A complete list of Ryerson Poetry Chapbooks, 1925-1962

Here is a cumulative list of the Ryerson Poetry Chapbooks from the beginning of the series in 1925 until it ended in 1962. The list was created from the chapbook end-matter and original research, and verified against a mimeographed list in our files, initially compiled by Frank Flemington, assistant editor at Ryerson, c1960 (from which the quotations regarding publication details are taken). My especial thanks to Nancy Blake and Sonny Wong at the SFU interlibrary loans office for their help in identifying the last few incomplete names between 1925 and 1958, and to Nick Drumbolis, of Letters Bookshop in Thunder Bay, ON, for sending us the information to complete the list to 1962.


1 The Sweet of the Year Sir Charles G. D. Roberts
2 Companionship of the Crowd W. H. F. Tenny [William Haskell Fremont]


3 Forfeit and Other Poems Kathryn Munro
4 The Captive Gypsy Constance Davies Woodrow
5 The Ear Trumpet Annie Charlotte Dalton
6 A Vale in Luxor W. V. Newson [William Victor]
7 The Lost Shipmate Theodore Goodridge Roberts
8 The Prophet’s Man Geoffrey Riddehough
9 A Pool of Stars Lionel Stevenson
10 Spring in Savary Alice Brewer
11 Songs John Hanlon
12 Sheepfold Leo Cox
13 The Shepherd of the Hills Agnes Joynes


14 Vagrant Frederick B. Watt
15 What-Nots Geoffrey Warburton Cox
16 Other Songs John Hanlon
17 By Cobequid Bay Alexander Louis Fraser
18 A Breath of the Woods Lilian Leveridge
19 Ecstasy and Other Poems Elaine Catley
20 The Cry of Insurgent Youth Guy Mason
21 Waifs of the Mind W. V. Newson [William Victor]
22 Twelve Poems Esme Isles-Brown
23 Songs for Swift Feet Gostwick Roberts
24 Bits O’ Verse in Scots William P. McKenzie
25 Destiny and Other Poems Mary Matheson
26 Twenty and After Nathaniel Benson


27 The Poet Confides H. T. J. Coleman [Herbert Thomas John]
28 Paul Pero R. D. Cumming [Robert Dalziel]
29 The Battle of St. Julien Kate Colquohon
30 Spendthrifts Guy Mason
31 The Tide of Love Thomas O’Hagan
32 Cockle Shell and Sandal Shoon H. T. J. Coleman [Herbert Thomas John]
33 Later Poems and New Villanelles S. Frances Harrison [Susan] [“Seranus”]
34 Fragments of Fantasy Nelda MacKinnon Sage
35 Fowls O’ The Air William P. MacKenzie


36 Cosmic Oratory “Regis” [R. M. Whylock: Reginald Mountefort?]
37 The Viking’s Bride Winifred Stevens
38 The Blue-Walled Valley M. P. Judge [Mary Perceval]
39 XII Poems F. Elsie Laurence [Elsie Fry]
40 The Immigrants Marie Elizabeth Coldman
41 The Fountain H. L. Huxtable [Horace Leslie]
42 Ion My Garden Jean Kilby Rorison
43 The Arbutus Tree John Hosie
44 Magic Hill Mary Matheson


45 Monserrat and Other Poems W. E. Collin [William Edwin]
46 The Auld Folk William P. McKenzie
47 Bittersweet Elsie Woodley
48 Outward Bound Edith Henderson
49 The Wanderer and Other Poems Nathaniel Benson
50 Under the Maple Kathryn Munro
51 Tao Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey
52 The Naiad and Five Other Poems Marjorie Pickthall


53 The Way to Fairyland May P. Judge [Mary Perceval]
54 Pennies on my Palm Mary Ellen Guise
55 Argosies at Dawn Aubrey Dean Hughes


56 The Rose of the Sea Lionel Stevenson
57 The Blossom Trail Lilian Leveridge
58 The Coquihalla Wreck F. C. Whitehouse [Francis Cecil]
59 The Wind in the Field Leo Cox
60 Rhyme and Rhythm Sister Maura [Mary Power]
61 Twenty Sonnets Muriel Miller Humphrey
62 The Emigrant’s Stone Clara Hopper
63 Earthbound [Ethel] Audrey Silcox
64 Rich Man, Poor Man E. H. Burr [Everett Harold]
65 Uncertain Glory Regina Shoolman


66 The Saint John and Other Poems G. F. Clarke [George Frederick]
67 From the Wine Press M. C. MacKinnon [Murdock Charles]


68 Songs of the West and Other Poems Marion E. Moodie
69 Harvest of Dreams Frances Ebbs Canavan


70 The Thousand Islands Agnes Maule Machar
71 Wayside Grasses Peggy Pearce


72 Odd Measures William Thow
73 Blind Fiddler J. E. McDougall [Joseph Easton]


74 More Odd Measures William Thow
75 River Without End Leo Cox
76 Stars Before the End C. F. Boyle [Charles Frederick]
77 Songs Helena Coleman


78 Sonnets and Sequences Michael T. Casey
79 Viper’s Bugloss John Smalacombe


80 The Wind Our Enemy Anne Marriott
81 Reward and Other Poems Isabel McFadden
82 Lyrics and Sonnets Lilian Leveridge
83 Music of the Earth Bliss Carman
84 Excuse for Futility C. F. Boyle [Charles Frederick]
85 Fancy Free Carol Coates
86 Poet and Salesman William Thow


87 Discovery Arthur S. Bourinot
88 Pioneers and Other Poems H. Glynn-Ward [Hilda]


89 Calling Adventurers! Anne Marriott
90 Out of the Dusk Mary Matheson
91 Twelve Poems Nathan Ralph
92 The Artisan Sara Carsley
93 Ebb Tide Doris Ferne
94 The Singing Gypsy Mollie Morant
95 At Summer’s End Amelia Wensley


96 Litany Before the Dawn of Fire Ernest Fewster
97 Seedtime and Harvest Barbara Villy Cormack
99 For This Freedom Too Mary Elizabeth Colman

[at this point, “Thoreau MacDonald simplified his father’s cover design”]

100 Salt Marsh Anne Marriott
101 Birds Before Dawn Evelyn Eaton
102 Hearing a Far Call M. Eugenie Perry [Martha]
103 Journey Into Yesterday Irene Benson


101 Birds Before Dawn Evelyn Eaton
102 Hearing a Far Call M. Eugenie Perry [Martha]
103 Journey Into Yesterday Irene Benson


104 Rearguard and Other Poems Elsie Fry Laurence
105 Legends and Other Poems Gwendolyn Merrin
106 Sonnets for Youth Frank Oliver Call
107 They Shall Build Anew Austin Campbell
108 Rhythm Poems Sister Maura [Mary Power]


109 Songs of the Western Islands Hermia Harris Fraser
110 And In the Time of Harvest Monica Roberts Chalmers
111 Sea-Woman and Other Poems Eileen Cameron Henry
112 Moths After Midnight “Vere Jameson” [Evan Vere Shute]
113 When I Turn Home Dorothy Howard


114 Frosty-Moon and Other Poems Margot Osborn
115 Voyageur and Other Poems R. E. Rashley [Richard Ernest]
116 Poems, 1939-1944 George Whalley
117 Merry-Go-Round Marjorie Freeman Campbell
118 When This Tide Ebbs “Verna Loveday Harden” [Verna Bessie Bentley]
119 Cavalcade Norah Godfrey
120 V-E Day Audrey Alexandra Brown
121 The Flower in the Dusk Doris Hedges
122 The Dying General Goodridge MacDonald


123 Song in the Silence M. Eugenie Perry [Martha]
124 The Sea is Our Doorway Michael Harrington
125 Crisis Doris Hedges
126 As the River Runs Dorothy Howard
127 Songs from Then and Now Ruby Nichols


128 Mid-Winter Thaw Lenore Pratt
129 Figure in the Rain Genevive Bartole
130 The Bitter Fruit Margaret E. Coulby [Evelyn]
131 Myssium Albert Norman Levine
132 Not Without Beauty John A. B. McLeish
133 New York Nocturnes Arthur Stringer


134 High on a Hill Marjorie Freeman Campbell
135 Last Mathematician Hyman Edelstein
136 Scrub Oak Thomas Saunders
137 Canadian Cadences John Murray Gibbon


138 Beggar Makes Music Goodridge MacDonald
139 Tanager Feather Kathryn Munro
140 Treasures of the Snow Arthur Bourinot

[at this point, “the cover design was still more simplified”]

141 Three Meridians Geoffrey Drayton
142 The Flute and Other Poems “Katharine Hale” [Amelia Beers Warnock Garvin]
143 Call My People Home Dorothy Livesay


144 Silver Shadows Theresa E. Thomson
145 East Coast Elizabeth Brewster
146 City Hall Street Raymond Souster
+ Horizontal World Thomas Saunders


147 The Searching Image Louis Dudek
148 It Was a Plane Thomas Farley
149 Mint and Willow Ruth Cleaves Hazelton
150 Viewpoint Myra Lazechko-Haas
151 Portrait and Other Poems R. E. Rashley [Richard Ernest]


[from this point, “The Chap-books were bound in hard covers, using the older cover design”]

152 On Friendship William Sherwood Fox
153 Lilloett: A Canadian Village Elizabeth Brewster
154 Poems Anthony J. Frisch


155 Tom Thomson and Other Poems A. S. Bourinot [Arthur Stanley]


156 Queens and Others Ida Sutherland Groom
157 Pressed on Sand Alfred W. Purdy
158 Compass Reading and Others Goodridge MacDonald
159 Silver Light Theresa E. and Don W. Thomson
160 The White Monument A. Robert Rogers

[from this point, “hard covers were continued but design simplifed”]

161 Mobiles Thecla Bradshaw
162 Remember Together Myrtle Reynold Adams
163 Centaurs of the Wind Marion Kathleen Henry
164 The Haloed Tree Fred Cogswell
165 Orphan and Other Poems Freda Newton Bunner
166 Symphony Ruby Nichols
167 Birch Light Lenore Pratt
168 The Testament of Cresseid Fred Cogswell
169 The Arrow-Maker’s Daughter Hermia Harris Fraser
170 Recent Poems Goodridge MacDonald
171 Myth and Monument Theresa E. and Don W. Thomson
172 Through the Glass, Darkly Joan Finnigan
173 Of Diverse Things Mary Elizabeth Bayer (1957)
174 Roads and Other Poems Elizabeth Brewster
175 Dazzle Dorothy Roberts
176 Samson in Hades Ella Julia Reynolds


177 Morning on My Street Myrtle Reynolds Adams (1958)
178 Aphrodite John Heath
179 Something of a Young World’s Dying Thomas Saunders
180 And See Penelope Plain Fred Swayze
181 Faces of Love Mary Elizabeth Bayer
182 Poems M. J. Collie [Michael]
183 In Her Mind Carrying “Verna Loveday Harden” [Verna Bessie Bentley] (1959)
184 The Heart is Fire Douglas Lochhead


185 River and Realm Theresa E. & Don W. Thomson
186 The Crafte So Longe to Lerne Alfred Purdy
187 Moon Lake and Other Poems R.E. Rashley
188 Poems Florence Wyle
189 The Varsity Chapbook John Robert Colombo (editor)
190 The McGill Chapbook John Robert Colombo (editor)


191 It Is All Around Douglas Lochhead
192 Skirmish with Fact Michael Collie
193 For the Infinite William Conklin
194 Spellbound Horses Paul West
195 Autumn Affluence Mary Nasmyth Matheson
196 In the Egyptian Gallery Fred Swayze
197 To Any Spring Myrtle Reynolds Adams
198 The Silver Swan: An Epithalamion Mary Elizabeth Bayer
199 The Brain’s the Target Milton Acorn


200 Twelve Letters to a Small Town James Reaney