Canadian periodicals online at ECO

The following table contains the names, locations, and run-dates of periodicals scanned in as .pdfs at Early Canadian Online. Some of these runs are complete, but not all. I have glanced at many of these titles, and have not included those which are purely factual, but only those with some form of literary content.  There might be others, given the unstructured categorization of entries on ECO, but these are what I could find.

Periodical Location Dates
Amaranth St. John, NB 1841-1843
Amateura Upper Dorchester, NB 1888?-1889?
Anglo-American Magazine Toronto 1852-1855
Antidote Montreal 1892-1893
Avon Deanery Magazine Windsor, NS? 1892?-189- or 19–
Banter Halifax 1874-18–
Barker’s Canadian Monthly Magazine Kingston 1846-1847
Bee Pictou, NS? 1836-1838
Begg’s Monthly and General Guide to British Columbia Victoria 1893-189-
Belford’s Monthly Magazine Toronto 1876-1878
British American Magazine Toronto 1863-1864
British Canadian Review Quebec 1862-1863
British North American Magazine and Colonial Journal Halifax 1831-183-?
Broad-Axe Charlottetown 1871
Buds and Blossoms and Friendly Greetings Halifax 1876-188- or 189-
Bystander Toronto 1889-1890
Canada Benton, NB 1891?-1892
Canada Christian Monthly Chatsworth, ON 1873-1878
Canada School Journal Toronto 1877-1885
Canadian Casket Hamilton 1831-18–
Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record Port Hope, ON 1877-1902?
Canadian Family Herald Toronto 1851-18–
Canadian Historical Quarterly Toronto 1899-19–
Canadian History St. John, NB 1898-1900
Canadian Illustrated News Hamilton 1862-1864
Canadian Journal of Industry, Science, and Art Toronto 1856?-1867
Canadian Journal of Science, Literature, and History Toronto 1868-1878
Canadian Journal Toronto 1852-1855
Canadian Literary Journal Toronto 1870-1871
Canadian Literary Magazine York, ON 1833
Canadian Magazine and Literary Repository Montreal 1823-1825
Canadian Magazine York, ON 1833
Canadian Magazine Toronto 1871-1872?
Canadian Magazine Toronto 1893-1937
Canadian Messenger Montreal 1866-1875
Canadian Miscellany Montreal 1828
Canadian Monthly and National Review Toronto 1872-1878
Canadian Patriot Montreal 1864
Canadian Pictorial and Illustrated War News Toronto 1885
Canadian Punch Montreal 1868
Canadian Quarterly Review Toronto 1856-18– or 19–
Canadian Quarterly Review and Family Magazine Hamilton 1863-1866
Canadian Review and Magazine Montreal 1824-1826
Canadian Son of Temperance Toronto 1852
Canadian Son of Temperance [and] Literary Gem Toronto 1851
Canadian Son of Temperance [and] Literary Gem Toronto 1853
Canadian Sunday Magazine Montreal 1872-1873
Canadiana Montreal 1889-1890
Cathedral Monthly Fredericton 1888?-189- or 19–
Children’s Record New Glasgow, NS 1886-1899
Christian Observer Toronto 1851?-1852
Church Magazine St. John, NB 1865-1868
Church Observer Springhill, NS 1896?-189- or 19–
City Advertiser and Monthly Visitor Montreal 1852-185-
Colonial Pearl Halifax 1839-1840
Colonial Protestant and Journal of Literature and Science Montreal 1848-1849
Colonial Review St. John, NB; Halifax 1862-186-
Corrig School Record Victoria 1887?-1890?
Cottager’s Friend and Guide of the Young Toronto 1854-1855
Critic Toronto 1883-18– or 19–
Diogenes Montreal 1868-1870
Dominion Illustrated Montreal 1888-1891
Dominion Illustrated Monthly Montreal 1892-1895
Dominion Magazine Toronto 1908-19–
Educational Weekly Toronto 1884?-1887
Enquirer Quebec 1821-1822
Family Circle London, ON 1876-1883
Favorite Montreal 1873-1874
Gaspé Magazine and Instructive Miscellany New Carlisle, PQ 1849-185-
Good News Prescott, ON 1861?-18– or 19–
Great West Magazine Winnipeg 1898-1899
Grinchuckle Montreal 1869-1870
Grip’s Own Library Toronto 1887
Guardian St. John, NB 1860
Halifax Monthly Magazine Halifax 1830-1833
Halifax Pearl Halifax 1838
Hamilton Physiog Hamilton 1858-18–
Harp Montreal 1874-1882
Hearthstone Montreal 1870-1872
Home Journal Toronto 1861-18– or 19–
Honest Injun Victoria 1897
Household Journal Montreal 1878-18– or 19–
Jester Montreal 1878-1896
Journal of Temperance Prescott, ON 1864-1865
Jury St. John, NB 1886-1888
Ladies at Home Toronto 1893-18– or 19–
Lake Magazine Toronto 1892-1893
Land We Live In Sherbrooke, PQ 1888-1893
Literary Echo Charlottetown, PEI 1874-18– or 19–
Literary Garland Montreal 1838-1851
Magic Lantern Montreal 1848
Manitoba and North West Illustrated Quarterly Winnipeg 1883-18–
Manitoban Winnipeg 1891-1896
Maple Leaf Montreal? 1852-1854
Massey’s Magazzine Toronto 1896-1897
McGill Fortnightly Review Montreal 1892-1898
Methodist Magazine and Review Toronto 1875-1906
Mirror of Literature Prescott, ON 1835
Month New Westminister, BC 1892-1896
Monthly Rose Bridgewater, NS 1868-1869?
Montreal Literary Magazine Montreal 1856-18–?
Montreal Monthly Magazine Montreal 1931
Montreal Museum Montreal 1832-1834
Mount Allison Academic Gazette Sackville, NB 1853
Mount Allison Gazette Sackville, NB 1863
New Brunswick Religious and Literary Journal St. John, NB 1829-1830
New Dominion Monthly Montreal 1867-1879
Newfoundland Magazine 1900
Northern Messenger Montreal 1876-1950
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Magazine Halifax 1806
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist Magazine Halifax 1832
Nova Scotia Magazine and Comprehensive Review of Literature Halifax 1789-1792
Nova Scotia Magazine Halifax 1894
Nova Scotia New Monthly Magazine Halifax 1842
Omnibus St. Catharine’s 1857-1861
Ottawa Church of England Magazine Ottawa 1891?-1894
Owl Vancouver 1893-189- or 19–
Parish Magazine Stratford, ON 18–?-189- or 19–
Patriot St. John, NB 1865
Pearl Halifax 1837
Pen Montreal 1897-1898
People’s Magazine and Weekly Journal Montreal 1846-1847
Progress Magazine Summerside, PEI 1866?-18–
Provinical, or, Halifax Monthly Magazine Halifax 1852-1853
Punch in Canada Montreal 1849-1850
Punch, or Northern Light! Montreal 1868
Rockwood Review Kingston 1894-19–
Rose of Sharon Monthly Bridgewater, NS 1868
Rose-Belford’s Canadian Monthly and National Review Toronto 1879-1882
Roseharp Toronto 1834?-18–
Saint John Monthly Magazine St. John, NB 1836-18–
Satirist Montreal 1847-184-
Saturday Reader Montreal 1865-1867
School Times Winnipeg 1888-18– or 19–
Scibbler Montreal 1821-1827
Sinclair’s Journal of British North America Quebec 1849-184- or 185-
Sinclair’s Monthly Circular and Literary Gazette Quebec 1855-1857
Sinclair’s Weekly Advertiser Quebec 1860-1861
Snowflake Miramichi, NB 1878-1879
Sprite Quebec 1865
Stadacona Punch Quebec 1865
Stewart’s Literary Quarterly Magazine St. John, NB 1867-1870?
Stewart’s Quarterly St. John, NB 1870-1872?
Tarot Toronto 1896
Thomson Bros. Bookstore Monthly Vancouver 1882?-18– or 19–
Tyro Woodstock, ON 1872-18– or 19–
Weekly Mirror Halifax 1835-1837
Weekly Miscellany Halifax 1863-1864?
Weekly Visitor Toronto 1857?-18–
Wesleyan Methodist Magazine of Canada Toronto 1862
Wesleyan Repository and Literary Record Toronto 1860-18–?
Youth’s Monitor and Monthly Magazine Toronto 1836

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