Laura Vivian Belvadere Arnett is another of the authors whose relatives have kindly provided biographical information and (in this case, certainly) much more. Arnett’s grandson, E. James Arnett, not only provided information crucial to our further investigations, but also sent along a file of papers, including some hand-written poetry, from which “Bow Down” comes.

Mr. Arnett notes that his grandmother “was born in 1878 in Walkerton, Ontario and died in 1984 in Chilliwack, BC, at the age of 105. She is buried in Brandon municipal cemetery in Brandon, Manitoba. She grew up in Brandon, Manitoba and married Jonathan Hughes Arnett in 1903. They had 5 children.”

Image from Alan Creighton and Hilda M. Ridley. A New Canadian Anthology. (Toronto: Crucible, 1938)

Image from Alan Creighton and Hilda M. Ridley, A New Canadian Anthology (Toronto: Crucible, 1938)

Arnett-Bow Down 1

Arnett-Bow Down 2