Ballades and Bits (Toronto: Ryerson, 1937) is the second of Isa Grindlay Jackson‘s two published books of poetry. The first, Ripples from the Ranks of the Q.M.A.A.C. (London: Erskine Macdonald, 1918), by Isa Grindlay, was published before her marriage to Lionel Leslie Jackson (1888-1965), while she was was stationed at the Scottish Command School of Musketry in St. Andrew’s, Scotland, as a member of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (later Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps, or QMAAC). Her first husband, Canadian Charles Grindlay (1887-1916), had died in the trenches in November 1916.

Her history, as well as the history of our discovery of her fascinating biography, is recorded in other posts as well as her full entry in the Canada’s Early Women Writers project. The current volume was a gift from Isa Grindlay Jackson’s grandson, Jason Johnson, who was so generous in helping to create our bio-bibliography of his grandmother.