Pickthall, Marjorie. “Two Ears.” Marjorie Pickthall: A Book of Remembrance, by Lorne Pierce (Toronto: Ryerson, 1925).

More gems discovered while poking about looking for obscure answers, such to the question: Was Marjorie Pickthall’s first publication—”Two Ears”—part of the “Circle of Young Canada” column in the Toronto Globe?

“Two Ears” was first published in 1898, and according to Lorne Pierce, after that publication—for which she received three dollars— she began to contribute to the “Young People’s Corner” column in The Mail and Empire. In 1899, she submitted “Two Ears” and a poem, “Song of the Nixies,” and won awards for both of them (to the tune of $15). What I still can’t figure out is whether or not “Two Ears” was originally published as part of the “Circle of Young Canada.” It would almost certainly have had to have been, but I would love to see a digitized copy of the column. The Toronto Public Library has digitized some articles, including “The Children’s Circle” on page 7 of most issues, but searches don’t turn up “Two Ears.” This does suggest, though, that the “Circle of Young Canada” might have begun life as “The Children’s Circle”… but I can only download the articles they have digitized, even though I can view the entire paper. The mind boggles.

Regardless, here is the story, “Two Ears,” from the pages of Marjorie Pickthall: A Book of Remembrance as well as an article about Pickthall from the 25 July 1925 edition of The Globe (p. 18).