On May 15th, 1939, His Majesty King George VI and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (later affectionately known as The Queen Mother) arrived in Quebec to begin their tour of Canada. The Spirit of Canada souvenir book, produced to commemorate this visit, includes articles about each of the provinces and territories as well as the national capitol, Ottawa. These articles were written by eminent Canadian authors of the time, including six of our female authors: Nellie McClung, L.M. Montgomery, Amelia Beers Warnick Garvin (“Katherine Hale”), Martha Louise Black, Clara Dennis, and Mary Loretto Weekes.

I originally called in the volume from the University of Manitoba, and given the state of the text I am really surprised they sent it! Knowing there was small chance of my every getting it back, I took photos of each of the pages. Obviously, I had intended them only for my reference, or I would have done a better job, but now that I have begun posting digital editions on this blog, I thought I would share these pages with you all (as well as a searchable pdf), as no other online version exists.