Bagg, Catherine. “The Small Consolation.” Canadian Poetry Magazine 12.4 (1949): 30.

I received an email from a woman the other day who is researching her ancestry. She is a descendent of Catherine Sophia Bagg, sister-in-law to Helen Frances Bagg (Mrs. Albert Edward Lewis, then Mrs. Herbert Charles Drummond), one of our authors. Being from a prominent Montreal family, both Helen and Catherine appear in the 1930 vanity publication Women of Canada, which provides a smattering of biographical detail. But what, I thought to myself, if anything, have these women to do with Catherine Bagg the poet, who published the following poem in the Canadian Poetry Magazine in 1949? does not provide the best of information once you reach the 1920s, so it turns out to be little help, and my correspondent can think of no Catherine of the right age in her extended family. Still, how many Bagg families were (or are) there in Montreal? The very scant biographical information the Canadian Poetry Magazine provides about our Catherine is as follows:

“Catherine Bagg, Montreal. Work has appeared in Blue River Anthology, Poetic Outlook, Canadian Home Journal, etc.” (38)

So what is the connection? I continue to wonder and search…

The Small Consolation