Rameau, Jean. “Pierron’s Gift.” Trans. Katharine Bagg. Short Stories (October 1899): 14-21.

There is a shaggy dog story about the Bagg sisters, Helen and Katharine, that I have yet to write up for this blog; it will come next, I promise. Meanwhile, here is a story by Jean Rameau that Katharine translated for Short Stories. As far as we can tell, this is the same Katharine Bagg; but as there is no concrete evidence other than her name, and the date being appropriate, the validity of the attribution is not 100%. Katharine Bagg did write, though; her only published book is a journal of her 1910 journey with her husband to the Mediterranean and the Middle East, Reminiscences of a Cruise in the Mediterranean and a Visit to the Holy Land and Egypt (1910).

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