This chapbook is my most recent foray into digitization (which I do at home, on my ancient, very slow, but quite good-quality scanner). It was originally scheduled to be posted later this year, but the volume has now moved to the top of my list. Here’s why.

Yesterday, I received an email from Anne Sproull, whose grandmother was a dear friend to Ellen M. Fulton.  Anne now owns the cottage where, as far as we can tell, Ellen composed her two books of poetry, Acadian Summers and Along the Northumberland Strait. Here’s what Anne tells us:

My maternal grandmother and Ellen were dear friends, then neighbours in Little Harbour / Black Point. Ellen sold to her the property on which my grandmother built her family cottage, and also sold her own property to my grandmother in due course, when Ellen decided to return to Florida, before passing away in 1960. This property is where Ellen actually wrote much of her material, I’m sure. The “Blink Bonnie” she writes about in both Acadian Summers and Along the Northumberland Strait in the poem titled “Naming My House” is the very same, tiny writer’s cottage. I’ve in turn inherited it from my mother, last year, and have turned my attention to its contents.

Ellen Fulton’s work is quite difficult to find. The marvellous Ioana Liuta at SFU interlibrary loans managed to procure a copy of Along the Northumberland Strait for me, and I have scanned it to publish here. Anne has copies of more of Ellen’s work, which hopefully she can share with us all. Don’t touch that dial…

Fulton, Ellen M. Along the Northumberland Strait: Poems of Nova Scotia (s.l.: Author, [1926]).