“Markwell, Mary” [Kate Simpson Hayes]. “Allons!” The Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art and Literature 8.6 (April 1897).

In the bibliography for Redressing the Past: The Politics of Early English Canadian Women’s Drama, 1880-1920 (2004), Kym Bird notes not two, but three pseudonyms for Kate Simpson Hayes: “Mary Markwell” and “Yukon Bill” (which we knew), and “Marka Wöhl.” So now my task is to determine which of the entries in Bird’s bibliography are written under which pseudonym… and to determine if the other texts I have found by “Marka Wöhl,” not listed in Bird’s bibliography, are also by Kate Simpson Hayes… I love my job.


Allons! Allons! look up—work on!
Hope is the star that lights the weary way!
Entangled with the thorns that pierce our feet
Are Autumn flowers that failed us in life’s May.

Allons! Allons! take heart! grope on!
Fix on the heights thine eye; and through the night,
And o’er the tempest’s loud alarm, will come
The Dawn, dispensing shadows with the light,

Allons! Allons! I grieve not that we met—
Nor do I weep that you did fail me, Friend!
Within my heart there’s gladness with regret,
(I do not count this pilgrimage the end).

Allons! Allons! face every woe! fight on!
The bravest hath the scars! Ere victory’s won
Some in the dust must lie! But I, with lip tight drawn,
Still cry ” Allons! Allons! ” until life’s day is done.