In honour of Canada’s sesquicentenary this year, Vancouver Sun journalist Stephen Hume is publishing a daily column presenting 150 profiles of “noteworthy British Columbians.” Day three was one of our early Canadian women authors, Agnes Deans Cameron (1863-1912). (16 January 2017: A7)


Since Agnes Deans Cameron was posted, Hume has published three other early women authors’ profiles, which I will post soon. Today, though, we have Nellie McClung (1873-1951). All of you who know Canadian political history will doubtless be surprised that it has taken so long to get to her, but I am thinking that the order of presentation is random, although the selection of names is not. Regardless, it is nice to see Nellie McClung, likely the most famous of the Famous Five, finally making an appearance. (16 February 2017: A2)