Roddick, Amy Redpath. “Redpath Crescent.” Montreal in Verse: An Anthology of English Poetry by Montreal Poets. Ed. Writers of the Poetry Group (Montreal; QB: Canadian Authors Association; 1942) 37.

Redpath Crescent is, not surprisingly, the neighbourhood in which Amy Redpath grew up. The fortunes of the Redpaths, one of the ore affluent families in Montreal in their time, was sugar: even today, Redpath Sugar can be found in cupboards across the country. If you care to search a bit, you can find stories and images of the extended Redpath family scattered about the internet, most notably on McCord Museum’s website. Of interest is that three of our authors are related through the Redpaths: Amy was the daughter of John Redpath Jr; Lily Dougall was the daughter of his sister Elizabeth Redpath; and Amy and Lily’s cousin William married author Beatrice Constance Peterson.

Here is McCord’s photo of John Redpath’s house, c1880 (© McCord Museum, II-338494.0.1); John Redpath, founder of the sugar empire, was Amy’s grandfather.

The Montreal in Pictures website devotes some space to Redpath Crescent, which is still “an enclave of large (and expensive) mansions.”