While going through the files in our office, we came upon this letter and poem, from Helen Chapman to the editor of a book commemorating (as far as one can determine) the 75th anniversary of Saskatchewan becoming a province of Canada in 1905. Previous to that, it had been a part of the North West Territories: at that point Alberta, Saskatchewan, Athabasca, and Assiniboia. Manitoba had become a province in 1870, but that is its own separate fascinating history.

I can’t find the book, so I have no idea if the poem was ultimately included. And Helen Chapman no longer seems to live in Surrey, BC, so I can’t just call and ask her anything more about Miss Caroline Doyle or the poem. There was a Caroline S. Doyle who died in Lanigan, Saskatchewan, in 1959, who might be our lady, but without a little more to go on, we can’t be certain.

Regardless, having found this little gem, I wanted to share it with you all. Perhaps Caroline’s nieces, “The Blessed Girls,” will see this and tell us more about their aunt the Lanigan poet.