Once we complete the entry for an author, so it is ready to be coded for display on your computer screens, I run away and find all of the digital information on my hard-drive—images, pdfs of primary texts and biographical articles, poetry copied from various obscure sources—and gather it all into one folder. Mostly I know what we have, but on occasion, I find little gems of poetry I forgot I had. Such is the case with this chapbook by Constance Davies Woodrow. I had intended to post some of the poems individually, but as the text is out of copyright (Woodrow died in 1937), I thought you might like to read the entire delightful little volume (with its introduction by Charles G.D. Roberts) all at once.

Woodrow, Constance Davies. The Captive Gypsy. Intro.  Charles G. D. Roberts (Toronto: Ryerson, 1926).

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