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Our project has amassed a list of over 4000 Canadian women who published something, somewhere, between the settling of Canada and 1950. We have excluded theses and other degree writing, as well as not focusing on religious tract writing or drama (recognized quagmires for bibliographers, and the purview of other projects). We are trying to establish comprehensive bibliographies for our authors, as well as providing as much biographical information as we can gather. This is not, of course, possible for all 4000, and in some cases complete bio-bibliographical information will not be provided: some of the authors are not Canadian, but wrote significantly about Canada; some wrote only peripherally to their other life pursuits; some authors we know far too little about.

We have had a great deal of input from the online community, and many authors we thought never to have included now have full biographies, thanks to relatives and other researchers. Of you know anything about any of these women, please let us know!

Here are the lists:

Authors already included

Authors with only short entries

Authors under consideration:

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3 thoughts on “Authors lists”

  1. Peter Hodgins said:


    I’m doing some research on the formation of a governmental intelligentsia in Victorian Ottawa and I came across Gertrude Harmer’s name on a club membership list. However, beyond learning that she was an avid birder, I can find no other information on her. Can you help me out?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. stephanie said:

    What a joy to be doing some geneology searches and find my great grandmother, Gertrude MacGregor Moffat, listed here. 😉

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