Whenever I’m searching for something specific in my files, I almost always find a completely different little tidbit to post. Looking for references to Dorothy Stacey Brown, I came across a pdf of the Young Authors’ Page of the Winnipeg Free Press, including, as always, the Poets’ Corner. I’ll post the poems over the next few days. Here, though, is an award-winning article (“First Prize” for something…) by R.H. Grenville (Beatrice Rowley), who by this time was living in Victoria, BC, of which she writes.

I have to say that someone seems to have paid attention. Now, Victoria has some of the best roads, at least for cycling, and an abundance of good art galleries (those that sell art, rather than show it). It is once again the “Garden City,” and far far more British than American. Still no public lavatories, though.

Grenville, R.H. (Beatrice Rowley). “How Lovely Victoria Could Be Improved.” Winnipeg Free Press (8 April 1939): 6.