Complin, Margaret Robertson. Winged Moccasins to Winged Words (Regina, SK: Western Printers Association, 1937).

We know a bit about Margaret Complin (1876-1953). Although we have not written up a complete entry for her in the Canada’s Early Women Writers project, she is in our simpler database, DoCEWW.

What we do know is that she lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, and contributed poetry to a number of magazines, in addition to publishing two chapbooks: Winged Moccasins to Winged Words (1937), shared with you here, and For Remembrance (1944). In 1939, she won the Alberta Poetry Yearbook June and Jim Fritch Memorial Award for her poem “Pictures on the Wall,” as well as a number of honourable mentions for other poems (1940: “Oh Canada!”; 1942: “Per Ardua Ad Astra (July, 1941)” and “The Mother of an American Airman”; 1946: “To Petrarch”). Her biography, though, remains largely undiscovered.