There are still so many women to include…

I’m creating entries for Dora M. Sanders, aka Dora Sanders Carney, journalist, author, and mother of BC politician Pat Carney. Her biography came out in 1980, which does not put her on our radar, but she also (we discover) was a journalist in the 1930s, which does. Her sister, Byrne Hope Sanders, is also on our list of women to include, so I will be adding her soon, as well.

Meanwhile, I have run across a couple of articles by Dora M. Sanders in the Maclean’s archives that reveal her position regarding women’s rights, especially politically. The first article —dealing with border crossings—seems prescient, given her own experiences during the Japanese invasion of Shanghai in 1939.

Sanders, Dora M. “Shackled!” Maclean’s (February 2, 1933), 17, 41.

Sanders, Dora M. “Women Won’t Be Free,” Maclean’s (August 15, 1933), 8, 33.