Some anonymous texts online at ECO

These titles look like they might be of interest to us, if only we knew who wrote them!

Agnes Harcourt; or, “For His Sake”: A Canadian Story Illustrative of the Power of a Child’s Life (1879)

All for Her; or, St. Jude’s Assistant (1880)

Astray (18–)

Biddy O’Flaherty’s Sorrow: A Christmas Ditty for the Fenians (1867)

Canadian Temperance Rhymes (1842)

“Culture!”: A Drawing Room Comedietta, Adapted from a Foreign Source and Slightly Altered by **** (1889)

Green Holly: Sing Heigh-Ho Unto the Green Holly (1895?)

His Grandmothers (1877?)

Justice Peg and his Justice Shop in the City of Win: A Play in Four Acts (1897?)

Lines on the Great Fire of 1825, and Other Subjects (1866)

A Little Girl and Her Missionary Jug (189-)

Lyntonville;or, The Irish Boy in Canada (1867)

Mathathias: A Tragedy

Mr. Munsey! (18–)

Niagara Falls: A Poem (1850?)

Ode for Dominion Day: The Argument (1879?)

Ode on the Press: Written for the Anniversary Festival of the Montreal Typographical Society (1848)

On the Opening of the Toronto Free Public Library: On the City’s Semi-Centennial DA, March 6th, 1884 (1884?)

Only a Brakeman (18–)

Our Land Illustrated in Art and Song (1887)

Our Swell (1881)

Poesie’s Dream, part 1st and 2d., Rose Glen, and Other Poems (1835)

Raise the Flag and other Patriotic Canadian Songs and Poems (1891)

Rhymes for the Times: Original Poems on Popery, Slavery, and Intemperance (1857)

Rose and Minnie; or, The Loyalists: A Tale of Canada in 1837 (London: Parker, 1868)

Sir Peter Pettysham: A Story of Canadian Life (Montreal: Canadian Railway News, 1882)

Some of Our Weekly Troubles (188-)

The Chieftains of Champlain: A Story of Adventure in the New World (1883)

The Chlidren of Mrs. Dominion: How They Quarelled and What Came of It (1871)

The Chronicle of Londonia, the City of the Forest (1875?)

The Decline and Fall of Keewatin; or, The Free-Trade Redskins: A Satrie (1876)

The Dream (18–)

The Fireworshippers and Dermot McMurrough: Two Dramas (1882)

The Forest Crossing: Life in the Canadian Backwoods (London: Religious Tract, 1875)

The Great N.P.; or, Rhymes for the Times (1889)

The House-Top Saint (1876)

The Land Swap, A Satire (1875)

The Little Fruit Store (186-)

The Llittle Manitoban: A Child’s Story-Book… (1900)

The Lonely Dove of the Hurons (187-)

The Meeting of the Magi, 11th April, 1872 (1872?)

The Mysteries of Montreal: A Novel Founded on Facts

The Prince and his Protégé: A Tale of the Early History of Nova Scotia (1844)

Timoee and Samachet: A Canadian Story (1822)

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