Rowan, Alice Margaret. Kenilworth and Other Poems (Winnipeg: Peerless, 1934).

I am currently digging through a manila folder that I have found, buried on a shelf, labelled “Insufficient Information” back in the 1980s when the initial project was amassing data through letters and visits to archives. I have discovered more information about a number of authors, but not much about Alice Margaret Rowan Gray, except that she lived in Winnipeg at least between 1920 and 1940, had a BA from the University of Manitoba, and was a member of the amateur theatre world in Winnipeg, where she is listed as Alice Rowan-Gray. She published two books of poetry: her first slim volume, entitled simply Poems, was published in 1925; her second (perhaps last), Kenilworth and Other Poems, was published in 1934.

About the title poem, “Kenilworth,” the author tells us:

This fantasy was written in 1931, two years after my first visit to Kenilworth, on which occasion our guide was an old actor, whose eloquence cast a spell upon us, and re-built for me, at least, the mouldering ruins of what was once the lovely home of Leicester in the days of the ‘Virgin Queen.’

In the folder I found, to my delight, a photocopy of the entirety of the latter volume, which I share with you here, in page images and a searchable pdf.