Johnson, E. Pauline. “In the Shadows.” Fare Card for the 12th Annual Supper of the Buffalo Canoe Club. The Rudder Magazine for Yachtsmen ([c1894]) 142.

Pauline Johnson is of course well known as a writer and performer of story and poem, with a number of collections published during her lifetime. In addition to these collections, not surprisingly, were a plethora of poems and stories published in initially various magazines and newspapers, collected only (if at all) recently. This is one such poem, printed in The Rudder Magazine for Yachtsmen, which ran from 1891 to 1977 and to which Johnson contributed fairly regularly. It was written as a “fare card” for a dinner at the Buffalo Canoe Club, whose members spanned the border as well as the Niagara River. “In the Shadows” is included in the scholarly collection of Johnson’s poetry, E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake: Collected Poems and Selected Prose, ed. Veronica Strong-Boag and Carole Gerson (Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2002).

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