, Margaret Amy

Ross, Mrs. Alexander

Ross, Mrs. W. E.

Ross, Robin

Ross, Sara

Rossell, Mrs. A. J.

Rostance, Mrs. AJ

Rothwell, Marianne Bessie

Rousseau, Julie Anne

Routier, Simone

Routley, Clare B.

Routly, Isobel

Rowan, Beverley

Rowe-Sleeman, Alicia

Rowe, Lizzie

Rowell, Mrs. John H.

Roy, Katherine

Ruff, Elsie

Rumble, Dorothy R.

Rumsey, Evelyn Ardis (Whitman)

Runchey, Geraldine

Rushbrook, Dorothy
“Wake Robin”

Russell, Frances

Russell, Frances Foster

Russell, Kerry Bruce

Rutherford, Alice E.

Rutherford, Margaret

Rutty, Wynne

Ryan, Ada F.

Ryan, E. Anne

Ryan, Kathleen Whitton

Ryan, Mary Anne
née McIvor

Rye, Amy
Mrs. Francis Rye

Sabine, Evangeline

Sabiston, Pearl

Sachse, Lilian M.

Salm-Salm, Eliza Agnes
Princess Salm-Salm; “Agnes Le Clercq”

Salter, Mary Dinsmore

Sanborn, Ruth Burr

Sancton, Minnie R.

Sanders, Dora M.

Sanders, W. (Mrs)

Sanderson, T. J.

Sandiford, Betti Primrose

Sandwell, B. K.

Sandwell, Helen B.

Sanford, Harriet Sophia
Mrs. W. E. Sanford

Sanford, Melissa T.

Sarton, May

Saunders, D. B.

Saunders, Marling
Mrs. Marling Saunders

Saunders, Maude
E. Maude F. Saunders

Savage, Mary L. Bradbury
Mrs. William T. Savage

Savage, Mrs. Colonel

Saville, Doris

Saxe, Fanny M.

Saxe, Mary J.L.

Saxon, Matilda M.

Scarlett, Belle R.

Scholefield, Helen

Scholefield, Mary

Scholfield, Emily M. McAvity

Scholz, Olive M.

Schrader, Helen

Schubart, Louisa

Schulte, Helen Irene Denne

Schultz, Agnes Campbell Farquharson
Lady Schultz

Schweitzer, Gertrude

Scott, Bertha Isabel

Scott, Eleanor

Scott, Eva Matilda

Scott, Jane

Scott, Jean Thomson

Scott, Lillian Margaret

Scott, Mary

Scoular, Margaret Lamb

Scovil, Elizabeth Robinson

Seelye, Emma Edmonds

Seers, Hetty Waddington

Segall, Jean Brown

Semple, Stella Gertrude

Servant, Cahterine H.

Seton, Edwina

Setoon, Moira

Sewal, Hettie

Sewell, N.J.

Seymour, Emma Carter

Shack, Sybil

Shackford, Martha Hale

Shannon, Mary Josephine

Shantz, Genevieve V.

Shaper, C.F. (Mrs)

Sharland, Rose E.

Sharman, Abbie Lyon
Mrs. A.L. Sharman

Sharp, Mrs. William

Sharpe, Eleanor Maud

Sharples, Alice
Alice Sharples Baldwin

Shaw, Beatrice M. Hay

Shaw, Margaret Mason

Shaw, Mary

Shaw, Mrs. Donald

Shaw, Robert (Mrs.)

Shaw, Rosa

Sheard, Marjorie

Shearwood, Mary
Mrs. F.P. Shearwood

Shenton, Mary J.
“His Widow”

Sheppard, Norah

Sherman, Gertrude

Sherwood, Margaret

Shine, Miss

Shinnick, J.

Shipman, Clare
Clare Shipman Connelly

Shortt, Elizabeth
Mrs. Adam Shortt; née McGee Smith

Sidney, Florence

Sigerson, Dora

Sigmund, Dorothy

Simmons, Olive

Simms, Florence Mary

Simms, Sophia

Simon, Beatrice

Simpson, F. May

Simpson, Grace Sybrandt
Mrs. R. W. Simpson; “Astra”

Simpson, Maria

Simpson, Marjorie Weir

Simpson, Miriam

Simpson, Ruby M.

Sims, Marion

Simson, Letitia F.

Sinclair, Isabella

Sinclair, May

Singmaster, Elsie

Sirluck, Mrs. Lesley
née McNaught

Sister Mary Agnes
“S. M. A.”

Sivitz, Jena

Skala, Diana

Skelton, Isabel
née Murphy; Mrs. D.O. Skelton

Skinner, Patricia

Skov, G. Adelle

Sledge, Betty

Smallwood, Effie

Smart, Jane

Smet, Mrs. Paul
née Françoise Gaudet

Smillie, E. Arma

Smillie, J.

Smith, Abigail

Smith, Alice Maude
“Smith Sutton Broome”; “Sutton Broome”; “Sulton Browne”; Smith Scovill”; Alice Scovill Smith

Smith, Betty

Smith, Dora

Smith, Doris Charlesworth

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, G. O.

Smith, Gertrude P.

Smith, Hanna Whitall

Smith, Hilda M.

Smith, Jane

Smith, Jean Boyd

Smith, Jennie

Smith, Josephine

Smith, Kathleen

Smith, Lillian H.

Smith, Marjorie M.

Smith, Mary Elizabeth

Smith, Mary Ellen
née Spear; Mrs. Ralph Smith

Smith, Mrs. Reginald

Smith, Myra A. I.

Smith, Norah

Smith, Olive Willett

Smith, Phoebe

Smith, Rita

Smith, S. R.

Sneath, Pearl

Snelson, Betty Sue

Sneyd, Pamela

Snider, Kate (Katie)
later Dawson

Snider, Mary Adelaide Dawson

Soltoft, Henriette

Sommerville, Janette

Sorby, Margery

Southcott, Mary

Spalding, Kate

Speechly, Margaret

Speers, Anna

Speight-Humberston, Clara E.

Spencer, Elizabeth

Spencer, J.A.

Spencer, Mrs. L. M.

Spicer, Anne Higginson

Spidell, Margaret Stuart
“Literary Aspirant”

Sprague, E.
Miss E. Sprague

Squier, Emma Lindsay
Mrs. John Bransby

Squire, Ada A.

Squires, Blanche Hales

Srigley, Jean Melba

St. Jean, Idola

St. Ledger, Mary

St. Paul, Mother M.

Stacey, Gladys Devlin
Dolly Dimples – pen name given her on her first job at Sherbrooke Record; Gertrude Woodard; Jo Joan – another name chosen for her; Laura Greenwood; Gladys Devlin; Millicent Moore; Gladys Stacey; Mary Burke

Stagg, Annie Rollo

Stairs, Mrs. H. G.

Stalsmith, Marion D.

Stanford, Lucy Creighton

Staples, M. H.

Starr, Frances
Mrs. H. B. Starr

Starratt, Mrs. David
c. 1842-

Stavert, Mrs. Byrtha

Stearns, Winfrid Alden
W. A. Stearns

Stebbings, Winnifred G.

Steen, Miriam

Steen, Ragna

Steeves, Dorothy

Steeves, Mrs. Helen
née Harper; Mrs. H. B. Steeves

Stehle, Marie McLellan

Stein, Miriam

Stephens, L. Louise

Stephenson, Annie D.
Mrs. Frederick C. Stepheson

Stephenson, Annie Devina Watson

Stephenson, Lois I.

Stepler, Dorothy Hamilton

Steven, Margaret Louise
“Anne Reece”; Margaret Steven Tanton

Stevens, Helen Stiles

Stevens, M. Helen

Stevenson, A.

Stevenson, I. (Mrs.)

Stevenson, Mabel McLuhan

Stevenson, Mrs. Samuel Wentworth
“L. S.”

Stevenson, Vera Mather

Steward, Maud

Stewart-Murray, Edith

Stewart, B.

Stewart, Bluebell Stewart

Stewart, D.

Stewart, J. H.

Stewart, R.G.

Stewart, Robina

Stewart, Z.M

Stillwell, Cora

Stirling, Emma M.

Stirling, Jean

Stobie, Margaret

Stockdale, Lois Telman

Stoddard, Ethel G. Cody
“Lady Van”

Stoddard, Hope

Stokes, Winnifred

Stone, Maud Morrison

Stonehouse, Mary C.

Storer, Effie Laurie

Storey, Charlotte M.

Story, Norah

Stothers, C. E.

Stott, Anne

Strachan, Ada M.

Stratford, Phyllis Coate

Strathy, Marguerite

Strong, Margaret Kirkpatrick

Strong, Ruth

Stroud, Amelia Panton

Stuart, Arabella Mary

Stuart, Esta Ross

Sullivan, Beatrice

Sullivan, Kathleen Anne

Sullivan, Mary A.

Supplee, Betty

Sutherland, Anne

Sutherland, Betty

Sutherland, Jean

Sutherland, Marjorie L.

Sutherland, Maxine

Sutton, Mary Anne
Mrs. Mary Ann Sutton

Sweet, Jean

Syme, Mrs. Henry

Tait, Catherine Wilma
C. Wilma Tait; Wilma Tait

Tallman, Lyn

Tanner, Pattie

Tanton, Mrs. L. M.
Mrs.  L.M. Tanton

Taylor-Stoll, Dorothy

Taylor, Ada E.
Mrs. Ada E. Taylor

Taylor, Barbara

Taylor, Daphne

Taylor, Doris M.

Taylor, Dorothy

Taylor, Dorothy G.

Taylor, Edna

Taylor, Florence

Taylor, Gladys E.
née King

Taylor, H. V.

Taylor, Lillian Fortier

Taylor, Norma C.

Tegnier, A.

Templeton, Mrs. R. J.

Tenison, Eva Mabel

Thackray, R.

Tharp, Mrs. Louse
née Hall

Theodore, Sister Mary

Thibaudeau, Colleen

Thistle, Lauretta

Thomas, Annette

Thomas, Edith M.

Thomas, Isabel

Thomas, Laura Rees

Thomas, Lois MacLaurin Scott

Thompson, Eliza

Thompson, Elizabeth Jane
née Sweetland

Thompson, Jennie S.

Thompson, Joan

Thompson, Laura E.

Thompson, Mrs. James C.

Thompson, Norah

Thompson, T.W.H.

Thompson. Margot

Thomson, Georgina H.

Thomson, Theresa Emily
née Meeres

Thopmpson, Ruth C.

Thorburn, C. H.

Thorne, Helen E.

Thornley, Better

Thornton, Margaret

Thrupp, Sylvia L.

Tibbits, Ethel Burnett

Tillenius, Anna

Tilley, Gwendolyn A.
Mrs. Gwendolyn A. Tilley

Timlin, Mabel Frances

Timmins, Lois Fahs

Tiplin, Winnifred

Tobin, Joy Thomson

Tocque, Annie S. W.

Tocs, J. M.

Todd, Maude Pepper

Todd, Mrs. F. H.

Tolbloom, Wanda Neill

Tolcher, H.

Tomkinson, Grace
Mrs. Harold Tomkinson; née Avard

Toombs, Calla

Topping, Coral Wesley

Towers, Helen

Trail, Dorothy

Trent, Lucia

Tretrece, Mary

Trevor, Elsie

Trevor, R.

Trimble, Alberta C.

Trotter, Marjorie

Trotter, Zoe

Trout, Jennie Kidd

Troyer, Ruth Evelyn

Tucker, Alice Blythe
Alice Blythe Tucker (Wilcox)

Tucker, Doris

Tucker, Tonnie

Tufts, Evelyn

Tufts, Mrs. Robie

Turnbull, Elizabeth M.

Turnbull, Jane Mason

Turnbull, Janet

Turner, Alice Willard

Turner, Amelia
Mrs. Walter Norman Smith

Turner, Bessie

Tustin, Margaret

Tuttle, Florence W.

Tye, Alice

Tyler, H. Washington

Tyler, Miss C. E.

Tyndale, O. S.

Tytler, Agnes

Vair, J. W.

Vallenlyne, Mary

Valois, Miss

Van Cortlandt, Gertrude

van der Berg, M.

Van der Hoek, J. Marjorie

Van Draecken, Katherine

Van Every, Jane

Van Hoogenhouck Tulleken, Lady

Van Pelt, Gertrude

Van Steen, Marjorie

Vance, Sara

Vanderburgh, Marjorie K.

Vant, Margaret Josephine

Vaudry, Mary Olive
M. O. Vaudry

Vaughan, S. E.

Veitch, Sophie F. F.
Sophie Frances Fane Veitch

Vermilyea, Evelyn

Verte, Inna

Vesey, Maxwell
Mrs. A. E. Vesey

Vestal, Mary Kathleen Scott

Vial, Alexia Agnes
Mrs. Henry Roe

Vialoux, H. E.

Vincent, Lizzie

Vise, Helen Elizabeth

Volkoff, Olga Okulitch

Von Koerber, Elsie
Baroness von Koerber

Waddington, Ruth

Wadleigh, Helen R.

Wagar, Pauline E.

Wagner, D. P.

Wagner, Hazel Sheppard

Wales, Anna Letitia

Wales, Emma Theodosia

Walker, Edna

Walker, Gertrude E.

Walker, Harriet A.

Walker, Isobel

Walker, Mildred C.

Walker, Olive

Walker, Ruth

Walkley, Miss Rhoda

Wallace, Brenda

Wallace, D. J.

Wallace, Elizabeth

Wallace, Emma Gary

Wallace, Lees

Wallace, Mrs. William
née Marie Thomson; “Marie Holmes”

Wallace, Mynnel

Wallace, Patricia

Walley, M. Grace

Wallis, Eleanor Glenn

Walpole, Mary

Walsh, Dorothy Howard

Walsh, Nancy

Walworth, Ellen Hardin

Wangsgard, Eva

Ward. M. Aileen

Waring, Anne B.

Warman, Marie

Warner, E.

Warren, Minnette Lake

Wassall, Irma

Waterbury, Lucy

Waterston, Elizabeth

Watson, E.

Watson, Mary Urie

Watson, P. P.
“Miss P.P. Watson”

Watson, Sheila
Sheila Doherty Watson

Watt, Ernestine
née Mattern (or Mathern)

Watt, Margaret Robinson
Madge Watt

Watt, Violet
Mrs. Jerome Mercier

Watters Mrs. Charles F.

Wearing, Lorna

Weaver, E. W.

Weaver, Edith

Weaver, Mrs. E.

Webb, Charlotte

Webb, Florence

Webb, Margaret Alice

Webb, Mary

Webb, Phyllis Jean

Weber, Helen

Webling, Lucy
Mrs. J. Walter McRaye; Lucy Betty McRaye

Webster, Kathelen Elizabeth
Mrs. Paul Belanger; Kay Webster

Weeks, Doris Cone

Weeks, Ruby Price

Weiss, Mona

Welch, E. W.

Weldon, Katherine E.

Wells, Ann E.

Wells, Kate Gannett

Welsh, R. E.

Wemyss, Mary C. E.
Mrs. George Wemyss

Wensley, Amelia

West, Mary M.

Westlake, Kate

Wetherell, Margaret Hubner Smith

Wetmore, Jessie Helen Louise

Wharrie, Margaret Buchanan

Wheelar, Bertha

Wheeler, Christine Gordon

Wheeler, Emily M.

Wherry, Edith

White, C. G. Mary

White, Dorothy Evelyn

White, E. T.

White, E. W.

White, Marion Strong

White, Mrs. Henry

White, Naomi John

White, Vine B.

Whitman, Jean Elizabeth

Whitney, L. B.

Whyte-Edgar, Mrs. C. M.

Wickham, Islay M.

Wigmore, Annie

Wilbur, Nancy Garbett

Wilcox, Artemis

Wilcox, Mrs. Noel

Wilcox, Vivian

Wilgress, Leolyn Dana
L. D. Wilgress

Wilkinson, Anne
Anne Gibbons Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Marguerite Ogden
Mrs. James G. Wilkinson; née Bigelow

Will, J. S.

Williams-Moore, Eleanor

Williams, Ella F. M.

Williams, Grace
Grace O’Brian, née Williams

Williams, Margaret

Williams, Mary Helena

Williams, Minne Harvey
née Harvey

Williams, Sarah

Williams, W. H.

Williamson, Alice Maude

Williamson, Elizabeth M.

Williamson, Rossa

Wilson, Alice Maud

Wilson, Ann

Wilson, Anne MacDonald

Wilson, Cairine Reay MacKay

Wilson, Estelle Hollister

Wilson, Idele Louise

Wilson, Marie

Wilson, Mona Gordon

Wilson, Ruth

Wilson, Theresa F.

Wilson, Velma Mowbray

Wilson, W. F.

Wilton, Margaret Harvey

Wilton, Rosaline M.

Windeatt, Mary Fabyan

Winfield, Miss Freda

Wing, Hanna

Winlow, Alice Maude Dudley

Winsby, Elizabeth

Winslow, Beatrice Loft

Winslow, Elizabeth Bruce

Winspear, Mary

Winter, Edwina

Winter, Jean E.

Wiseman, Adele
Adele Waisman

Wodell, J. E.

Wolf, Eva Nagel

Wolfe Julia W.

Wood, Elizabeth

Wood, H. W.

Wood, Kerry

Wood, Marjorie

Wood, Mildred

Wood, Ruth Kedzie

Woods, Alexandrina
Mrs. Doherty

Woods, Margaret Ross

Woods, R.G.

Woods, Robin

Woodworth, Marguerite

Woodworth, Mary I.

Wookey, Gladys

Wooster, Julia L

Word, Aileen

Wotherspoon, Margaret

Wren, Frances

Wright, Alice E.

Wright, Dorothy

Wright, Ester Clarke
Mrs. C. P. Wright

Wright, Gertrude

Wright, Grace A.

Wright, Mrs. F. W.

Wrotnowski, Dorothy

Wuorio, Eva-Lisa

Wyandt, Frieda

Wyke, Marguerite

Wyllie, Evelyn

Wyn-Wood, Elizabeth

Yager, Edwina

Yarker, Margaret G.

Yates, Emily

Yorath, Mrs. Eric

Youmans, Harriet Phelps

Young, J. Peat

Young, Juliet

Young, Katherine A.

Young, Kay

Young, Madeline

Young, Phyllis Brett

Young, Rosalind Watson

Ziegler, Olive Irene

Zieman, Fran

Zinkan, Elizabeth A.




29 thoughts on “Authors to be evaluated”

  1. Reg Pringle said:

    Garrett, Blanche Pownall

    I have in my possession a song composed by W. H. Anderson called “To a girl on her birthday” – words by the above Copyright statement says Western Music Company, Vancouver, 1949.

    Hope you find this information useful. I can supply the text of the poem if you need it.

    • Karyn Huenemann said:

      Thank you, Mr. Pringle, we would love to have a copy of those lyrics! I will send you an email.

  2. Geneviève Bruneau said:

    Minnie Evans Bicknell,
    I’m a francophone (sorry for my english 🙂 researcher on proletarian literature and I found an article from “Ottawa Citizen” on Internet talking about her life and how she came to write her play :”Reflief”.
    I think these informations may be helpfull, the article is here :,224925

    Kind regards

    • This is wonderful information. Merci beaucoup, Geneviève! I will now be able (hopefully!) to build a more thorough biography, knowing her husband’s name and where she lived. If you find any other gems like this, please do forward them!

  3. I believe you have given Elsinore MacPherson Haultain (1894-1906) the wrong husband. See

    Theodore Arnold Haultain was about 37 years her senior, and at least 63 when they would have married.

    I ran into Elsinore trying to track down the people who wrote in the first issue of “The Canadian Forum” from 1920.

    • Thank you so much! We will look into this. Do you have any other information about female authors from the first volume of Canadian Forum that might help us? Glad to hear of anything you might have!

      • Thank you for your quick response. Sorry about the typo; death year was 1986 not 1906.

        Elsinore MacPherson had three articles in the first volume. The first was a light piece about participation in literary competitions. The other two seem to have a more serious feminist tone. For now I’m working on the first issue to get a better grasp on the scope of the problems in making such materials more available to the modern public. After that if someone wants preferential treatment for some articles, I’m happy to oblige.

        Margaret Wrong was another contributor to this issue, and her article will be the next one I consider. Beyond that I wonder how frequently a writer would be known by initials only for the sole purpose of masking her gender.

  4. Margaret Christian Wrong (1887-1948) was daughter of historian George MacKinnon Wrong and granddaughter of Ontario premier and federal Liberal leader Edward Blake. Her brother also wrote for The Canadian Forum. She was later active in West African missionary work.

    • Thank you, Ray! We have changed Elsinore Haultain’s information, and moved both her and Margaret Wrong to the “To be included” list, now that you have provided sufficient biographical information for us! It doesn’t take much, and we can work on filling in more narrative details as we go. I had not yet researched either of these authors (the list is long….) so I really appreciate you starting us off in the right direction.

  5. Carroll Aikins (not Aikens), 1888-1967 was a man. See

    I as suspicious about this one because of the double “r” in Carroll, knoing that the most famous person with that spelling was Carroll O’Connor, a.k.a. Archie Bunker.

  6. E. A. Lucas appears to be Emma Ada Lucas who died Dec. 29, 1943. Another E. A. Lucas, a prominent lawyer, also in Vancouver and practising in the same time frame, seems to be male and a different person since a judge referred to him as “Mr.”

  7. Found another one. Agnes Christine McGregor, born ca. 1883, died after 1959. She wrote a short piece “More Saints and Sinners” in The Canadian Forum for February 1921. She is more famous for her work on the staff of U of Toronto’s School of Social Work where she was at one time acting director. See

    • Thanks, Ray, you’re wonderful! I will add this information to the file immediately.

      • eclecticology said:

        For me it’s a matter of serendipity, and wanting to track down what I can about authors as I find them. You can expect more as and when I run into them.

        On 1/9/13, Canada’s Early Women Writers: Authors lists

  8. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s
    the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I have found an author whose pseudonym is Bride Broder. She was Georgina Cecilia Mary White, who died in 1944. You have a C.G. Mary White listed. Would this be the same? She was the women’s editor of the Toronto Mail and Empire, and then for the Globe and Mail.

    • Yes, Callie, I believe it is the same woman. We have both versions (CG and GC) listed and weren’t sure which was definitive–thanks! She was a member of the Helconian Club, and published in the Canadian Magazine (July 1930) as well as being included in the Toronto Women’s Press Club collection “Verse and Reverse” (both 1921 and 1922 editions). We don’t know much more about her, although she is also mentioned in Marjorie Lang’s Women Who Made the News.

  10. Alicia Rowe-Sleeman was the author Alice Mary Rowe-Sleeman. She was born in Clarke Township, Durham County 05 Jul 1894 the daughter of Roger Rowe and Laura. She married Frank Lorne Sleeman and in the 1921 census was living in Weyburn, Saskatchewan with her husband and two children: Beverley DEANE Sleeman and Arnold Jarvis John Sleeman (also Rowe-Sleeman). She died 28 Dec 1988 and is buried in Orono Cemetery.

    Author of “A National Theatre for Canada.” Canadians All 3, 1945 24+. In 1951 she was doing research on Durham County for a history, consulting the files of the Canadian Statesman in Bowmanville. She appears frequently in the pages of the Canadian Statesman. She started a Book Review column in the paper.

    Click to access CLaPL002714730pf_0009.pdf

    Click to access CLaPL002714751pf_0009.pdf

    • Dear Laura —

      Thank you so much for this! It is always wonderful to be given the lead that can set up off on the right track. All we previously knew about Rowe-Sleeman was that she published an article in the Canadian Forum. Are you related to the author in some way? Or a historian? Or otherwise researching authors as we are? Regardless, thank you so much for your help.

  11. Hi Karyn,

    Grace Le Roy Aitkens is my great grandmother. I’m not sure if i can be of any help, but if there is anything specific you are looking for, please contact me directly. I recall seeing a hard bound copy of one of her collections somewhere in the family.

  12. Linda Cass-Jones said:

    I am the granddaughter of Maude Gage Pellerin. I can certainly give you a great deal of biographical information and have an unpublished manuscript which she authored.

  13. Christine Owen said:

    Hello. Maud Morrison Stone was my great-aunt. I am currently sorting through the archives of her nephew, Gwynnedd Morrison Owen (my late father). I have a great deal of biographical material for Maud Morrison Stone, photographs (formal portraits of her), reviews of her publications (newspaper clippings), correspondence (particularly with her publishers, actual and prospective), and quite a number of original manuscripts – published and unpublished – of books, articles written for periodicals, and poems.

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