I’ve been tidying my shelves at home.

Soooo many wonderful books! YA and children’s literature. Science fiction. Mysteries. Poetry. Biography. Victorian and modern fiction. But the largest set is, not surprisingly, early Canadian literature. (I’ve a couple of Atwood novels, too, but not many…)

It came to my attention that I have one book that is not readily available in libraries and is not online. I bought my copy after SFU culled theirs from their reference section because no one except me had taken it out for 10 years. Still an important reference text, people! So I thought I would put it out there, so that if other scholars are struggling to come by it, I can send the information. It is too long, the binding too broad, and the papers too thin, to scan easily, so I’ll just post the bibliographic details. Hopefully this post will show up in Google searches sufficiently well.

The National Reference Book on Canadian Men and Women. 6th ed. (1940)

If you need an entry from this book, email me and I’ll send you a picture of the pages you need.