Women of Canada (1930)

Women of Canada. Montreal, QC: Women of Canada, 1930.

If anyone is working on early Canadian women artists, or musicians, you must read through this text; I am sure you will glean some fascinating new names and biographical information. The collection does not appear to be based on level or quality of production, but rather on who felt like getting a page together in honour of a woman they thought should be included. Some of the pages’ sponsors are explicitly named, but most aren’t.

A few of the women are “famous” for being the wives of famous or affluent men, but for the most part these women have contributed significantly to the building of Canadian society: some authors, artists, and musicians, but also a number of women who sat on boards or were active campaigners for social justice and change.

I have marked those authors who we are to include with an asterisk*, and identified the four that we already have included in our database at Simon Fraser University. But the wealth of information was something I could not put back on the shelf unrevealed, so I have marked the names of all of the women, as they appear in the book.


Willingdon, Viscountess (née Lady Marie Adelaide Brassey)

Aikens, Lady (née Mary French Colby)

Aikens, Mrs. W.H.B (née Augusta Wood Hawkesworth)

Allan, Lady (née Margaret Ethel MacKenzie)

Allan, Mrs. Andrew (née Charlotte Elizabeth Torre)

Anderson, Mrs. H.B. (née Florence Northway)

Ashdown, Mrs. James Henry (née Crowson)

Atkinson, Mrs. J.E. (née Elmina Elliott; “Madge Merton”)*

Austin, Mrs. A.W. (née Mary Richmond Kerr)

Aylmer, The Honourable Mrs. Henry (née Louisa Blanche Fanny Howe)

Bagg, Mrs. R. Stanley (née Clara Smithers, but see for Christine Bagg—daughter?)

Baillie, Lady (née Edith Julia White)

Bates, Miss Mona*

Beal, Mrs. Norman R. (née Mary Elizabeth Gould)

Beaudoin, Madame Charles (née Mary Lanahan)

Beck, Lady (née Ottaway)

Bell, Mrs. Leslie Gordon* (née Florence E. Seymour)

Bennett, Miss Mildred

Bell, Mrs. R.D. (née Marguerite Phyliss Wainwright)

Birge, Mrs. C.A. (née Mabel Irene Sturt)

Black, Mrs. J.H. (née Elizabeth Morrow)

Black, Mrs. William* (née Margaret Edgar Wright)

Boomer, Mrs. Harriet A.* (née Mills)

Boothe, Mrs. Charles (née Margaret Florence Boyle)

Boswell, Mrs. Vesey (first marriage to Mr. Hugh Browne; née Elizabeth Margaret Bowen)

Bowen, Mrs. A.C.H. (née Minnie Henrietta Bethune Hallowell)

Bracken, Mrs. John (née Alice Wylie Bruce)

Bowman, Mrs. A.A. (née Lily Louise Dyer Morey)—included

Brown, Mrs. T. Albert (née Jane M. Bickell)

Brown, Lady McLaren (née Eleanor Grahame Crerar)

Bruce, Mrs. John (née Helen Roswell Tiers)

Bullock, Mrs. T.H. (née Jeannette Chestnut Wood)

Bundy, Mrs. John Wesley (née Henrietta Thompson)

Burden, Mrs. C.E. (née Margaret Beattie Eaton)

Burland, Mrs. Jeffrey H. (née Isabel May Megarry)

Campbell, Mrs. Austin (née Alicia Carveth)*

Campbell, Mrs. W.R. (née Gladyes Emily Leishman)

Carroll, Mrs. Henry George (née Amazelie Boulanger)

Cape, Mrs. E.G.M. (née Lilian Elizabeth Guest Smith)

Chambers, Mrs. W.D. (née Evelyn Brown)

Chaplin, Mrs. R.S. (née Henrietta Maud Dunsmuir)

Charlton, Miss Elsie*

Christie, Mrs. R.J. (née Emma Louise Lee)

Clemes, Mrs. W.H. (née Mary Bertha Williams)

Codere, Madam Louis Edward* (née Josephine Doherty)

Codère, Madam Louis-F. (née Annette Desnoyers)

Coghlin, Mrs. Bernard W.P. (née Louise Jean Dawes)

Colby, Mrs. C.C. (née Child)

Colquohon, Mrs. Evelyn E.* (née Gourlay)

Colville, Mrs. A.B. (née Kemp)

Conant, Mrs. G.D. (née Verna Rowena Smith)

Cowan, Mrs. F.W. (née Lily McMillan)

Crawford-Brown, Mrs. T. (née Eallien Necora Melvin-Jones)

Crombie, Mrs. E. (née Elizabeth Jane Pendleton)

Crowe, Mrs. G.R. (née Mary Elizabeth Alexander)

Cummings, Mrs. Willoughby (née Emily Shortt)*

Davies, Mrs. Dalton (née Chaplin)

Dawes, Mrs. Norman J. (née Claggett)

Dignam, Mrs. J.S. (née Mary Ella Williams)

Dixon, Mrs. Wellington (née Isabel Greenshields)

Doolittle, Mrs. P.E. (née Emily Ester Pearson)

Drummond, Lady

Drummond, Mrs. H.C.* (née Helen Frances Mitcheson Bagg)

Dunnington-Grubb, Mrs. H.B.* (née Lorrie Alfreda Dunnington)

Dunlap, Mrs. D.A. (née Jessie Donalda Bell)

Dupuis, Madam J. Bachand (née Bachand)

Eaton, Lady* (née Florence McCrae)

Eaton, Mrs. R.Y. (née Hazel Margaret Ireland)

Eaton, Mrs. Timothy (née Margaret Wilson Beattie)

Eaton, Mrs. W.F. (née Gertrude Nora Cook)

Edwards, Mrs. A.T. (née Fanny Laura Derby)

Edwards, Mrs. George (née Alice Catharine Edwards)

Elliott, Mrs. Dawson Kerr (née Mary Alice McCreary)

Etherington, Mrs. Frederick (née Richardson)

Fairbairn, Mrs. Rhys D. (Ida Dregge Aikins)

Ferguson, Mrs. George Howard (née Ellen Cumming)

Ferguson-Burke, Mrs. A.J. (née Annie J. Ferguson; Mrs. William Robert Burke)

Finniss, Mrs. C.M. de R. (née Turner)

Flavelle, Lady (née Clara Ellsworth)

Fleming, Mrs. Sandford (née Gertrude Dickinson Mackintosh)

Forbes, Mrs. Kenneth K. (née Jean Mary de Coetlogan Edgell)

Forget, Lady (née Blanche McDonald)

Forster, Mrs. J.W.L. (née Emma Frances Aikens)

Foster, Mrs. Ellen Green (née Ellen Green)

Frame, Miss Margaret*

Fraser, Mrs. J.B. (née Beatrice Bertha Curran)

Freiman, Mrs. Archibald J. (née Lillian Bilsky)*

Fuller, Mrs. James Gibbs (née Alice Nunns; Mrs. John Edward Keough (d. 1895)

Furber, Mrs. Montague (née Beatrice Alma Ashley Vernon)

Gage, Lady (née Ina Grafton Burnside)

Gartshore, Mrs. W.M. (née Catherine McClary)

Gerin-Lajoie, Madam Marie* (née Marie Lacoste)

Gibson, Lady (née Elizabeth Malloch)

Godfrey, Mrs. Forbes (née Mary Melissa Carson)

Goffatt, Mrs. W.C. (née Fannie Alice Gill)

Gooderham, Mrs. A.E. (née Mary Reford Duncanson)

Gordon, Lady (née Edith Ann Brooks)

Gouin, Lady (née Alice Amos)

Greening, Mrs. O.S. (née Jane Herald)

Griffith, Mrs. J.H. (née Katharine Ada Bagg)

Guerin, Miss Bellelle*

Gullen, Dr. Augusta Stowe*

Gundy, Mrs. J.H. (née Serena Lake Clarke)

Hamber, Mrs. E.W. (née Aldyen Irene Hendry)

Harte, Mrs. Edwin (née Gwendolyn Anne McGregor)

Harris, Mrs. Sam (née Currie)

Hawkins, Mrs. W.C. (née Mary Elizabeth Chambers)

Hearst, Lady (née Isabella Jane Dunkin)

Hendrie, Mrs. (née Mary Murray)

Henry, Mrs. George S. (née Anna Ketha Pickett)

Hodgins, Mrs. W.E. (née Eleanor Jaffray Ritchie)

Hodgson, Mrs. William Cassils (née Madelene Joleaud de St. Maurice)

Howard, Mrs. Benjamin Cate (née Salls)

Howard, Mrs. Charles Benjamin (née May Campbell)

Huestis, Mrs. A.M.

Hughes, Mrs. James L. (née Adalaide Augusta Marean)

Hume, Mrs. George L. (née Elizabeth Sarah Smith)

Jones, Mrs. Sarah A. (née Oakes)

Joseph, Mrs. Henry (née Ethel Walkem)

Justin, Mrs. B.F. (first marriage to Gerrard Noble; née Mary Louise Brick)

Kemp, Lady (first marriage to Norman Copping; née Virginia Norton)

Kennedy, Mrs. Robert A. (née Victoria Jane Dent)

Kiely, Mrs. P.G. (née Elizabeth Bethune McDougall)

Langmuir, Mrs. John William (née Esther Lee Comstock)

Lawler, Miss Elizabeth Gertrude*

Learmont, Mrs. Joseph B. (née Charlotte Smithers)

Leonard, Mrs. Ibbotson (née Sarah Brinton)

Lovering, Mrs. W.J. (née Henrietta Allicen Bury)

Macaulay, Mrs. T.B. (née Palin)

MacDonald, Miss Eldred

MacDonald, Mrs. Donald Walter (née Edith Myra Kerr)*

MacKinnon, Mrs. George Douglas (née Mary Louise Bowman)

Macklem, Mrs. F.P. (née Heloise Keating)

MacLaren, Mrs. J.P. (née Edith Constance Elwood)

MacLean, Mrs. J.B. (née Anna Perkins Denison Slade)

MacTier, Mrs. A.D. (née Ethel Louise Waddell)

Mann, Lady (née Jane Emily Williams)

McBride, Mrs. Samuel (née Frances Jane Whitcombe)

McDougald, Mrs. A.W. (née Annie Bethune)*

McKenzie, Mrs. M.E. (née Florence Barbara Edwards)

McKinney, Mrs. J. (née Louise Crummy)

McLaughlin, Mrs. R.S. (née Adelaide Louise Mowbray)

McMarton, Mrs. John (née Mary Catherine McDougald)

Mercer, Mrs. Frederick (née Margaret Isabellah Ferguson)

Meredith, Lady (née Isobel Brenda Allan)

Meredith, Mrs. Charles (née Elspeth H. Angus; sister-in-law of the above)

Merritt, Miss Emily Lena

Millichamp, Mrs. R.W. (née Paterson)

Mills, Mrs. C.N. (née Helen Beatrice Thomas)

Miner, Mrs. W.H. (née Mabel Elizabeth Chambers)

Mitchell, Mrs. Nelson (née Marion Sophia Roberts)

Molson, Mrs. J. Dinham (née Mary Cronyn Wilson)

Mulock, Mrs. William P. (née Kathleen Eleanor Johnston)

Nanton, Lady (née Ethel Constance Clark)

Neill, Mrs. C.E. (née Mary Louise Crerar)

Niven, Mrs. J.S. (née Mary MacBeth)

Northover, Mrs. C.A. (née Gertrude Constance Fraser)

Norquay, Mrs. John (née Elizabeth Setter)

O’Flynn, Mrs. H.H. (née Edith Mulock)*

Ogilvie, Mrs. D.W. (first marriage to C. St. L. Mackintosh; née Eileen Mary White)

O’Neill, Mrs. G.H. (née Bertha Fadehla Drake)

Pantazzi, Madam Ethel* (née Ethel Greening)

Patterson, Dr. Margaret (née Norris)*

Perley, Lady (née White)

Perron, Mrs. Joseph Leonide (née Berthe Brunet)

Pettes, Mrs. Nathaniel (née Narcissa Farrand)

Phin, Mrs. W.E. (née Bertha Scarfe)

Pillow, Mrs. Howard Winthrop (née Lucile E. Fairbank)

Pitblado, Mrs. John (née Mary Lydia Inglis)

Price, Mrs. C.B. (née Marjorie Meredith Holden Trenholme)

Price, Mrs. William H. (née Alice Gentles)

Richardson, Mrs. James (née Muriel Sprague)

Robb, Mrs. James A. (first marriage to Albert Kenneth Wattie; née Mary Elizabeth Fletcher)

Robb, Mrs. W.D. (née Catharine Haggart Black)

Robins, Mrs. F.B. (first marriage to Charles Reed; née Jessie McDonald Skitt)

Roddick, Lady (née Amy Redpath)—included

Roell, Madam Adrian (Lady) (née Kathleen Myra Kerr MacDonald

Rogers, Mrs. Robert Arthur (née Edith McTavish)

Rogers, Mrs. Robert (née Aurelia Regina Widmeyer)

Ross, Mrs. William Donald (née MacKay)

Ross, Mrs. Philip Dansken (née Mary Beasley Littlejohn)

Routledge, Mrs. George Albert (first marriage to James Bunyan Morgan; née Emily May Vanderburgh)

Ryde, Mrs. W.O. (née Edith Sarah Dawes)

Samuel, Mrs. Norman (née Constance Montgomery Wilson)

Sanford, Mrs. W.E. (née Vaux)*

Sangster, Mrs. Andrew (née Maud Giff)

Scott, Mrs. John (née MacMaster)

Sewell, Mrs. Colin C. (née Webster)

Shortt, Mrs. Adam (née Elizabeth McGee Smith)*

Shuter, Mrs. J.G.R. (née Marjorie Anna Heney)

Smith, Mrs. E. Atherton (née Nan MacPherson Robinson)*

Smith, Mrs. E.D. (née Christina Ann Armstrong)

Smith, Mrs. Julian Cleveland (née Bertha Louise Alexander

Smythe, Mrs. R.G. (née Agnes Mary Lind)

Spence, Mrs. James (née Margaret Hackland)

Starr, Mrs. F.N.G. (née Anne Callander Mackay)

Stewart, Mrs. John A. (née Jessie Mable Henderson)

Stewart, Mrs. J.W. (née Elizabeth Jane Moran)

Stewart, Mrs. McLeod (née Linnie Emma Powell)

Taschereau, Madam L.A. (née Adine Dionne)

Sweezy, Mrs. R.O. (née Harriet Whitcombe Watson)

Tate, Miss Gertrude

Tory, Mrs. J.C. (née Caroline Emma Whitman)

Tooke, Mrs. Benjamin (née Kirk)

Tulleken, Lady Van Hoogenhouck (née Frances Lillian Dignam)

Turnbull, Mrs. John (née Castle)

Waagen, Mrs. Carsten B. (née Mary Elizabeth Hickson)*

Warren, Mrs. Harry Dorman

Watson, Mrs. Robert (née Isabel Brown)

Webster, Mrs. Lorne C. (née Taylor)

Webster, Mrs. William Robert (née Mary Ellen Jane Shorey)

Weller, Mrs. William (née Evelyn Louise Gowan)—included

Whelen, Mrs. Peter (née Lydia M. Hume)

White, Miss Eva Matheson

Wilkinson, Mrs. William Lackie (née Caroline Eleanor Carter)—included

Williams, Helen Ernestine*

Williams-Taylor, Lady (née Jane Henshaw)*

Wilson, Mrs. E.W. (née Sara Etta Lamb Bricker)

Wilson, Mrs. John Armistead (née Henrietta Lætetia Tuzo)

Wilson, Madam Joseph Marcelin (née Alexina Geoffrion)

Wright, Mrs. Gordon (née Sara Alice Rowell)

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