Hughena McCorquodale. All we knew is that she was a member of the Canadian Women’s Press Club some time between 1932 and 1945. Then, out of the blue, an email arrived from her granddaughter, Pam, with a trickle more information. Then a stream. Then a flood. And now we have enough information to fill out a complete biography on Hughena (so named because all first-born in the family for generations had been male, and Hugh… until Hughena). Pam McCorquodale has also generously provided us with a number of scanned articles Hughena wrote. She began writing in the 1920s, but much of what is available is from later in her journalistic career. Hughena was born in Ontario in 1881, and died in Trail, BC, in 1961 after a long and productive life. She was buried in High River, where she had lived for years. We are extremely grateful to Pam for having contacted us, and been so forthcoming with both information about and articles written by her grandmother.

Here’s a nostalgic article by Hughena McCorquodale on “The Old Ontario Farm.”

McCorquodale, H. D. “The Old Ontario Farm.” Willisons Monthly (Toronto) May 1928, 464-67.

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