Alley, Anne. “My Own,” Evening Patriot (Charlottetown) 10 March 1925.

We are currently rewriting our old entries to conform with our new, expanded, database. I was reading through the old files on Anne Alley, and came across this poem, included in a tribute in the Charlottetown Evening Patriot, where she published a number of poems during her lifetime. Annie Alley, as she is called in her obituary, died on 9 March 1925 in her residence at the Sea Breeze Hotel in Georgetown, Prince Edward Island.

My Own

They dwell with me at eventide;
     I feel their arms around me thrown;
Space cannot keep them from my side;
     I hold them close—my own, my own.
‘Mid glittering stars in Moonbeams’ light,
     When summer’s softest breezes blow,
They bide with me from morn till night;
     They are my own—I know, I know.
Their spirits guide my wayward will
     Through years of wandering life alone;
Each breath a thought, each thought a thrill
     Of joy that brings me back my own!
And in the twilight of my days
     While shadows deepen as they grow,
The mist that clouds my visioned gaze
     Shall lifted be—I know, I know!