Authors using pseudonyms

The following authors’ names are associated with texts that seem to be written by women, but of course we have no information about the individual authors.  If anyone knows these authors’ true identities, please let us know!

A Friend Memorials of Margaret Elizabeth Des Brisay, by A Friend (1856)
A Friend of Youth Which Was the Greatest? [Compiled] by A Friend of Youth (Montreal, 1887)
A Girl of the Period “Confidences” Rose-Belford’s 4 (June 1880) 624-7
A Native of New Brunswick The Lay of the Wilderness: A Poem in Five Cantos (1856)
A Non-resident of Newfangle 3 articles in Rose-Belford’s: “A Brief Summing Up on the Woman Question” 3 (Dec 1879) 620-26; “Newfangle Again” 3 (Oct 1879) 410-16; “Newfangle and its Opinions” 3 (Aug 1879) 200-6
A Pilgrim The Tragedy of Old Huronia (Wendake Ehen) (1932)
A Protestant “Archbishop Conolly” Canadian Monthly
A Queenslander Canadian Monthly
A Thorough Housewife The Dominion Home Cookbook (1868)
A Widow Consolation for a Lonely Hour (Hamilton, 1863)
A Woman of Newfangle 3 opinion pieces in Rose-Belford’s 3 (July/Sept/Nov/); one on the Woman Question
A.B. The Frugal Housewife’s Manual… (1840) Almira Bell? 1850s, 1860s… Vincent’s Dictionary of Pseudonyms
A.L.O.H. Greetings from Mayflower Land (896?)
A.M. Home work: A Choice Collection of Useful Designs for the Crochet and Knitting Needle (1891)
Aberconway “Spectators” Rose-Belford’s 4 (May 1880) 486-8
Alicia Sowing the Good Seed (1870)
An Emigrant Lady Letters from Muskoka (London: Bentley, 1878)
An Unlearned Visitor “A Gossip about the First Dominion Art Exhibition” Rose-Belford’s 4 (May 1880): 545-53
Angelo “L. LeMoine FitzGerald”
Aquarius see Canadian Poetry Magazine Contributors 1:04:48; See Canadian Poetry Magazine Prizes 2:01
Athena In My Corner (1926)
Bertha Only Buds (1884)
Blue Nose
Bookworm “By-ways in Bookland” Canadian Bookseller and Library Journal ns 1(1) 9 Feb 1915; 1(2) 8 Apr 1915; 1(3) 10 May 1915
C.L.E. “God’s Absolutely Against It” (an anti-racism “poem”)
C.T.C. Jesus (1886)
Clio Canadian Poets in Miniature (1892?)
Cynico “The Sister of Mercy” Canadian Monthly 4 (Oct 1873) 308-20 [fiction]
Dodishot “The Indian’s Grave” Canadian Monthly 2 (Aug 1872) 156
Dri-Ki see Canadian Poetry Magazine Contributors 1:04:48
E.A.G. A Summer Holiday (1887)
E.A.S. Fragments (1890)
E.G.C. Eblana; Dublin Doings: A Poem in Twelve Cantos (1846)
E.K. “I Only”: A Voice from Acadia’s Vale of Weeping (185-)
E.K.E. Philip’s Life Work: A Temperance Tale (1881)
E.T.F. Nestorius: A Phantasy (1892)
E.W.F. Good Friday (1871)
Elizabeth Webb Marked for Tragedy (Ryerson 1941)
English Born
Evenly “Spirits and Water: A Ghost Story” Canadian Monthly 4 (Dec 1873) 474-83
F.A.B. Little Nobody: A Fairy Play for Fairy People (1875)
Felix Lazarus “The Oshawa Strike”
Felix Max Broken Bonds: A Prize Temperance Story (1878)
Festina Lente “The Holy Grail” [fiction] Canadian Monthly 9 (Jan 1876) 11-17
G. Neot “On a Hummingbird” Canadian Monthly 1 (Feb 1872) 117-8
Gamma “An Apology” Canadian Monthly 8 (Nov 1875) 378-9 [poem]
Garet Noel 5 poems in Rose-Belford’s;
Gitano “Midsummer Musings” Canadian Monthly 8 (Sept 1875) 214 [poem]
Goosequill As Others See Us (1915)
Grandma Gowan Poems (1892); “I dedicate this little book to the memory of my grandson Gowan Johnson, who was very dear to his Grandma Gowan…” The grandson “died May 13th, 1890”; two poems “For the Canadian Horticulturist”
Grodenk My Own Story: A Canadian Christmas Tale (1869)
Gunhilda Marriage with a Deceased Wife’s Sister: Letters of a Lady to The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Ottawa (1881); letters originally published in the Ottawa Citizen
Hall Poems (1890?)
Ida Tofflemeyer
Iris Two Stories of Two Girls Out in Life’s Storm (1873)
J.C.S. An Indian Legend (1889) in verse
J.E. The Old and the New Home: A Canadian Tale (1870); author’s voice seems female, but is it?
J.W.C. Mary M’Neill; or, The Word Remembered: A Story of a Humble Life (186-)
Jean Gay see Canadian Poetry Magazine Contributors 1:04:48
Judith Tempest
Ko-Ko Society Types (1899)
L.G. Dedication to “Dear Canadian Children”; author almost certainly female from authorial voice; Jessie Grey; or, The Discipline of Life, A Canadian Tale (1870)
L.S. The Ladies Benevolent and Industrial Society… (1868)
Lady A Peep at the Esquimaux; or, Scenes on the Ice, to Which is Annexed, A Polar Pastoral (1825); Winter and Summer on Ontario’s Shore (1861)
Lady Haw-Haw H. R. Leaver Prize Poem (1942): “Free (?) Verse”
Lantern Chapter 14, pp. 86-91, in Pen and Pencil Sketches of Wentworth Landmarks (1897)
Lesbia Love Songs and Other Lyrics (Ottawa, 1922) pamphlet
Lizzie Lyle listed as pseudonym in Canadian Monthly Index “Rodney Mainwaring” [fiction] 9 (January 1876): 44-55
Louis “Flowers” [poem] in Canadian Monthly Index
Lover of the Truth Allan Gray and His Doubts; or, Rhyme and Reason for the Young (1881)
M.M.D. A Bear Up Stairs (18–)
Melinda Canadian Magazine 76 (75?).3 (Mar 1931): 31 “Hair, Health, and the Menu Card”
Mente du Val
Mermoth Sonnet Canadian Monthly 8 (Aug 1875) 131
Meta “The Great Spirit” [poem] in Canadian Monthly Index
Monachus “Autumn Tints” [poem] in Canadian Monthly Index
Monro “Shattered Idols” [poem] in Canadian Monthly Index
Nero 3 poems “Horace for Ladies” etc. in Canadian Monthly Index
Nil Desperandum An Easter Lily (1898)
Noma and Vorsa [T]ales, Essays, and Poems: In Two Parts (1876)
O Yesse “Chivalry or Not Chivalry? Chivalry Certainly” Rose-Belford’s 4 (Apriol1880) 385-92
Old Resident of New Brunswick Solitude and Other Poems (1842)
Paul “Changes and Chances” [fiction] Rose-Belford’s 8 (Jan 1882) 12-42
Pearl “Visions of the Night” Canadian Monthly and National Review 11 (January 1877): 62-36
Quebecer “French-Canadian Nationalism”
R.T.K. A Visit to the Spring on the Hillside; or, The Temperance Question (1887)
Re Guard member CWPC
Rose 2 poems Rose-Belford’s
Rufus II “Another Month”
Sertanego Canadian Monthly
Shirley Canadian Monthly
Slivers Fables of the Nechaco: A Complete novel of One of the Most Remarkable and Romantic Districts on the American Continent (Vancouver, 18–)
Spirito Gentil Earthborn! (1889)
Surena Canadian Monthly
T.G.F. How I Killed a Cariboo (1858?)
T.W.P. The Politician (1888)
Temple Rose-Belford’s
Toots The Two Elders, and the Sequel: The Meal Club Plot (1856)
Vere Jameson Listed as pseudonym in Ryerson Imprints (1945)
Violette member CWPC
Vox Tristis “Betrayed” [poem] Canadian Monthly 2 (Aug 1872) 251
Zero One Mistake: A Manitoban Reminiscence (1888)
Zethar Glimpses of Glory; or…

2 thoughts on “Authors using pseudonyms”

  1. Mike Quinton said:

    Veros Carleton was the pseudonym of Amy Cox, of Ottawa. [Ref: David Kotin’s paper and checklist of Graphic Publishers in the 1979 Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada.]

    Note also that Madge Macbeth of Ottawa published under two pseudonyms – Gilbert Knox (The Land of Afternoon and Curiosity Rewarded) and W[illard] S. Dill,(The Long Day) also for Graphic Publishers, in addition to two volumes under her own name.

    • Thank you so much for this information Mike… I will run off and read David Kotin’s paper immediately (well, tomorrow morning first thing!). Graphic Publishers is a fascinating company… imagine the Canadian publication industry if they hadn’t folded so young…

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