The global digital community is a powerful and generous entity. A week or so ago, I was contacted by Sandra (Adair) Murray, a distant relative of Mary Adair, who we had in our “we know almost nothing about this author” list. With Sandra’s help, we have put together a complete entry, including the stories of Mary’s parents, 9 siblings, 3 half-siblings, and one published text. This morning I awoke to find an email with a link to an article Sandra had found in an obscure 1921 teachers’ manual. (I must mention here, too, our indebtedness to the Internet Archive for enabling such discoveries.)

The article is short, so I thought I would share it with the world. Mary’s accompanying biography should be available online within the month…

Adair, Mary. “The Gift of Tongues.” The Home Kindergarten Manual: A Handbook of the Education and Character-training of Little Children for Parents and Teachers. Ed. William Byron Forbush et al. (New York: University Society, 1921). 100-102.

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