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Roberts, Sir Charles G. D., ed. Flying Colours (Toronto: Ryerson, 1942).

Late last night, after I finished preparing the post for Remembrance Day 2017, I thought to myself: Why wait for Remembrance Day 2018 to post another digital edition of “contemporary patriotic verse,” this one edited by one of Canada’s foremost poets at the time, Charles G.D. Roberts. It seems more important to get this text out into the digital world, so others can have access to it.

“This collection,” Roberts tells us, “is intended primarily for use in Canadian schools [so that] our young pupils should be aroused to a consciousness and appreciation of our budding Canadian literature.” I remember reading many of these poems in school in the 1970s, so obviously his selection has formed the canon of patriotic Canadian poetry. It is interesting to note, too, that some of the poems in this volume also appear in Voices of Victory, posted earlier this morning.

It turns out that individual poems must be out of copyright, not just the volume, so I have had to excise a few authors’ works. Higher resolution versions of the images, as well as copies of the excised poems, are available upon request.