Because our project includes authors whose first publication is 1950 or earlier, we include all books published by our authors, regardless of date. Not so with anthologies, or we would be overwhelmed completely trying to keep track of whose poetry and stories have been picked up in obscure—or even less obscure—collections around the globe. I recently ran across the Nova Scotia Book of Poetry, volume 1, which was published in 1949. (Volumes 2 and 3 were published in 1951 and 1953.) I am not sure whether there are further volumes, but the first three were co-edited by one of our authors, Sister Maura (née Mary Power) of Halifax, and so are of interest.
Most of the poetry in this collection is still bound by copyright, so I have not reproduced it here, but I have provided a list of contributors, with the women poets’ names in italics. Of these fifty-four poets, we have entries for only four (in bold), and only twelve were on our extended list. That leaves forty-two new women to learn more about; all we know is that they all lived in Nova Scotia in the 1940s. Any other information would, of course, be greatly appreciated!

Rhodenizer, Vernon B., and Sister Maura, eds. Nova Scotia Book of Verse, vol. 1 (Halifax, NS: Nova Scotia Centre, Poetry Society of England, 1949).

Maura, Sister
Rhodenizer, Vernon B. (editor)

Algar, Helen Bryant
Archibald, Bertha Ogilvie
Baird, Mabel Gladys
Baker, Isobel Howley
Beckford, Elizabeth
Bendall, Christobel
Beveridge, Helen
Boggs, Marguerite
Bone, Mrs. James W.
Brooks, Helen E.
Brow, Adeline
Bushell, Sydney
Christie, Mrs. R.S.
Currie, Ernest Prest
Darby, Louis Fraser
Davis, Sarah R.
Eaton, Mrs. O.
Edgecombe, Elizabeth
Edwards, Muriel K.A.
Fulton, Ellen
Garbutt, Elizabeth
Gorrill, Mrs. Albert
Goddard, Lila B.
Gunn, A.S.
Hart, Jean Thomson
Hart, Gilbert S.
Hartigan, K.L.
Henry, Eileen Cameron
Holdsworth, Roger, M.
Horne, Winnifred
Kennedy, Isobel
Kendrick, Peter
Kirkconnell, Watson
Lewis, H.V.
Lorton, Mary Woodworth
Loomer, L.O.
Loubett, Elsie
MacAskill, Ellis
McCarthy, Mrs. J.
MacCormack, Phyllis
MacDonald, Agnes Foley
MacIntosh, Claire Harris
McLean, Elizabeth
McLeod, Bea
Magee, Eldon, S.
Moore, Philip H.
Mosher, Mrs. B.
Murray, E.M.
Murray, Frances C.
Murray, Rev. Robert
Nicholson, Jean M.
Outhouse, E. Laurence
Preston, Margaret M.
Pugsley, Josephine H.
Ritcey, Rev. Norman
Rive, H.M.
Riveden, Helen C.
Sister Mary Rose
Russell, Edith
Ryan, E. Anne
Schurman, Bertie Bowlby
Silver, B.C.
Smith, A.W.L.
Smith, Olive Gertrude
Steeves, Mildred H.
Stewart, D.I.
Stuart, Veronica
Sullivan, Mary A.
Sutherland, Robert
Thomson, Mona
Trask, Enid
Tupper, Kathryn (Munro)
Tyler, Hilda Washington
Warren, Sarah H.
Watt, John S.
Freeman, B. Webb
Westcott, Mrs. C.
Winters, Rose
Woodworth, Aimee H.
Wright, Evelyn Frances
Zinck, Russel