“Culverhouse, Margaret” [Lyn Cook]. “Candle.” Canadian Poetry Magazine 9.4 (June 1946): 8.

This is a lovely happenstance… Only two of the authors our project deals with are actually still alive. Beatrice Rowley, who wrote under the pseudonym “R. H. Grenville,” and children’s author Lyn Cook, otherwise Evelyn Cook Waddell. I telephoned Mrs. Waddell a week or so ago, as I was flying out to Ontario, where she lives. I was unable to meet with her, as she lives farther than I thought from my destination, but we spoke for quite a while about her years as a CBC children’s radio show host, and her life as a mother and children’s author in the 1950s and 60s. Then came the crucial question: had she published anything before her 1950 first novel, The Bells on Finland Street? “Oh, yes,” she said, “I did publish one poem…” She knew that it had been in the Canadian Poetry Magazine, in the 1940s some time, but more than that she could not say. Strange, I thought: we have gleaned all female authors’ names from the Canadian Poetry Magazine previous to 1950, but I had no record of Lyn Cook, or Evelyn Waddell, or any permutation of those names… “Did you use your own name?” I asked, hoping that the answer would be… “Oh, no, I used my grandmother’s! Margaret Culverhouse.” While we continued to talk, I checked my record, and there it was: “Candle,” by Margaret Culverhouse.  And here it is for you…