Looking through the Brantford Expositor these days, the byline and recognizable signature of E. Pauline Johnson jump off the page. My intent was to post this story by Johnson, published in the Expositor Christmas edition of 1891. Much earlier, indeed, I separated out Johnson’s story from the non-associated images and other text on the second page, and I believe that is the version I have uploaded in the the Canadian Writing Research Collaboraory. Doing through my digital texts, though, I noticed that the other story included with Johnson’s is actually by one of our far-lesser-known authors, Peggy Webling. So here I give you both author’s stories (images and searchable pdf) for this Christmas edition, 130 years on.

Johnson, E. Pauline. “Abram.” Brantford Expositor (Christmas 1891): 13, 16.
Webling, Peggy. “A Rush for a Hundred Dollars. Brantford Expositor (Christmas 1891): 16.