Evelyn Craig Rusby‘s daughter, Judy Schuett, has graciously sent me copies of her mother’s two chapbooks, the first of which I am sharing with you here. Schoolday Impressions is, as the name suggests, a collection of poetry that “Eve Lynne” obviously wrote during her high school years (her high school graduation photo is the frontispiece). Her second chapbook, Spring Fever, was written during her time at the University of Toronto, and is dedicated “To fellow members of the Women’s Press Club of the University of Toronto.”

“Eve Lynne” (Evelyn Craig Rusby). Schoolday Impressions. 1st ed. Vol. 1 (Burlington, ON: Author, 1927).

(Although the title of Schoolday Impressions page reads “FIRST EDITION VOLUME I,” Spring Fever, her only other known book, is not labelled as volume two of a set.)