“Johnson, E. Pauline. “Morrow Land.” The Mohawk Princess (Tekahion/Wake). By Mrs. W. Garland Foster. Vancouver, BC: Lions’ Gate, 1931. 103-4.

Strangely, this poem does not appear to be readily available online, as so many of Johnson’s poems are. Written at Easter in 1900, it was first published in 1931, in Annie Garland Foster’s early biography of Johnson, The Mohawk Princess (Tekahion/Wake). As the Early American Native Literature website calls it one of “Johnson’s finest lyrics,” it is only right that it be shared here in its entirety.

Morrow Land

In morrow land there lies a day,
With shadows clad and garments grey,
When sunless days will come my dear,
And skies will lose their lustre clear,
Because you will be miles away.

“Has Fate no other kindlier way,
No gentler hand on me to lay,
Than I to go, than you stay,
In Morrow Land?

“But oh, these days will be so dear
Through all the bleak and coming year,
This passion week of gold and grey,
Will haunt my life and bless my way
In Morrow Land.”