On 15 July 2018, the day after children’s author Lyn Cook died, her son Christopher contacted us with the news. Evelyn Waddell, who wrote her children’s books as Lyn Cook and poetry as Margaret Culverhouse, was one of the few authors in our project who was still living when we began our digital revisions in 2008. I spoke to her a number of times on the phone, and exchanged emails with her regarding our work and specifically her entry, which she helped to write. At 95, the age she was when we last spoke, Evelyn was a bright, intelligent woman with a sharp sense of humour and a delight in sharing her life and thoughts with us.

When I visited Ontario in 2012, I was really upset that I did not have time to drive up to Port Hope, where she was living at the time with her daughter Deborah; it would have been fabulous to meet her in person. I was honoured that she and her family appreciated to our project sufficiently that they let us know so soon after her passing.

The following is her obituary, published in the Toronto Globe and Mail on 17 July 2018.