Davis, Graeme. “Les Mouches Fantastiques: An Essay in Review.” The Lingerer: A Bibelot of Amateur Belle Lettres 10.4 (1919):16-32.

While in Toronto recently, I had lunch with an old friend, Jeffrey Canton, who is co-author (with Marcus Peterson) of a dramatic dialogue about the founders of the early Canadian Queer journal Les Mouches Fantastiques, published in Montreal around 1918. (As an aside: their dramatic dialogue, Coal from Hades, will be part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival, 21-29 July 2017.) One of these founders was Elsie Gidlow, who also wrote the first openly lesbian book of poetry published in North America, On a Grey Thread (1923). Her entry had a note that she contributed to an obscure journal entitled The Lingerer, and in searching for its location, I can across this 1919, rather glowing review of Les Mouches Fantastiques, which I would like to share with you all.