Green Holly: Sing Heigh-ho unto the Green Holly [Stratford, ON: s.n., c1895]

Having gone through the table of contents for this lovely little volume, I have managed to find information on only nineteen of the authors. Many of these we already knew about; a few are new additions to our list; five authors remain enigmas. Perhaps someone out in the greater world will be able to shed light on who these other women (for they all seem to be women) are.

D-Green Holly ToC


The list in alphabetical order:

Almon-Hensley, Sophie M.
Balmer, E. M. (found, [“Miss E.M. Balmer, Teacher in Modern Languages, Strathroy Collegiate Institute”], but we’d be glad of more information)
Christie, Annie Rothwell
Denison, Grace
Fairbairn, Helen (found, but we’d be glad of more information)
Fairbanks [Piers], Constance
Fenton, Faith
Fitzgibbon, Mary Agnes (This is Susanna Moodie’s granddaughter, not the Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon who wrote as “Lally Bernard.”)
Harrison, Susan Frances
Kingsmill, Esther Talbot (found [also contributed to the Vancouver Daily World in 1897], but we’d be glad of more information)
Lizars, Kathleen McFarlane
Lizars, Robina
Machar, Agnes Maule
Maitland, Mary Ann
Marquis, Mary King (not found)
McIlwraith, Jean Newton
McKenzie, Katharine McLagan (found, but we’d be glad of more information)
Merrill, Helen
Panton, Agnes W. (not found)
Panton, Mrs. E. W. (not found)
Roberts, E. [Jane Elizabeth] Gostwycke
Rolph, A. R. (Ka-ri-wi-yoh) (not found)
Scott, Mary McKay (found, but we’d be glad of more information)
Watson, M. M. (not found)