This hand-written poem was sent to us by Simon Pole, Susie Drury’s great-great-grandson. The poem is part of the manuscript of Drury’s Maple Leaves still in the family’s possession; “The New Jerusalem,” however, does not appear in the published version, so this might in fact be its first site of publication.

I have transcribed the text, as far as I can decipher; please write a comment if you have better luck with the two missing words!

There is a city wondrous bright
Beyond the Jordan deep,
Where morn is ne’er eclipsed by night,
Where mourners never weep.
And none may through those portals glide
Nor by those fountains play
[Save?] they who’ve cast the world aside
And heaven’s commands obey.

This is the spot where tears no more
Shall dim the happy eye;
This is the bright [?] shore,
Where none shall say goodbye.

Susie Drury, poet: