Our friend and colleague Mary Chapman at UBC, who is (IMHO) one of the world experts on the Eaton sisters—Edith, Winnifred, Grace, and Sarah are all members of our project—is looking for assistance in identifying the women in this photograph of the Canadian Authors Association National Conference, Banff, Alberta, July 1928. She is especially wanting to know if Winnifred Eaton is one of them. The original photo is held at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary and posted in their online catalogue. As we neither have the funds to buy a copy, nor anyone on the ground in Calgary to go see the original, we’ll have to make do with this too-low-res screenshot.

Does anyone out there have any idea?


As a point of interest, I have searched all our files, and these are the women who at some point belonged to the Canadian Authors Association. Of course, membership in 1928 would be fewer, and the number of members attending the national conference even fewer than that, but the length of the list (213 women) is illuminating in its own right.

Women in Our Project Who Were Members of the CAA

Abbie Lyon Sharman
Agnes Joynes
Alice Ashworth Townley
Alice Elizabeth Wilson
Alice Maud Winlow
Amabel Reeves King
Amelia Beers Warnock Garvin
Amy Redpath Roddick
Angeline Rose Hango
Ann De Bertrand Lugrin
Anna Peel Durie
Anne Marriott
Anne Sutherland Brooks
Annie Beatrice Hickson
Annie Bethune Mcdougald
Annie Charlotte Dalton
Annie Garland Foster
Annie Howells Fréchette
Annie Margaret Angus
Audrey Alexandra Brown
Beatrice Caroline Rowley
Beatrice Embree
Beatrice Nasmyth
Bertha Jane Thompson
Bertha Lewis
Bertha Weston Price
Beryl Gray
Blodwen Davies
Carol Coates
Caroline Eleanor Wilkinson
Catherine Bagg
Christina Willey
Christine Lighthall Henderson
Christine Van Der Mark
Claire Harris Macintosh
Clara Bernhardt
Clara Hopper
Constance Beresford-Howe
Constance Davies Woodrow
Constance Fairbanks Piers
Constance Travers Sweatman
Constance Ward Harper
Daisy Louise Saunders
Daisy Mcleod Wright
Donalda James Dickie
Dorothy Choate Herriman
Dorothy Dumbrille
Dorothy Duncan
Dorothy Livesay
Dorothy Sproule
Edith Jessie Archibald
Edna Jaques
Edna Lillian Morley
Edna Staebler
Eiko Henmi
Elaine M. Catley
Elise Aylen Scott
Elizabeth Donaldson
Ella Bell Wallis
Ellen Fulton
Ellen Lavinia Clutterbuck Jones
Eloise Street
Elsie Fry Laurence
Elsie M. Pomeroy
Emily Murphy
Emily Poynton Weaver
Emily Spencer Kerby
Emma Jean Taylor Mcdougall
Emma Veazey
Estelle Jean Worfolk
Estelle Muriel Kerr
Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett
Ethel Kirk Grayson
Evah Mckowan
Evelyn Gowan Murphy
Evelyn L. Weller
Evelyn Richardson
Evelyn Sybil Mary Eaton
Florence Ayscough
Florence Edith Bevans
Florence Elizabeth Westacott
Florence Nightingale Horner Sherk
Florence Ralston Werum
Florence Randal Livesay
Florence Robina Monkman
Florence Steiner
Floris Clark Mclaren
Flos Jewell Williams
Frances Beatrice Taylor
Frances Ebbs-Canavan
Frances Fenwick Williams
Frances Shelley Wees
Gertrude Bartlett Taylor
Gladdis Joy Tranter
Grace Campbell
Grace Helen Mowat
Grace Jones Morgan
Grace Mcleod Rogers
Hannah Isabel Graham
Helen Dickson Reynolds
Helen Merrill
Helen Shackleton Brietzcke
Helen Slack Wickenden
Helena Jane Coleman
Hilda Glynn Howard
Hilda Ridley
Ida Isabel Thompson
Irene Chapman Benson
Irene Mcelheran
Irene Moody
Isa Grindlay Jackson
Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
Isobel Mcfadden
Jane Elizabeth Gostwycke Roberts Macdonald
Jean Blewett
Jean Kilby Rorison
Jean Mitchell Smith
Jean Percival Waddell
Jessie Findlay Brown
Jessie Georgina Sime
Jessie Louise Beattie
Joan Walker
Josephine Phelan
Juanita O’connor
Julia Grace Wales
Julia Wilmotte Henshaw
Kate Simpson Hayes
Katherine Livingstone Macpherson
Kathleen Strange
Kathryn E. Colquhoun
Kathryn Munro
Kay Smith
Laura Elizabeth Mccully
Laura Goodman Salverson
Laura Ridley
Laura Vivian Belvadere Arnett
Lenore Alexandra Pratt
Lereine Ballantyne
Lilian Fortier Taylor
Lilian Leveridge
Lilian Vaux Mackinnon
Lilla Stewart Nease
Lillian Beynon Thomas
Lillie A. Macmillan Brooks
Lily Adams Beck
Lily Alice Cooke Lefevre
Lily Barry
Lois A. Hunter Gilpin
Louise Morey Bowman
Lucy Gertrude Clarkin
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lyn Cook
Maara Haas
Mabel Burns Mckinley
Madge Macbeth
Malca Friedman
Malvina Copp Pasmore
Margaret Avison
Margaret Bossance Boreham
Margaret Marshall Saunders
Margaret Wade
Marian Francis Osborne
Marion Elizabeth Moodie
Marion Isabel Hand Angus
Marjorie Douglas Weir
Marjorie Pound
Marjorie Wilkins Campbell
Marjory Macmurchy
Martha Eugenie Perry
Martha Louise Black
Martha Martin
Mary Agnes Bernard Fitzgibbon
Mary Edith Perceval Judge
Mary Elizabeth Colman
Mary Elizabeth Hickson
Mary Ellen Macnab
Mary Esther Miller Macgregor
Mary Graham Bonner
Mary Josephine Trotter Benson
Mary Kinley Ingraham
Mary Loretto Weekes
Mary Matheson
Mary Rice Schooley
Mary Sollace Saxe
Mary Van Der Mark
Mary Woodworth Lorton
Maude Abbott
Maude Elizabeth Paterson
Mazo De La Roche
Melita O’hara
Mildred Low
Minnie Blanche Bishop
Minnie Hallowell Bowen
Molly Bevan
Mona Gould
Muriel Miller Miner
Nelda Mackinnon Sage
Nellie Letitia Mcclung
Nora M. Duncan
Norma Ethel Smith
Olive Knox
P.K. Page
Pearl Foley
Ruth Massey Tovell
Sara E. Carsley
Sister Maura
Sophie Margaretta Almon Hensley
Una Mackinnon
Valance St. Just Patriarche
Vera Lysenko
Verna Loveday Harden
Winifred Mary Stevens
Zillah Katherine Macdonald