Moffat, Gertrude MacGregor. A Book of Verses, 2nd ed. (Toronto: Book Society, 1950).

Gertrude MacGregor Moffat (1884-1923)

The wife and daughter of educators, Gertrude Clementine MacGregor was born in 1884 in Stratford, ON, to Reverend Daniel Arthur McGregor (1847-1890) and Augusta Jane Hull (1857-1892). On account of their parents’ early deaths, Gertrude and her two sisters were raised in nearby townships by an aunt and later by her maternal grandparents. Although her father’s family spelled their name “McGregor,” Gertrude used the spelling “MacGregor.”
Gertrude matriculated from Moulton College in Toronto at the age of sixteen and attended McMaster University for a year. Ill health forced her to abandon her university career, although she continued to study independently at home, in the hope of returning to campus. In 1909, she married Thomas Edward Moffat (1884-1954), a teacher who became principal of a high school in Princeton, ON, and later in Tweed, ON. They lived in a series of Ontario towns (Sarnia, Madoc, Campbellford, Tweed), and had seven children before Gertrude’s untimely death in 1923 at the age of thirty-nine. She had suffered a ruptured intestinal ulcer, and died in Ottawa General Hospital. She was buried at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa.
Although Gertrude began to write while young, her only volume, A Book of Verses (1924), was published posthumously by Macmillan of Toronto, with an introduction by B.K. Sandwell.

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Here are the page images of her volume and, as usual, a searchable pdf.