It is wonderful to play off other academics’ interests in Canadian literature. Deb Martens in London hosts “Canadian Writers Abroad,” which we have connected with in the past, and recently James Calhoun posted a lengthy and informative blog on Kate Colquhoun and her family on his website, “Field Punishment #1.”

Kate (or Kathryn) Colquhoun published The Battle of St. Julien and Other Poems (1928), the Ryerson Poetry Chapbook James talks about, as well as two plays—A Run For His Money (1937) and His Blonde Dilemma (1937)—and a final book of poetry, The Net Of Dreams, in 1942. She contributed to a number of periodicals, including The Crucible, a Canadian “little-magazine” that ran from 1932 to 1943. The following is from the Spring 1937 issue of The Crucible.

Colquhoun, Kathryn. “The Dawn Birds Are Calling.” The Crucible 4.3 (1937): 1.

Colquhoun - Dawn Birds