Going through Dorothy Vick’s From Quill to Ballpoint, 1591-1988 (a bio-bibliography of authors from Owen Sound, Ontario), I have come across Elizabeth Holmes, Mrs. H.G. Greenhalf, who Vick calls “a mother of an early Owen Sound family.”  As Owen Sound was incorporated in 1857, that suggests that she should fit within the parameters of our project. Vick also tell us that “her nature poems often appears in several garden publications,” but sadly does not list them. Here is the poem Vick includes in the entry, sadly, again, with no indication of where it was first published. It really isn’t that good a poem, but I include it here as a foundation for my request for any information about the author that is out there. I’m fairly sure that some errors have been introduced in the reproduction of the poem, actually…

Sauble Sunset

The setting sun at close of day
Rose tints the stormy clouds of gray,
In rippled beauty softly be
Inverted drifts across the sky.
Caught in the sunset’s rosy light
Deep blue breakers all fulled with white
Racing on their ribboned bands
Leave rose pink pools upon the sands.

Vick, Dorothy. From Quill to Ballpoint, 1591-1988 [sic:1978?] (Owen Sound, ON: RBW Graphics, 1979). 

(And can someone explain to me, perhaps, how the bio-bibliographer has produced a title claiming to include authors up to 1988 when the copyright date is 1979? Another typo, and it should be 1591-1978? But 1988 appears in 2 places on the title page, bibliographical details notwithstanding).