Here’s a fun article. Well, I guess “fun” might be the wrong term, but at least relatively unique in terms of what I come across while researching our authors. This one I found because her name was close in our list to Alice, Jessie, and Kate Lawson, mother (Jessie) and daughters (Alice and Kate) in a prolific and fascinating family. About Lucy Stapley Lawson we know far less, but she did publish this article in the Annals of the Botanical Society of Canada in 1861, rather early for Canadian female scientists. As always, any other information people can provide about her will be welcome.

Lawson, Mrs Dr [Dr. Lucy Stapley Lawson]. “On the Silk-worm and Other Fibre-Yielding Insects, and the Growth of Their Food Plants in Canada.” Annals of the Botanical Society of Canada (1861): 43-48.