Another research enigma.

We know basically nothing about Blanche Elmore, and is notably unhelpful on this one. She was born in England; she lived in Toronto in the 1890s; she wrote at least five poetry chapbooks, all entitled Poems (1st through 5th series, all published in Toronto). A sixth collection was published in Detroit, that contains poems from at least the 3rd and 4th series volumes: my guess is that if I could hold the other three volumes in my hand, I would discover that the Detroit edition is an anthology of previously collected works, perhaps even a pirated publication. Copyright was constantly infringed upon at the time, given differing national copyright laws between Canada, Britain, and the US.

Another though I have is that the poem I am including here could actually be autobiographical, in which case we are dealing with Mrs. Blanche Elmore, née something else.

It would be wonderful if somewhere out there in the digital ether-world a relative could step up and tell us more. But I’m not holding my breath.

Here is the poem for you: Blanche Elmore, Poems, 4th series (Toronto: Imrie, Graham & Co., 1989) 7-8.