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13 thoughts on “How to use our site”

  1. This looks like a really interesitng site and I plan to look through it thoroughly!

  2. So glad we [Canadian present day women writers] have this available. Thank you!

  3. For the entry on Nuck, Henriette, née Berdot, I wonder if this person may actually be Henriette Buck.

    For further possible information, please see this link:


    • Thanks — It is most likely (Nuck being an odd surname…)! I will look into our source.

    • Thank you, Robert, for this extensive and thorough biography! One question remains: Women of the Century notes that she wrote plays for her classes to perform, but does not note if any of these were actually published. Plays are a complicated issue with publication, as some consider performance to constitute “publication” (they are after all, presented to the “public”). For our purposes, we are including those playwrights who actually had their plays printed as publications. Do you kwo if Henriette Buck was one of these?

  4. Hello Karyn,

    I don’t know of any Henriette Buck printed publications, and I couldn’t find anything in any online library catalogues or in any copyright listings. Of course, there may be some “lost” or “missing” publications, but I don’t have any further information to suggest where they might be.


  5. Thanks, Robert… we’ll put our librarian RA onto it! She’s great at ferretting out obscure texts.

  6. Glenn Belyea said:

    in regard to Elisabeth Belyea I was wondering if you have the Poems referred to in your notation. Belyea, Elizabeth. “Dawn at Tranquille.” 6.4 (Summer 1940): 12. Poem. “We Who Sleep.” 5.4 (Christmas 1938): 4. Poem.
    Elisabeth was my grandmother and wrote while confined to Tranquille Sanatorium in Kamloops BC. We have very little information about her,and would appreciate any material you might have. thanks

    • These poems are all in the Crucible magazine. We do have pdfs of the most of the magazine’s issues, so I’ll send you the jpgs for these poems over email. Thanks for contacting us! I’d love to know more about your grandmother.

  7. Andrea Wilson said:

    Mrs. Walter Buchanan’s book, Country Breezes from Breezy Brae has an incorrect publication date. There is not a date in the book. However there is a dedication to those who gave the supreme sacrifice. So this is likely printed after 1919, and she was instrumental in creating the Ravenna Cenotaph, so likely the book is printed around that time in 1921. See our link to Literary Women about our historic writers in the Town of the Blue Mountains,


  8. I am very excited to find your project. As it happens, i am a visual artist in the U.S.A., creating an installation of portraits of US women authors. Each portrait is 24×36 and the last marks on the portrait are text, @ 800 words of the author’s writing. I read closely and choose texts that i feel will have wide appeal. Until today, my project was entitled North American Women Authors because i wanted to include Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood. Today i have decided to limit it to Women Writers of the United States. Other than those two and never-minding Mexican authors who would also need to be included under the rubric of North American, I know nothing of w authors outside the U.S.

    Eventually i hope to complete 60 portraits for a museum installation, which will include printed copies of all the texts. My fondest hope would be for people to start reading or rereading women writers, who have much to say that is qualitatively DIFFERENT from what their male peers have to say.

    I think this is a really important field that we both find ourselves developing. If i may be of assistance to you, please contact me. I have, forr instance, a 2022 calendar that features 11 u.s. authors and the texts i chose. As to myself, i would love to see a list of Canadian Women that might give me a starting place for educating myself.

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