Pseudonyms: Known and unknown

Updated 27 February 2013

I have compiled this list in a relatively haphazard manner as I have been going through various references, but am hoping that it will be helpful to Canadian literary scholars. An asterisk after the name means that the source did not identify the nationality of the author, so he or she may not be Canadian.   The list is understandably weighted towards female authors, especially as I have only added the women from Vincent’s Dictionary of Pseudonyms, but I intend to add individual male authors’ pseudonyms as I find them from now on.

Please let me know if you have any corrections or additions to make to this list.

The following sources have been used for this compilation:

CEWW, Canada’s Early Women Writers project primary research

CIHM: Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions

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A. B. Bell, Almira F Vincent
A. B. Conway Burns, Eedson Louis Millard M Watters
A. C. F. Frazer, Augusta Charlotte F CEWW; Vincent
A. E. B. Brooke, Annie Elston F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
A. E. L. Lundy, A. E. F Vincent
A. E. W. Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn F Vincent
A. G. D. Doughty, Arthur George M Watters
A. Ian MacLeod Randall, Mrs. Henry W. * F Diams
A. L. O. C. Watters
A. L. O. H.
A. L. O. M. Frank, Mrs. M. J. F Vincent
A. M.
A. M. M. Machar, Agnes Maule F Vincent
A. M. W. Winlow, Alice Maud (dudley) F Vincent
A. P. C. Watters
A. T. Cottingham Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Abby Skinner Todd, Adeline Boardman F CEWW
Aberconway Flitton
Acadian, An Cowdell, Thomas Daniel M Watters
Adul Weaver Deeks, Florence Amelia F CEWW
Agnes Adams Fisher McEwen, Jessie Evelyn F CEWW
Agnes Delamoure Durham, Nancy F Marty
Agnes Fisher McEwen, Jessie Evelyn F CEWW
Agnes Le Clercq Salm-Salm, Eliza Agnes (LeClercq) F CEWW
Aimsfield Watters
Aislin Mosher, Terry Sutherland
Alan Caillou Lyle-Smythe, Alan M Watters
Alan Gregg Mallette, Gertrude Ethel F CEWW
Alba Gagnieur, Elizabeth F Watters; Vincent
Albyn Shiels, Andrew M Watters; CIHM
Aldwickle, Jo Pursey, Lois Josephine Rosa F CEWW
Aletheia Stobo, Edward John M Watters
Alexandra MacLean, Isabel A. R. F CEWW
Algonquin Lett, William Pittman M Watters
Alice Spinner Fraser, Augusta Zelia (Webb)* F Diams
Alix John Jones, Alice F CEWW; Vincent
Allan A’Dale Flitton
Allid Lanigan, George T. M James
Almon Hensley Hensley, Sophia Margaret (Almon) F CEWW; Vincent
Amaryllis Scott, Agnes Mary F CEWW; Sutherland
American, An Hart, Julia Catherine Beckworth F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
Amy Carr Winning-Carr, Amy Simpson F CEWW
Anahareo Gertrude Motlke Bernard F CEWW
Anauta Ford, Sarah Elizabeth F CEWW
Angeline Bleuets Hango, Mrs. Angeline Rose F Watters
Anglo-Canadian Curzon, Sarah Anne F CEWW
Anglo-Canadian, An Townley, Rev. Adam M Watters
Angus Evan Abbott Barr, James M Watters
Anin Tirem Merritt, Catherine Nina F Vincent
Anison North Wilson, May F CEWW; Egoff; Vincent
Ann Adam Bayley, Katherine Caldwell F CEWW
Ann Cardwell Powley, Jean (Makins) F CEWW
Anna Catherina Rebbeck, Elizabeth F Vincent
Anna Istomina Thomas, Audree F Claire Wallace fonds
Anna Lee Scott Bayley, Katherine Caldwell F CEWW
Annabel Lee Dempsey, Lotta F CEWW
Anne Barton Barton, Florence F CEWW
Anne Beverley Breary, Nancy F CEWW
Anne Capelle Herapath, Theodora F Watters
Anne Duffield Duffield, Dorothy Dean Tate F CEWW; Watters
Anne Francis Bird, Florence F CEWW
Anne Reece Steven, Margaret Louise F Marty
Annie Lloyd Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Annie Maud Snarr Hathaway, Maud Snarr F CEWW
Annis Duff Duff, Dorothy James F CEWW
Anstance Rede Cochrane, Elizabeth F Vincent
Antoinette Ross, A. M. F Lang & Hale
Arabella M. Stuart
Argus Flitton
Arion Watters
Arne Flitton
Arthur Weston Webing, Peggy F CEWW; Mark
Asllid Lanigan, George Thomas M Watters
Asnna Castharina Rebbeck, Elizabeth F Watters
Astra Simpson, Grace Sybrandt F Vincent
Athena Watters
Aunt Abby Todd, Adeline Boardman F CEWW
Aunt Eva Bilsky, Eva F CEWW
Aunt Jean Graham, Janet Pollock F CEWW
Aunt Marian Hill, Agnes Isabel Aston F CEWW
Aunt Polly Wogg Yeigh, Kate Westlake F CEWW; Vincent
Aurora Curzon, Sarah Anne F CEWW
Aurora Morgan, Mary F CEWW; Flitton; Vincent
Avonia McIlhargey, Mary F Marty
B. B. Bishop, Blanche F Vincent
B. H. D. Dixon, Benjamin H. M Watters; James
B. H. W. Carr-Harris, Bertha Hannah (Wright) F Vincent
Backwoodsman Dunlop, William M Watters; Vincent
Backwoodsman McGee, Thomas D’Arcy M Watters; Vincent
Bard of Amaranth McLachlan, Alexander M Watters; James; Vincent
Bard of Byemoor Myers, Lillian A. F CEWW
Bard of Hernewood Hunter-Duvar, John M Watters; James
Bard of Loch Fyne McColl, Evan M Watters; James
Bard of Niagara Waid, J. B. Watters
Barney O’Hea Lawson, Jesse Kerr F CEWW; Vincent
Barry Cornwall Procter, Bryan Waller M Flitton
Barry Dane Logan, John Edward M Harrison; Watters; James
Bassett Morgan Morgan, Grace Jones F CEWW
Becky Sharpe Grout, Ella Morrison F CEWW
Bel Thistlethwaite Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn F CEWW; Vincent
Beldra Benton, Margaret Peake F Marty
Belgrave Titmarsh Moyse, Charles Ebenezer M Wagner
Belmont Hatheway, Warren Franklin M Watters
Bereaved Husband, A Cramp, Rev. John Mockett M Watters
Bernard Boggs, Helen F CEWW; Watters
Bertha F CEWW
Bertha Clay Owen, Martha F CEWW
Beryl Berney Lytle, Mrs. W. J. A. F Watters
Bessie Beranger Desbrisay, Margaret Elizabeth F CEWW; Vincent
Beth Battle, Clare F Lang & Hale
Betty Jo Jay, Gladys F Marty
Beulah Reesor, Annie F Marty
Bildad Flitton
Billy Button MacDonald, Eileen Harrison Button F Watters
Blind Bard of Megantic McKillop, Archibald M Watters; James
Blue Nose
Bluenose Fenety, George Edward M Watters
Bluenose Smith, Norma Ethel F CEWW; Watters
Bridget Holland, Norah F CEWW
Britannicus Kirby, William M Watters
British Canadian Morgan, Henry James M Watters
British Settler, A Fleming, John M Watters
Brook Abbott Davis, Blodwen F CEWW; Watters
Bucksin Watters
Bungalow Ten Weekes, Mary Loretto F CEWW
Bystander, A Goldwin Smith M Sutherland
C. A. Frazer Frazer, Augusta Charlotte F CEWW
C. H. Hayward, Caroline F CEWW; Vincent
C. L. E.
C. P. T. Traill, Catherine Parr F Vincent
C. S. B. Bompas, Charlotte Selina F Vincent
C. S. B. Bompas, Charlotte Selina F Watters
C. T. C.
Caed Mille Failtha Rogerson, Isabella Whiteford F CEWW
Caleb Black Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Calumus F CEWW
Calvin George Thomas, Martha Banning F CEWW
Canadian Layman, A Watters
Canadian, A Alexander, James Lynne M James
Canadienne Hunt, Anna Rebecca (Gale) F CEWW; Vincent
Candide Deacon, William Arthur M Sutherland
Canuck of the Fifth Generation Sherk, Michael Gonder Watters
Captain Harcourt Teetgen, Ada B. F CEWW
Caris Sima Mountcastle, Clara H. F CEWW; James; Vincent
Carleton Baird, Mrs. C. A. F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
Carleton-Milecete Jones, Susan Morrow F Watters; Vincent
Carol Cassidy Cole Manchee, Carol M. Cassidy F CEWW; Egoff
Caroli Candidus M Watters
Caroline Seaford Cook, Marjorie Grant F CEWW
Carolyn Damon Dempsey, Lotta F CEWW
Carroll Aikins Aikins, Charles Carroll Colby M Watters
Carus-Wilson Ashley, Mary L. G. (Petrie) F Vincent
Cassie Fairbanks, Constance F Vincent
Catherine Armsmith Clark, Catherine Anthony Smith F Egoff
Catherine G. Brown Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Catholic Christian, A Mountain, Rev. George Jehoshaphat M Watters
Cee-Bee Bernhardt, Clara F CEWW; Marty
Celebrated Astronomer, A Watters
Centurion Flitton
Cestus Flitton
Chanticleer Joy, G. F. Watters
Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, Charlotte Elizabeth F CEWW
Charlotte Emily Rossbottom Leavens, Emily F Harper; CEWW
Charlotte Mary Brame Owen, Martha F CEWW
Charmian Matthewson, Mildred E. F Marty
Charming Kitty Ruttan, Kate McIntyre F CEWW
Christie Carew Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Christine Field Laurence, Frances Elsie (Fry) F CEWW; Diams
Chrononhotonthologos Scobie, Hugh M Wagner
Cinna Sullivan, Robert Baldwin M James
Claire Cross Cooke, Deborah A. F CEWW
Claire Delacroix Cooke, Deborah A. F CEWW
Claire Maclean Billet, Mabel Broughton F CEWW
Clansman McMaster, Bryce M Watters
Clare Everest Gallagher, Clara Annie F Vincent
Clare Lane Hay, Lillian Robertson F CEWW notes
Classical Kid, The Monkman, Florence Robina F CEWW
Claud Halero/Halcro Breakenridge, John M James
Claude Berwick Hunt, Anna Rebecca Gale F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
Claude R. Vane Rorke, Louise Richardson F CEWW
Cleophas Gaynor, Rev. William Cleophas M Watters
Clip Carew Atkinson, Elmira Elliott F CEWW
Cluny Flitton
Colonel Flitton
Colonist, A Haliburton, Thomas Chandler M Watters
Commercial Traveller, A Watters
Constance Callaway Marston Annie Hapgood Constantine Richardson F CEWW
Constance Erroll Kerr, Mrs.Elizabeth F Lang & Hale
Constance McDonnell Hammond, Mrs. J. B. F CEWW
Cornelia Doyle, Lucy F CEWW
Cosmopolite LeMoine, James MacPherson M Watters
Countrywoman McCallum, Mary F CEWW
Cousin May Carleton Fleming, May Agnes F CEWW; Vincent; Watters
Cousin Peggy O’Regan, May F CEWW
Cousin Sandy Fraser, John M James
Cynic Flitton
Cynico Flitton
Cynthia Brown Christie, Rose Marie Claire F CEWW
D. B. Bailey, Diana (Mrs. H. ) F CEWW; Vincent
D. D. Dibney, Dora F CEWW
D. F. Fowler, D. F CEWW
D. M. B. Bennison, Debrah Matilda F Vincent
D. W. K. Knight, Dorothy W. F Vincent
Dalachar Flitton
Dan Sanders Brown, Audrey Alexandra F CEWW
Dawendine Winslow, Beatrice Loft F CEWW
Deadlight Houghton, Frank Llewellyn M
Dean Frith M Matthews
Delta Moir, David MacBeth M Flitton
Denis Scott Crawford, Isabella Valancy F CEWW; Vincent
Dickson Reynolds Reynolds, Helen Dickson F CEWW
Dixie Patton Beynon, Francis Marion F CEWW
Doc Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn F Vincent
Dodishot Flitton
Dolly Dimples Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Dolly Varden Murray, Rachel F Marty
Domino Bridle, Augustus M Watters; Sutherland
Don Sheppard, Edmund Ernest M Sutherland
Don Juan Buschlen, John Preston M Watters
Dorothea West Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Dorothy Leighton Jonson, Dorothy (Forsyth)* F Diams
Dorrie Gordon Locke, Dorothy F Marty
Douglas Carey Dennis, John Douglas Carey M Kotin
Dr. Nostrebor Watters
Duchess Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn F Vincent
Duchess, The Bentley, Verna Bessie F CEWW
Duncan Clark, MD Craig, Mary Coad F Kotin
Dyjan Fergus Ferguson, Ida May F Vincent
E. Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F Vincent
E. A. C. Crawford, Miss E. A. F Vincent
E. A. G.
E. A. S.
E. Barrington Beck, Elizabeth Louisa Moresby F CEWW; Watters
E. C. A. Adams, Eleanor Corquille F Vincent
E. C. P. Peachall, E. C. Harrison (handwritten note)
E. Dee Dorland, Ella Wilson F Watters
E. E. B. Beavan, Emily Elizabeth F Lyn Nunn, great-great-gradndaughter of the author
E. E. B. Emily Elizabeth Beavan F CEWW
E. G. C.
E. J. C. Chapman, Edward J. M Watters
E. J. D. Grant, Emma J. (Donoghue) F CEWW; Vincent
E. K.
E. K. E.
E. K. J.
E. L. C. Foster, Elizabeth Cushing F CEWW
E. L. M. Mitchell, Eliza Lane Ross F CEWW
E. L. S. E. Estey, Emma Louisa Spurden F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
E. Livingston Prescott Hargrave, Edith Katharine Spicer-Jay* F Diams
E. M. Delafield Dashwood, Edmee Elizabeth Monica (De La Pasture) F Diams
E. M. Hardinge Going, Maud F CEWW
E. M. M. MacLauchlan, Elizabeth Mary F Vincent
E. Marguerite Cary Miller, Bessie MacMillan F CEWW
E. N. L. Lockerby, Elizabeth Newell F CEWW; Vincent
E. N. Leigh Fry Lefroy, Ella Napier F Diams
E. OE. Somerville Martin, Violet Florence* & Edith Anna Oenone Somerville* F Diams
E. Robert Desmarchets, Benjamin M Egoff
E. S. Spragge, Ellen Elizabeth F CEWW
E. T. F. Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft F Vincent
E. T. F.
E. U. F. Foran, Ethel Ursula F CEWW
E. W. F.
E. W. J Johnson, Ella (Eleanor) Walker F CEWW
Edith Douglas Black, Edith Ferguson F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
Elinor Marsden Eliot Henderson, Isabel Elizabeth F The Bookman (London) August 1916: 1
Elizabeth Freemantle Covey, Elizabeth Rockford F CEWW; Vincent
Elizabeth Jane Rutty, Jean Beattie F CEWW
Elizabeth Webb
Ellis Dale MacKenzie, George Allan M Flitton
Emigrant Lady, An
Emillia Yule, Pamela S. Vining F CEWW
Emily A. Sykes Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Emily B—n Beavan, Emily Elizabeth F CEWW
English Born
Enyella Alleyne Spencer, Hiram Ladd M Flitton
Enylla Allyne Spencer, Hiram Ladd M Flitton
Ephraim Acres Templin, Hugh Charles M Watters
Eric Bohn Price-Brown, John M Watters
Erie-us Burwell, Adam Hood M James
Ernest Duns Dougall, Lily F CEWW
Esperance Ardagh, Alice Maud F CEWW; Vincent
Evenly Flitton
Eye Witness Archibald, Edith Jessie F CEWW
F. A. B.
F. A. D. Dixon, Frederick Augustus M James
F. G. Pearson Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
F. H. B. Barnes, F. H. F CEWW
Faith Fenton Freeman, Alice Fenton (later Brown) F CEWW
Fan-Fan Blackburn, Victoria Grace F CEWW; Kotin
Fanny Squires Ruttan, Kate McIntyre F CEWW
Felix Lazarus
Felix Max
Fenn McGrew Fenn, Caroline K. F CEWW
Fenn McGrew McGrew, Julia F CEWW
Festina Lente Flitton
Fidelis Machar, Anges Maule F CEWW; James; Watters; Vincent
Fireside Dreamer Craw, Evelyn F Marty
Flaneuse unknown F Diams
Fleurange Lefevre, Lily Alice F CEWW; Flitton; James; Vincent
Florence Warden James, Florence Alice (Price)* F Diams
Flowerre Cloud, Anne Florence F CEWW
Frances Alexander Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Frances Burton Clare Atkinson, Elmira Elliott F CEWW
Frances Hammond Croal, Frances A. * F Diams
Frances Little Macaulay, Frances (Fannie) Caldwell F Egoff
Frances MacNab Fraser, Agnes* F Diams
Frances Newton Denison, Muriel Goggin F CEWW
Frances Sarah Moore Mack, Elsie Frances F Carole’s records
Frank Andwers Kmietowicz, Frank Andrews M Watters
Fred Bayard Campbell, Margaret Bayard & Johanna Frederika Jansen F Watters
Fred Bayard Campbell, Margaret Elizabeth F CEWW
Fred Bayard Jansen, Johanna Frederika & Margaret Bayard Campbell F Watters
Freelance, A Flitton
Freemont B. Deering Goldfrap, John Henry M Egoff
Friend of Youth, A
Friend, A
Frills McIntyre, Mrs. Alexander F CEWW
Frit Fairbairn, Helen F Vincent
G. B. Lancaster Lyttleton, Edith J. F CEWW
G. de Maontauban Greenough, William Parker M Watters
G. G. B. Y. F CEWW
G. M. Faulding Dale, Lucy* & Gertrude Minnie Faulding* F Diams
G. Neot Flitton
G’wan Henshaw, Julia Wilmotte F CEWW; Lang & Hale
Gamma Flitton
Garet Noel
Garth Grafton Duncan, Sara Jeannette F CEWW; James; Vincent
Garthé Gould, Mona McTavish F Marty
Gay Page Sherk, Florence Nightingale (Horner) F CEWW; Vincent
Gena MacFarlane Bennett, Annie F CEWW
Gentleman Jim Guy, R. E. M Garvin
Geoffrey Cuthbert Strange Campbell, Grace MacLennan Grant F CEWW; Vincent
George Egerton Bright, Mary Chavelita (Dunne) Melville Clairmont Golding* F Diams
George Graham Dobbin, Mrs C. A. (Nina) F CIHM; Vincent; CEWW
George Paston Symonds, Emily Morse* F Diams
Gersha F CEWW
Gertrude Waller Jerdon, Gertrude F Vincent
Gertrude Woodard Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Gilbert King Harrison, Susan Frances F CEWW; Vincent
Gilbert Knox MacBeth, Madge F CEWW; Kotin
Ginty Beynon Beynon, Francis Marion F CEWW
Girl of the Period, A Flitton
Gitano Flitton
Gladys Devlin Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Glen Lyford Moore, Beatrice Glen F Vincent
Glenelg Frost, J. W. Vincent
Glow-Worm Weekes, Mary Loretto F CEWW
Gordon Hart Hensley, Sophia Margaret (Almon) F CEWW; Vincent
Gostwick Roberts Robewrts, Dorothy Gostwick F CEWW
Gowan Lea Morgan, Mary F CEWW; James; Vincent
Grace Greenwood Lippincott, Sara Jane* F Wikipedia
Graham Travers Todd, Margaret Georgina* F Diams
Grandma Gowan
Grant Balfour Grant, James Balfour M Watters
Griff Flitton
Grodenk CIHM
Grum Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn F Vincent
Guinevere Perry, M. Eugenie F CEWW
Guy Carleton Jones, Susan Morrow F CEWW
Gwendolen Woodworth Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW; Vincent
Gwladys-ap-Gryffydd Griffiths, Mary Gwladys F Canadian Notes & Queries
H. Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F CEWW
H. B. A. Anderson, Helen Blakely F CEWW
H. F. Fairbairn, Helen F Vincent
H. F. G. Gadsby, H. F. M Arthur Bourinot
H. H. D. Dupuis, Heloise F Vincent
H. Ripley Cromarsh Angell, Bryan Mary (Doyle)* F Diams
H. V. C. Cheney, Harriet Vaughan F CEWW
Handasyde Buchanan, Emily Handasyde* F Diams
Hannah Rolinson Gale Gale, Annie F CEWW
Hans Goebel Keefer, Mrs. F Vincent
Hard Pan Bonner, Geraldine* Wikipedia
Harold S. Andrews Silverman, Harold S. M Watters
Harold Saxon Clint, Mabel Brown F CEWW; Vincent
Harriet Annie Wilkins, Harriet Annie F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
Harriett Roche Boomer, Harriet Ann F CEWW
Heather MacKay, Isabel Ecclestone F CEWW
Hedwig S. Albarus Austin, Benjamin Fish M Watters; James
Helen A. Saxon Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW; Vincent
Helen Dickson Reynolds, Helen Mary Greenwood (Campbell) F Watters; Egoff
Helen Dumont Gleason, Madelaine A. F CEWW
Helen Gray Cone Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Helen Huntington Barker, Helen Manchester (Gates) Granville* F Diams
Helen Milecete Duffus, Helen Morrow Paske F CEWW
Helen Saxon Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Henrie Waste Stettheimer, Ettie* F Diams
Henry Blair Blakely, David M Claire Wallace fonds
Herbert Strang Ely, George Herbert M Egoff
Hereward Cockin, Hereward Kirby M Flitton
Hollis Cattwin Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Hollis Hume Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Homemaker, The Purser, Mona Cleever F CEWW
Homesteader Major, Mrs. Henniker F Matthews
Hostess, The Barry, Lily Emily Frances F CEWW
Howard Payson Goldfrap, John Henry M Egoff
Howe Benning Henry, Mary H. * F Diams
Hubert Humber M Flitton
Hugh Airlie Lawson, Jessie Kerr F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
I. M. P. Paterson, Isabel Mary F CEWW
Iamagh Townley, Alice Ashworth F CEWW
Ida Tofflemeyer
Imogen Carroll Smith, Anna Beatrice F CEWW; Watters
Inspiration Lewis, Evangeline F Marty
Isabel Garrison Smith, Mrs. W. R. F Vincent
Isabel Meredith Rossetti, Olivia* & Helene Rossetti Angeli* F Diams
Isabel Snow di Cadhilac, Margaret Isabella (Collier) Galletti* F Diams
Isabella Rogerson, Isabella Whiteford F CEWW
Ishmael Crofton, Francis Blake M Flitton
Isidore Ascher, Isidore G. M James
Island Poetess, The MacLeod, Elizabeth Susan F CEWW
J. A. R. Ritchie, James Arminius M James
J. C. S.
J. Cawdor Bell Campbell, John M Watters
J. E. Watters
J. E. Buckrose Jameson, Annie Edith (Foster)* F Diams
J. G. Graham, Jean F CEWW
J. K. L. Lawson, Jesse Kerr F CEWW; Vincent
J. T. J. Leslie, Mary F CEWW
J. Try Davies Hensley, Sophia Margaret Almon F Watters; Vincent
J. Try-Davies and Mary Woolston Hensley, Sophia Margaret Almon F CEWW
J. W. C.
Jacob Salviris Sime, Jessie Georgina F CEWW
James Acton Davidson, S. Watters
James McRae MacDonald, John James M Kotin
James Otis Kaler, James Otis M Egoff
James Thomas Jones Leslie, Mary F CEWW; Vincent
Jane Cadmore Berry, Mrs. Nora F Watters
Jane Lane Lawson, Jessie Isabel F CEWW
Jane Reddy Weekes, Mary Loretto F CEWW
Jane Wintergreen Duncan, Sara Jeannette F CEWW; Watters
Janet Jamieson Gardner, Elsie Bell F CEWW
Janet Munro Thompson, Ida Isabella Margaret (Clarke) F CEWW;Vincent
Janey Canuck Murphy, Emily Gowan F CEWW; Watters; Sutherland
Janey Rolyat McDougall, E. Jean Taylor F CEWW
Jarvis MacLean, J. Flora F CEWW
Jay Kayelle Lawson, Jesse Kerr F CEWW; Vincent
Jean (or Gena?) Autumn Clarkin, Lucy Gertrude F CEWW
Jean D’Arc Wood, Joanna E. F CEWW
Jean Forsyth McIlwraith, Jean Newton F CEWW; Diams; Vincent
Jean Gay
Jean Gow Donald, Jean Middleton F CEWW
Jean Stevinson Thompson, Bertha Jane F CEWW
Jeanie Gray Jarvis, Mrs. Edgar F Vincent
Jeanne Ardis Burt Adeney, Jeanne F CEWW
Jemima Remington Bevans, Florence Edith F CEWW
Jessie Alexander Roberts, Jessie Alexander M Watters
Jo Joan Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Joan Sutherland Kelly, Joan Collings* F Diams
John Alexander Dempsey, Lotta F CEWW
John Arbory MacFarlane, John M Watters; James
John Arbuthnot Stringer, Arthur John Aruthnot M Watters
John Clou Clout, John Allbuary M Watters
John Crichton Guthrie, H. G. F CEWW
John Crighton Guthrie, Norman Gregor M Watters
John Smalacombe MacKay, Louis Alexander M Canadian Forum; Sutherland
John Strange Winter Stannard, Henrietta Eliza Vaughan (Palmer)* F Diams
John Travers Bell, Eva Mary (Hamilton)* F Diams
John Wernberry and Another Hensley, Sophia Margaret (Almon) F CEWW
Johnston Abbott Ashworth, Edward Montague M Watters
Josiah Allen’s Wife Holley, Marietta* F Diams
Joyce Killam Barkhouse, Joyce C. F CEWW
Judge, The Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn F Vincent
Judith Cape Page, P. K. F Watters
Judith Tempest
Judson France Davidson, ? James
Julian Durham Henshaw, Julia Wilmotte F CEWW; Watters; Lang & Hale; Vincent
Juliet Cameron, Mrs. H.T. (Ernestine) F Sutherland
June Dennis Watters
Junius Boone, Edward E. M Marty
K. L. Montgomery Montgomery, Kathleen & Letitia* F Diams
K. S. McL. McLean, Kate Seymour F Vincent
Kanada Kid Fraser, Harold M Marty
Kassandra Vivaria Sindici, Maria Magda Stuart* F Diams
Katharine Hale Garvin, Amelia Beers Warnock F CEWW; Vincent
Katharine Leslie Lawson, Kate F CEWW
Kathleen Kent Blewett, Jean F CEWW
Kay Livingstone MacPherson, Katherine Livingstone F CEWW; Vincent
Ke-che-ah-gah-me-qua Jones, Eliza (Elizabeth) Field F CEWW
Keb Best, Kathleen F Marty
Kenneth Haig Craig, Alice F CEWW
Keppel Strange Hunt, William Edward James; Watters
Khan, The Kernighan, Robert Kirkland M Garvin; James
Khoji, The Brown, Audrey Alexandra F CEWW
Kilmeny Livesay, Florence Randall F CEWW
Kim Bilir Scaife, Arthur H. M Watters
Kit of the Mail Coleman, Kathleen Blake (Watkins) F Vincent
Kythe Wylwynne Hyland, M. E. F. * F Diams
L. A. E. Edwards, Lydia Agnes F CEWW; Vincent
L. A. M. MacKay, Louis Alexander M Canadian Forum; Sutherland
L. Adams Beck Beck, Elizabeth Louisa Moresby F CEWW
L. Beith Dalziel Dill, Bessie* F Diams
L. D. Clark Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
L. E. L. Landon, Letitia Elizabeth F Vincent
L. E. N. Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F Vincent
L. G.
L. M. Murray, Louisa F Vincent
L. N. Soames Thomas, Lillian Beynon F CEWW
L. Parry Truscott Hargrave, Katharine Edith Spicer-Jay* F Diams
L. S. Stevenson, Laura Agnes (Honey) F CEWW; Vincent
Laclède Lesperance, John Talon M James
Lady Cook
Lady Fan Merrill, Anne F CEWW; Vincent
Lady Gay Denison, Grace F CEWW; Sutherland
Lady Haw-Haw
Lady of Ontario, A Machar, Agnes Maule F CEWW; Sutherland
Lady Van Stoddard, Ethel G. Cody F CEWW
Lady, A Bayley, Diana F Vincent
Lady, A Blennerhassett, Margaret Agnew F CEWW
Lady, A French, Sarah F Vincent
Lady, A Love, Mary F CEWW
Lady, A Pickard, Hannah Maynard (Thompson) F CEWW; Vincent
Lady, A Porter, Jane F CEWW
Lally Bernard Fitzgibbon, Mary Agnes Bernard F Watters; Vincent
Lance Bilton Taggart, William Stuart M Watters
Lancelot Whittle, R. S. M Marty
Laon LeSueur, William Dawson M Flitton
Laura Greenwood Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Laure Conan Angers, Marie-Louise-Félicité F Forster
Laurentius Flitton
Legion Sullivan, Robert Baldwin Flitton
Leigh North Phelps, Elizabeth Stewart* F Diams
Léonie Cumming, Leonie MacNeill F CEWW
Leonie Mason Walker, Joan F CEWW
Leslie Keith Johnson, Grace L. Keith* F Diams
Lewis Luke MacCulloh, Esquire Wilcocke, Samuel Hull M Sutherland
Lex Landry, Auguste Charles Philippe M Flitton
Lillian Lurie Thomas, Lillian Beynon F CEWW
Lily Cologne Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn F Vincent
Literary Aspirant Spidell, Margaret Stuart F Marty
Little Grey Bird Boyle, Joyce F Marty
Lizzie Lyle F Flitton
Lizzy Palmer, Elizabeth E. F Vincent
Lofty Canadian Catalogue
Logan Weir Perry, J. B. Canadian Catalogue
Louie Barron Thorold, William James M Watters
Louis Flitton
Louis Lloyd Lewis Rood, Lily F CEWW
Louis Lloyd Rood, Lily Lewis F Vincent
Louis Moresby Beck, Elizabeth Louisa Moresby F CEWW
Louise Muhlbach Mundt, Klara (Mueller) * F Diams
Lover of Children, A MacDougall, Margaret F CIHM
Lover of the Truth
Loyal Janet Jack, Annie L. (Hayr) F CEWW; Vincent
Lucas Malet Harrison, Mary Saint Leger (Kinglsey)* F Diams
Luke Allan Amy, William Lacy M UBC library catalogue; Watters
Lyd Dixon, Frederick Augustus M Flitton
Lyn Harrington Harrington, Evelyn F CEWW
Lynette Downe, A. R. (Mrs. Herbert Ernest Downe) F Garvin
Lynn Hetherington Charlton, Margaret Ridley F CEWW
Lyon Sharman Harman, Abbie Lyon F CEWW; Vincent
M. Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F CEWW
M. A. D. Dawson, Mary Adelaide F CEWW
M. A. Earlie Fleming, May Agnes F CEWW
M. A. M. Sadlier, Mary Anne (Madden) F Vincent
M. B. S. Smith, Mary Barry F Vincent
M. D. H. Harris, Martha Douglas F Vincent
M. D. Merrivale Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW; Vincent
M. E. Francis Blundell, Mary E. (Sweetman); Mrs. Francis Blundell* F Diams
M. E. H. Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F CEWW; Vincent
M. E. R. F Rose-Belford’s Magazine
M. Ethelind K. Sawtell, Margaret Ethelind F CEWW
M. G. A. Allison, Mary Gertrude F Watters
M. J. K. Lawson, Mary Jane (Katzman) F CEWW; Vincent
M. J. K. L. Lawson, Mary Jane (Katzman) F CEWW; Vincent
M. L. Herrington, Mrs. M. J. * F Diams
M. M. Crawford, Matilda Maranda F CEWW
M. M. Morris, Maria F Vincent
M. M. D.
M. R. J. Johnson, Amelia B. F Vincent
Ma Murray Murray, Margaret F CEWW
Mabel Parks, Mabel E. * F Diams
Mabel Louise Dawson Cushing, Enid Louise F Watters
Mac MacKenzie, J. Vernon M Sutherland
Mac Beattie Beattie, John McNab M Watters
Machaon Flitton
Mack Clark, Joseph M Lang & Hale; Sutherland
Mack Cloie McKibbon, Archibald M Watters
Mack Cryland McFarlane, A. T.
Madam Skelton Skelton, Henrietta F Vincent
Madame Jeanne Mairet Bigot, Marie (Healy)* F Diams
Madeleine Gleason, Anne-Marie F CEWW
Madge Merton Atkinson, Elmira Elliott F CEWW; Vincent
Magdeleine Max Paz, Magdeleine (Legendre)* F Diams
Maisie Bennett Dixon, Edith May Mayer* F Diams
Make-up Man, The Bridle, Augustus M Sutherland
Maple Leaf Gwilt, Fanny G. F CEWW; Vincent
Marchioness, The Scott, Agnes Mary F CEWW
Margaret Blake Schem, Lida Clara* F Diams
Margaret Culverhouse Cook, Lyn F CEWW
Margaret Currie Love, Irene Currie F CEWW
Margaret Rox Johnson, E. Pauline F CEWW
Margaret Sidney Lothrop, Harriet Mulford (Stone)* F Diams
Margaret Ward Ingerwick, Ella F Glenbow Archives, Calgary
Maria English, Anastasia Mary F CEWW; CIHM; Vincent
Marian Keith MacGregor, Mary Esther Miller F CEWW; Egoff
Marie Dressler Koerber, Leila F CEWW
Marie Holmes Wallace, Mrs. William F CEWW
Marie Saint Felix Lynch, Harriet Louise (Husted)* F Diams
Marie Sylvia St. Thomas d’Aquin, Sister F Kotin
Marie Zibeth Colman Colman, Mary Elizabeth F CEWW
Marion Bosse, Sara F CEWW
Marion Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F CEWW; Vincent
Mark Mapleton Wilson, Robert M CIHM
Marshall Delaney Fulford, Robert M Sutherland
Martha Allan Allan, Marguerite Martha F Watters
Martha Blye Mack, Elsie Frances Wilson F Watters
Martin Brett Sanderson, Douglas M Watters
Martin J. Pringle Moore, Justina* F Diams
Marx Hawthorne Hayes, Kate Simpson F Vincent
Mary Burke Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Mary Dale Dawson, Marjorie* F Diams
Mary Douglas Mother Mary St. George F Watters
Mary Gray Fuller, Ada Elizabeth F Marty
Mary Gray Fulton, S. O. F CEWW
Mary H. Tennyson Folkard, Mary H. * F Diams
Mary Markwell Hayes, Kate Simpson F CEWW; Vincent
Mary Moore Clarke, Pearl F CEWW
Mary Singleton Brooke, Frances (Moore) F Vincent
Mary Zibeth Colman, Mary Elizabeth F CEWW
Mater Hewlett, Annie Elizabeth May F CEWW
Maud Allan Durrant, Beulah Maud F CEWW
Maude Jennings, Clotilda F CEWW; James; Vincent
Maude Alma Jennings, Clotilda F CEWW; Watters
Maude Moore Crawford, Matilda Maranda F CEWW; Vincent
Max Aitken Lord Beaverbrook M Sutherland
Maxine Fortier, Caroline Taschereau F CEWW
Maxwell Wallace Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
May Wynne Knowles, Mabel Winifred* F Diams
Maybelle Hord, Mabel F Marty
Medusa Harrison, Susan Frances F CEWW
Mélisse Barrownam, Chalmers Melissa F Marty
Mente du Val Du Val, Formentie Elizabeth F Catalog of Copyright Notices, 1967
Mentie du Val Du Val, Formentie Elizabeth F Catalog of Copyright Notices, 1967
Mermoth Flitton
Merry Body Barry, Lily Emily Frances F Watters
Merry Matheson Matheson, Mary F CEWW
Meta Flitton
Michelle Bedard Finnigan, Joan (Helen) F CEWW
Miles Miles, Henry Hopper M Flitton
Mileta Jennings, Clotilda F CEWW; James
Millicent Moore Stacey, Gladys Devlin F Callie Stacey, granddaughter of author
Milton Richards Oblinger, Milo Milton M
Minerva Moonshine F Flitton
Miriam Dorne Waddington, Miriam (Dworkin) F CEWW
Miss E. F. Fairbairn, Eliza F CEWW
Mizpah Foote, Helen Robina F CEWW
Moira O’Neill Skrine, Agnes Shakespear F Vincent
Molly McGee Jordon, Marion F Claire Wallace fonds, U of Waterloo
Mona Fife Lawson, Jesse Kerr F Vincent
Monachus Flitton
Monro Flitton
Montreal Lady, A Brooke, Annie Elston F CEWW
Montreal Lady, A Mitchell, Eliza Lane Ross F CEWW
Moses Oates Mowat, J. Gordon M Flitton; Sutherland
Mother Agatha Allison, Mary Gertrude F CEWW
Mother Agatha O’Neill, Margaret F CEWW
Mother Redcap Barrett, Clara F Marty
Mount Houmas Gill, Mary (Gill)* F Diams
Mourning Dove Quintasket, Christine Joseph F CEWW
Mrs. Algernon St. Maur Seymour, Baroness (Susan Margaret Richards (MacKinnon) Seymour) F Matthews
Mrs. B—n Beavan, Emily Elizabeth F CEWW; Vincent
Mrs. Forrester Bridges, Mrs. Colonel* F Diams
Mrs. J. P. G. Grant, Emma J. (Donoghue) F CEWW
Mrs. Merry Body Barry, Lily Emily Frances CEWW
Mrs. R. H. Hudson Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Myrtle Millson Beattie, Jessie Louise F CEWW
N. Burris Chetwynd, Ralph M Watters
N. de Bretrand Lugrin Nora de Bertrand Lugrin F CEWW
N. Graham F CEWW
Nan Love, Irene Currie F CEWW
Native of New Brunswick, A
Naughty Marietta F Garvin
Nell Gwynne Boggs, Helen Elenor F CEWW; CIHM; Vincent
Nemo Flitton
Newton Sanders Mears, Louise* F Diams
Nil Desperandum
Noel Ainslie Lister, Edith* F Diams
Noma and Vorsa
Non-resident of Newfangle, A
Nora Pembroke McDougall, Margaret Dixon F CEWW; Vincent
Nora(h) McDougall, Margaret Dixon F CEWW; James; Watters
Nova Scotian, A Frame, Elizabeth F CEWW; Vincent
O Yesse
Old Resident of New Brunswick
Olive I. Carter Boothe, Stella F Watters
Oliver Sandys Marguerite Florence Helene (Jervis) Evans* F Diams
On Dit Philipps, Elise F CEWW
One of the Bunglers Ord, Lewis Redman M Watters
Only a Working Girl Joussaye, Marie F CEWW
Onoto Watanna Reeve, Winnifred Eaton Babcock F Diams
Oscar Dhu Mackay, Angus M Watters
Oswald Crawford Harris, Rev. William Richard M Watters
Owen Simpson Trenholm, Jean F Vincent
P. A. X. Hallam, Douglas M Watters
P. O’D Donovan, Peter M Sutherland
P. S. V. Yule, Pamela S. Vining F CEWW; James; Watters; Vincent
P. S. V. Y Yule, Pamela S. Vining F Vincent
Pandora Hunter, Rose F Marty
Parliamentum Watters
Pastor Felix Lockhart, Rev. Arthur John M Watters, James
Patience Eden Thomas, Martha Banning F CEWW
Paul de Mar Foley, Pearl F CEWW; Watters
Paul Peppergrass McDougall, Margaret Dixon F Vincent
Pedagogue Jenkins, Mariel L. F CEWW
Peggy Watt, Gertrude Balmer F CEWW
Pendragon F CEWW
Penny Willison, Lady Marjory MacMurchy F CEWW
Penny Wise Caldwell, Evelyn F CEWW
Pera Sutherland
Peter B. Thomas Thomas, Lillian Beynon F CEWW
Pharos Durand, Laura Bradshaw F Vincent
Picardie Monkman, Florence Robina F Marty
Pierre Coalfleet Davison, Frank Cyril Shaw M Watters
Pilgrim, A
Pine Needles Meagher, Florence F Marty
Pitseolak Ashoona, Pitseolak F CEWW
Plinius Secundus Rumsey, John M James
Poet, The Wetherald, Agnes Ehtelwyn F Vincent
Primrose Barry, Lily Emily Frances F CEWW; Vincent
Princess Salm-Salm Salm-Salm, Eliza Agnes (LeClercq) F CEWW
Professor Blot Judson, William Lee M Watters
Protestant, A
Provincial, A Godfrey, Miss L. M. F Vincent
Puck Clarke, Hal M Marty
R. Colfer, Rebecca F CEWW; Vincent
R. A. P. Faulkner, Rhoda Ann (Page) F CEWW; Vincent
R. E. Ross, William Wrightson Eustace M Watters
R. E. L. Leprohon, Rosanna Eleanor (Mullins) F Vincent
R. E. M. Leprohon, Rosanna F James
R. H. Grenville Rowley, Beatrice Caroline F CEWW
R. S . G. A. Anderson, R. S. Guthrie M Watters
R. T. K.
Rainbow Beattie, Jessie Louise F Marty
Rainbow Bright Beattie, Jessie Louise F CEWW
Ralph Connor Gordon, Rev. Charles William M Watters; Sutherland
Ralph Hodgson Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Rambler, The Harrison, Susan Frances F CEWW
Ramon Francisco Whitehouse, Francis Cecil M Kotin
Re Guard
Regis Whylock, R. M. M AMICUS
Reo Merrill, Grace F Marty
Rev. E. L. Flagg Flagg, Edith F CEWW
Richard Scrace Williamson, Lydia Frances F CEWW
Rob. Wancock Reid, Robert M James
Roger Vasrden Delafosse, Frederick Montague M Kotin
Roly Rowan Wagner
Rose Rambler Black, Florence Deacon F CEWW
Rosedalia Jarvis, Charlotte Beaumont F CEWW; Vincent
Roseharp Cawdell, James M. M James
Roselle Myers-Funnell, Rozelle Victoria F CEWW
Roxroy Keene Eaton, Charlotte F CEWW
Roy Rockwood Egoff
Rufus II
S. A. Archer Bompas, Charlotte Selina F Watters
S. A. C. Curzon, Sarah Anne F CEWW; Watters; James; Vincent
S. C. Creighton, Sally F CEWW
S. Carleton Jones, Susan Morrow F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
S. Carleton Jones Jones, Susan Morrow F CEWW; Vincent
S. D. Duncan, Sara Jeannette F CEWW
S. E. S. Smith, Sarah E. F Vincent
S. J. D. Duncan, Sara Jeannette F Vincent
S. M. Moodie, Susanna F Vincent
S. M. A. Sister Mary Agnus F Watters
S. M. S. Smyth, Susanna Maria F CEWW
Sama Sutherland
Sarah Herbert, Sarah F CEWW; Vincent
Sarah Binks Hiebert, Paul M Carole
Sarah Gold Gould, Margaret F CEWW
Sarepta Brownlow, Edward Burrough M Watters; James
Saskalta Weekes, Mary Loretto F CEWW
Sauda Forsyth, William Langdon M CIHM; James
Scian Dubh McCarroll, James M Watters
Scotus Robertson, John M Wagner
Scribble Wagner
Scribe, The Alexander, Mary H. T. F CEWW
Scribe, The MacDonald, Edith F CEWW
Seranus Harrison, Susan Frances F CEWW; James; Watters; Vincent
Shadwell Jones Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Sheila Rand Cohen, Ruth F CEWW; Sutherland
Shirley Rolf Sherk, Florence Nightingale (Horner) F CEWW; Vincent
Sister Magdalene Adelaide Shepherd, Margaret Lisle* F Diams
Sister Maura Power, Mary F CEWW
Sister of Charity, A Power, Mary F CEWW
Sister Seton Power, Mary F CEWW
Sister St. Mary Pia Drummons, Pia F CEWW
Sister St. Thomas of the Angels Fraser, Mary L. F CEWW
Skoocum Chuck Cumming, R. D. WorldCat
Slim Byrnes Byrnes, Harold M Watters
Smarty Wetherald, Agnes Ehtelwyn F Vincent
Sollace Saxe, Mary Sollace F CEWW; Vincent
Spirito Gentil
Stadacona Deegan, Kate F CEWW
Stanford Eveleth Dickson, Emma Welss F CEWW; Vincent
Stella Nicholl, M. A. F CEWW
Strabo Gzowski, Peter M Sutherland
Stratton Moir Allison, Susan Moir F CEWW
Stravaiger Batten, Harry Mortimer M Matthews
Sui Sin Far Eaton, Edith F CEWW; Vincent
Sunrise Affleck, Mary Ann F Marty
Susan Alice Kerby Burton, Alice Elizabeth F CEWW
Susan Kerby Burton, Ailce Elizabeth F CEWW
Susie D. Drury, Susie F CEWW; Watters; Vincent
Suzanne Marny Johnson, Mabel Annesley (Sullivan) F CEWW; Vincent
Sydney Martin Barbour, Sheila F CEWW
Sydney Morien Archibald, Edith Jessie F CEWW
Sylvanus Urban Cave, Edward M Sutherland
T. G. F.
T. R. Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F Vincent
T. W. P.
Talon Lesperance, John Talon M Watters; James
Tanis Davies, Hilda A. F online catalogue + text (owned by Khuenemann)
Ted Allan Herman, Alan M Watters
Tekahionwake Johnson, E. Pauline F Vincent
Theodore Bentzon Brumeliere, Madam F Vincent
Theophila North Hollins, Dorothea F CEWW
Thornapple Thompson, Bertha Jean F CEWW; Vincent
Thorough Housewife, A
Titus A. Drum Wagner
Tony Reek Carr, Kate (Mrs. Lemming Carr) F CEWW; Vincent
Toofie Lauder, Maria Elise Turner F CEWW; Vincent
Toots Wagner
Touchstone Charlesworth, Hector M Sutherland
Trinette MacKinnon, Catherine de Vaux F Marty
Tristam Templeton Davin, Nicholas Flood M Flitton
Tweed Beer, Marjorie F Marty
Uncle Thomas Sutherland
Unlearned Visitor, An F CEWW
V. Ferguson, V. Munro* F Diams
V. C. Cameron, Viola Mary F CEWW
V. Cecil Cotes Duncan, Sara Jeannette F CEWW
V. M. F. S. Swett, Mrs. F Vincent
V. O. DeB. Bishop, Mrs Vivien Oonah de Blois F Watters
V. V. Vinton Dale, Mrs. R. J. F CEWW
Valerie F CEWW
Valley Breeze Currie, Gladys C. F Marty
Venerable Beadle, The Watters
Vera Bottomley, Kate Madeline Barry F CEWW; Vincent
Vera Campbell, Lady Colin F Vincent
Vera Lesik Lysenko, Vera F CEWW
Vere Jameson Shute, Evan Vere M ABEBooks
Veritas Richardson, John M Flitton
Verna Bentley, Verna Bessie F Marty
Verna Loveday Harden Bentley, Verna Bessie F CEWW
Veros Carleton Cox, Amy F Kotin
Videre Beatron, Maude Pettit Hill F CEWW
Vivien Ballam, Miss (later Mrs. Stearns) F Vincent
Vox Tristis
W. A. C. Watters
W. B. Anderson Schultz, James Willard M
W. C. T. U. DeWolfe, Mrs F Vincent
W. H. H. Moodie, Susanna F Vincent
W. R. Herbert, Mary Elizabeth F Vincent
W. S. Gill MacBeth, Madge F CEWW; Kotin
Wake Robin Rushbrook, Dorothy F Marty
Walter Alexander Wraith, W. J. Watters
Walter Dawson Thomson, Donald Walter M Watters
Warren Desmond Carter, Dyson M Watters
Washington White Lawson, Jess Kerr F CEWW; Vincent
Watchman, The Tonna, Charlotte Elizabeth F CEWW
Wenonah Lang, Betty F Marty
Widow Fleck not Mrs. John Fleck F CEWW
Widow, A
Widow, His Shenton, Mary J. F CEWW
Wil. D’Leina Wilson, Sir Daniel M CIHM; Watters
Wilfred Reeves Deacon, William Arthur M Kotin
Wilfrid Chateauclair Lighthall, William Douw M Watters
Wilhelmina Stitch Cohen, Ruth F CEWW; Sutherland
Willard S. Gill MacBeth, Madge F CEWW; Watters
William Talbot Allison, William Talbot M James; Watters
Winifred Cotter Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW; Watters
Winnifred Ford Coleman, Helena Jane F CEWW
Woman of Newfangle, A
X. Y. Ramsay, R. A. F CEWW
Xenette Yule, Pamela S. Vining F CEWW
Yarker Banks Horn, Charles H. M Watters
Yetta Bernstein, Yetta F Marty
York Hodgins, J. Herbert M Sutherland
Yukon Bill Hayes, Kate Simpson F CEWW; Vincent
Zadig Hagarty, John Hawkins M James; Vincent
Zadok Sutherland
Zena Cherry Macmillan, Zena F CEWW
Zethar Strachan, Richard M Vincent
Zillah MacDonald, Zillah Katherine F CEWW

13 thoughts on “Pseudonyms: Known and unknown”

  1. I have an addition for you – Emily Elizabeth (Shaw) Beavan – E.E.B. , Mrs B—-n, Emily B—-n, Mrs F. Beavan

    • Thank you, Lyn. We have our suspicions about cross-over names like this, but have to leave them separate until we have further indication that EEB (for example) IS in fact Emily Elizabeth Beavan (whose name we have spelt alternatively, as well… )

  2. Just noticed you do have one of them but you have her name spelt Bevan not Beavan.

  3. What kind of indications do you need? Do you want me to supply the relevant journal and newspaper articles?

    • Actually, that would be brilliant, Lyn, especially if she actually published in those journals. We are creating a bio-bibiographic entry, with lists of all TEXTS published, and a list of all journals to which she contributed, but not individual articles titles.

  4. Hi Karyn, As stated in the project database Emily contributed to the Amaranth (Emily B….n and Mrs B….n), The Examiner, Kilmore (Emily E.B. and E.E.B.) and The Standard, Kilmore (E.E.B.) the latter being Australian Newspapers. Oral traditon says she also contributed to Eliza Cook’s Journal but I have not been able to locate every issue to verify. Sketches and Tales … was published under Mrs.F. Beavan. Although Bevan is a variant I have not come across anything originally published under that spelling, but I have in other documents. I have a copy of her album in which many of her published poems were handwritten so I know these pseundonyms are her.

    • Lyn–
      Thank you so much for this. I have actually just gone and looked at what is online in the SFU database, which is different from what I have in my list on the website, as our intrepid assistant, Linnea McNally, has been updating the SFU database completely. I will have to update the “Included” section of the website… an omission that is a bit embarrassing… Even there, though, we do not have her listed as E.E.B.; we also don’t have the Examiner listed, so we will add that.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful resource. The article doesn’t have a name attached to it, but may I refer from the comments that Karyn Huenemann is the author? (For citation purposes?)

    • Yes, “Karyn Huenemann” is who you would attribute the website content to (except comments, of course), but in the case of lists, specify “comp.” not author… there isn’t really all that much writing involved is there? And the pseudonyms section is sadly out of date. And of course there are may more thorough and well-maintained out there, but I am glad our work has helped you.

      • Great -thank you. I’ll be citing Flitton as well, but thought it best to thank the compiler that led to it. (As the pseudonym I’m tracking was used not in the Cad. Natl. Review, but elsewhere, and there’s no way I would have thought to look in that index…)

  6. Glad to have been of help.

  7. Brad Middleton said:

    I recently came across a short short story published in a Maritime magazine from 1873 that features many touchstones of the work of New Brunswick writer Mary Agnes Fleming (ghosts, romance, Gothic elements). The story was attributed to “M.A.” and I wonder if perhaps this could indeed be her.

    • Hi Brad – It is possible, but then, there were so many authors using only initials that without more careful research I couldn’t say for sure. Many titles have been attributed to MAF erroneously. See our entry on her ; perhaps that can send you in more helpful directions.

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