After receiving this morning a particularly heartening comment on one of Mona Weiss’s poems, I decided to poke about in our records to see what else we knew about this poet. Not much, it turns out, so hopefully her family will get back to me with more. I did, however, find digitized copies of the complete run of The McGilliad, the magazine of the McGill University Arts Undergraduate Society, to which she contributed in 1931. Here is the complete set of poems (including the poem in the previous post) she published in The McGilliad, which only ran for 1930-1931.

Maybe the family might know, too, who S.K. is…

“To S.K.” and “Discovery.” The McGilliad 2.3 (January 1931): 10.

“Desertion” and “To S.K.” The McGilliad 2.4 (February-March 1931): 82.