Rutherford, Margaret. “Remembrance Day.” 1932. An Anthology of Y. C. Verse: A Volume of Selections from the Verse Contributed by the Young Co-Operators and Published in the Western Producer from 1932-1936. [Saskatoon, SK]: [Western Producer], 1937. 7.

Remembrance Day

Oh, we are ever blown about by many loves,
We woo the white-armed Peace a little while,
And leaving her when some new impulse moves,
We feel the warmth of battle’s red-lipped smile.
Oh we are turned to many gods and creeds,
We worship angels, pure and free from lust,
But when the God of War comes stridingly
We fall, we fawn and grovel in the dust.

I build new fancies with a dreamer’s hand,
I fashion an Elysium in sand,
But ’tis my dream the day will sometime dawn
When love will be the grain and love the yield,
When Earth shall plant with hands in friendship bound,
A garden fair and not a battlefield.