Grindlay, Isa. Ripples from the Ranks of the Q.M.A.A.C. (London: Erskine MacDonald, 1918).

You might recall an earlier post wherein I told the story of the discovery of a new collection by one of our poets, Isa Grindlay Jackson. Through the dedication of Simon Fraser Library’s Inter-Library Loans librarians, and the generosity of the Georgetown University Library in Washington, DC, I have procured a rare and very delicate copy of this out-of-copyright item. Gently, we have photographed the item without further compromising the physical book (it could never be scanned at this point!) and would like to share it here with you. I believe this is the only digital copy available, but please do send me a link if you know of another.

Images of the pages follow. The bibliographic details above contain a link to a searchable pdf.